B1 Visa; Temporary Business Visitor

What is a B1 Visa?

B1 Visas are for temporary visitors who intend to conduct business while in the United States. The following situations are covered under this visa:

  • consult with business associates
  • attend a scientific, professional, business, or educational conference
  • settle an estate
  • negotiate a contract
  • participate in short-term training programs
  • transit through the U.S.

In order to obtain a B-1 Visa, you must prove that your trip is for business over a specified period of time. Also you must show that you have sufficient finances to pay for the expenses of the travels and the duration of your stay in the United States. Finally, a business visitor must have evidence of a residence and other ties abroad that show you would not abandon them in order to gain residence in the U.S. Some examples include a family, bank account information, and other vested interests abroad.

The B1 Visa for business visitors grants an initial stay duration of 6 months but extensions may be granted with Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status. Typically, stays of no longer than 1 year for one trip are granted.

Spouses and dependents of B1 Visa applicants must apply for their own B2 visas in order to enter the United States.

Certain B-1 Visa applicants must have Employment Authorization Documentation to prove they qualify:

  • A personal servant who is accompanying or visiting an employer to the United States
    • Personal servants must have a residence abroad
    • Have at least 1 year of service experience abroad
    • Have been employed by your employer or another U.S. employer for at least 1 year in the U.S.
  • Employee of a non-U.S. airline engaged in international transportation of passenger freight where the airline’s country of origin does not have a predetermined trade treaty of commerce

Employment Authorization can be submitted through Form I-765.