USCIS Case Status

How Do I Obtain a USCIS Case Number?

After U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) receives an applicant’s petition, the government agency mails a package to the applicant. Applicants typically receives this package within 2 weeks of filing a petition. Included in the package is a Notice of Action (I-797), also known as a receipt letter.

This receipt letter contains an applicant’s 13 digit USCIS case number, written as the receipt number in I-797. Applicants can check their immigration status using this tracking number. In the case the USCIS has rejected your petition, you will receive a letter indicating a rejection. A common cause for rejection includes incorrectly filled petition or insufficient payment. To avoid mistakes and potentially delaying the immigration process, applicants are encouraged to consult with an immigration professional to fully understand the required steps to a green card.

Similar to telephone or social security number, your USCIS case number has a structure that provides information about your immigration petition. The number consists of 3 alphabets followed by 10 numerical digits. For example, assume your number is CSC 16 054 23239.

Part 1. USCIS Service Center Location

There are 11 USCIS service center locations in the country. Depending on the location that initially received your application, a service center location shall be assigned to your receipt. Below list contains USCIS service locations:

  • CSC – California Service Center;
  • EAC – Vermont Service Center, formerly known as Eastern Adjudication Center;
  • IOE – ELIS (efile);
  • LIN – Nebraska Service Center, formerly known as Lincoln Service Center;
  • MSC – National Benefits Center, formerly known as Missouri Service Center;
  • NBC – National Benefits Center;
  • NSC – Nebraska Service Center;
  • SRC – Texas Service Center, formerly known as Southern Regional Center;
  • TSC – Texas Service Center;
  • VSC – Vermont Service Center;
  • WAC – California Service Center, formerly known as Western Adjudication Center

In our example, CSC 16 054 23239 indicates application was accepted at the California service center.


Part 2. Application Submission Year

Application submission year is recorded in the second part of the USCIS case number. This two digit number represents the U.S. federal fiscal year the USCIS received the application. In our example, CSC 16 054 23239 indicates the application was submitted in fiscal year 2016.


Part 3. Application Submission Day

Application submission day is recorded in the third part of the USCIS case number. This three digit number represents the business day the USCIS received the application. In our example, CSC 16 054 23239 indicates the application was submitted on 54th work day on the fiscal year. For reference, U.S. fiscal year starts on October 1st of each year.


Part 4. Application Case Number

Application case number is the fourth and last part of the USCIS case number. This five digit number represents your unique case number. In our example, CSC 16 054 23239 indicates the unique numeric case number.


How Do I Check My USCIS Status?

Applicants can check their USCIS case status by visiting the USCIS Case Status page. Once applicants go to the website, enter a unique 13 digit alphanumeric case number.

Applicants can also create an account to track the immigration progress. Creating an account allows applicants to view case and service request history, manage appointments, and set up alerts for immigration case updates.

In the case applicants misplaced or lost the USCIS case number, you must schedule an InfoPass appointment using the USCIS website. During the InfoPass appointment, you will have a chance to meet with a USCIS agent and request a new case number.


How Do I Contact USCIS?

If you have an inquiry regarding your USCIS case, you can submit a ticket via USCIS ticket system. You can submit a ticket for one of the following reasons.

  • USCIS case processing time
  • USCIS notice lost during transit
  • Card lost during transit
  • Document lost during transit
  • Request for appointment accommodation
  • Request for typographic error correction