Application Support Center (ASC) Appointments and Rescheduling

Please check the USCIS office closings page to see if your ASC has reopened before coming to an appointment.

Individuals who appear at a date or time other than what is listed on the ASC appointment notice may encounter significant processing delays.

Due to added COVID-19 security measures at our ASCs, you may experience:

  • A longer wait time to receive your biometrics appointment notice;
  • Restrictions limiting access to ASCs;
  • Longer biometrics collection times.

Applicants may only be accompanied by an interpreter, attorney, parent/legal guardian of a minor or individual providing assistance to a disabled person.

Rescheduling of Cancelled ASC Appointments

USCIS will automatically reschedule any necessary ASC appointments that were cancelled due to the temporary office closure, or send notifications of biometrics reuse to eligible individuals.

Individuals who must still appear in person at an ASC will receive a new appointment letter in the mail.

If you do not receive an appointment notice or notification of biometrics reuse by mail within 90 days of your ASC reopening, call 800-375-5283 .

Note: USCIS cannot automatically re-schedule appointments for Canadian and United Kingdom visa applicants.