USCIS ELIS (Electronic Immigration System)

In today’s world, digitalization is at a peak owing to the prevailing technological advancements. Due to this, almost every official document, forms, or legal content are made available online. One such crucial entity is the Premium Processing Service by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Electronic Immigration System (USCIS ELIS). The payment of immigration fees is relatively easier now with the transformation of paper-based application to a secure, online one. USCIS took this initiative to make the transactions and payments of fees much more transparent, safe, and secure. Replacement of permanent resident cards along with payment of the immigration fee can be achieved by filing I-90 form which is available online at the USCIS portal.

USCIS ELIS, Transforming The Process Of Immigration

With USCIS ELIS available, people gain direct access to pay the immigration fee and case status updates. Even new immigrants are provided access to this viable way of payment and transacting. Although the USCIS immigration fee has been required for over five years now, paying the fee was purely through mail before. Even H1B premium processing conquered the traditional paper based application. People who wish to get their premium processing done need to visit the official portal of USCIS ELIS. All the immigrants who acquire their visas at United States Embassies need to pay the fee online.

The fee payable by immigrants is used to cover up the expenses such as developing the permanent resident card, immigration visa package, and other expenses during the procedure. The only way available to successfully register for the online immigration fee and H1B Visa registration is by creating an account on the USCIS official portal.

Benefits of USCIS ELIS

With the online USCIS Electronic Immigration Services, access to documents submitted by immigrants as well as request approvals are made much easier. Such initiatives are the prerequisite to a better, complete, accurate, and timely response to immigrants’ requests. Online accounts by USCIS offer single electronic medium transactions, thus rendering fee payment much more reliable. Along with this, even the task of USCIS employees isn’t as hectic now. Here are few benefits of the USCIS ELIS transformation to from analog to digital:

  • The USCIS ELIS Portal is available at all times and immigrants can seek the services whenever they want. The portal allows better management of records, transactions, applications, as well as requests.
  • Immigrants can submit and track their applications in a timely manner with the USCIS Electronic Immigration Services
  • Any document required to process the application or requests are likely to be delivered with ease at an electronic, digital, and reliable online set-up.
  • Earlier, the payment of immigration fee caused lots of hassles. With the creation of electronic immigration services, the single electronic payment feature allows easy payments.
  • The status of cases and applications are updated on a regular basis by the USCIS ELIS Staff which allows people access to the most recent  information regarding the applications.

Apply for the H1B Visa with USCIS ELIS

H1B Visas are the most popular ones in the US owing to their longer duration of eligibility and eminence. There are a number of benefits of having an H1B Visa in possession. Many immigrants apply for this premium visa every year which causes a surplus of applicants. With the USCIS ELIS services, the whole procedure of applying as well as acquiring H1B Visas has been made easier. H1B Premium Processing provides a reliable, dependable and easily accessible mode of application.

Services Offered By USCIS Electronic Immigration System

Due to the electronic nature of filing applications for the H1B visas as well as immigration fee, the process is easier to manage. There are many advantages of the USCIS ELIS Portal and digitalization is the key behind this success. By going over the features of USCIS Electronic Immigration System, you can easily create an account and manage your progress without any hassle. Here are some other features of USCIS ELIS.

Features of USCIS Online Application

USCIS ELIS is an online-account based system allowing for better management of the immigration related applications. This facilitates the USCIS officers’ duties to examine documents and requests submitted by immigrants. Verification of papers and cases submitted by immigrants is accurate with the electronic system services. Customers can independently look for updates themselves with requests, notifications regarding statuses of applications, and real-time case updates. All these features lead to better management, framework, working efficiency, and improved approval of applications.

Initially, when the USCIS ELIS was launched, it only included aspects like application submission and case management. Immigrants are now able to file a diverse range of forms as well as other aspects like the application of Form I-539, Application to Extend Status and Modifications in Nonimmigrant Status. The USCIS will gradually expand USCIS ELIS and include better features, more forms, and other application services.

What To Expect From USCIS Online Application

Even if applicants no longer have access to their account, USCIS continues the processing of forms that have already submitted. Emails regarding the status of applications and other crucial details are delivered on a regular basis to the applicants. The H1B Premium Processing features are quickly updated with digitization. If the immigrants wish to look up the latest updates, important news, crucial guidelines, or other information, they should visit the official USCIS website at

USCIS ELIS Improvements & Bottom Line

Overall, the electronic nature of immigration fee payments, H1B Premium processing and applications for H1B Visas is a significant improvement. Allowing better management of the recorded requests, application statuses as well as emails, this initiative has revolutionized the premium processing services. The digitization of many USCIS processes have not only benefited immigrants but also USCIS staff. With USCIS ELIS, applicants and the USCIS can keep track of their requests in a more accurate and timely manner.