COVID-19 Resources

Covid-19 has affected everyone’s lives in some way or another. During this time, please see the latest updates from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services below.

Guidelines for Entering USCIS Facilities

Field Office Appointments and Rescheduling

Application Support Center (ASC) Appointments and Rescheduling

Asylum Appointments

Naturalization Oath Ceremonies

Deadlines for Certain Requests, Notices, and Appeals

H-2A Requirements During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

H-2B Requirements During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Temporary Policy Changes for Certain Foreign Medical Graduates During the COVID-19 National Emergency

Extension to Stay/Change Status Filing Delays Caused by Extraordinary Circumstances Related to COVID-19

Adoptions and COVID-19

Statutory Provisions for Certain Nonimmigrants

Special Situations

COVID-19 Information in Other Languages