State Tourism Accommodations in Missouri

1. What type of accommodations can be found for tourists in Missouri?

There are a variety of accommodations that can be found for tourists in Missouri, including hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, cabins, rental homes and apartments, campgrounds and RV parks, and vacation rentals. Some popular options include staying in the city at a hotel or Airbnb, renting a cabin in a state park or near a lake for a more nature-focused experience, or camping at one of the many campsites scattered throughout the state.

2. How is the overall quality of tourism accommodations in Missouri?

The overall quality of tourism accommodations in Missouri is generally good. There are a variety of options available, from budget-friendly motels to high-end resorts and everything in between. Many accommodations offer modern amenities and comfortable rooms, and there are also unique and historic options available such as bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels.

Some popular tourism destinations in Missouri, such as Branson and Lake of the Ozarks, have a high concentration of well-rated hotels and vacation rentals. In major cities like St. Louis and Kansas City, there is also a range of upscale hotels catering to business travelers.

That being said, some areas in rural parts of the state may have limited accommodation options or older facilities. It’s always recommended to research accommodations before booking to ensure they meet your standards.

Overall, Missouri has a solid selection of tourism accommodations that cater to various budgets and preferences.

3. What are some popular choices for lodging in Missouri?

1. Hotels – There are many hotels throughout Missouri, ranging from budget-friendly options to luxury accommodations.

2. Resorts – Missouri has a variety of resorts, including lakefront and mountain resorts where visitors can relax and enjoy outdoor activities.

3. Bed and Breakfasts – For a more quaint and personalized experience, visitors can stay at one of Missouri’s charming bed and breakfasts.

4. Cabins – Many tourists enjoy staying in cabins to experience the great outdoors in Missouri’s scenic countryside.

5. Vacation Rentals – With sites like Airbnb and VRBO, vacation rentals have become a popular choice for lodging in Missouri, especially for larger groups or families.

6. Campgrounds – For those looking for a more rugged experience, there are numerous campgrounds throughout Missouri where visitors can pitch a tent or park an RV.

7. Historic Inns – Missouri is rich in history and has many beautifully restored historic inns that offer a unique lodging experience.

8. Guest Ranches – Visitors can stay on working ranches in Missouri’s countryside for an authentic western experience.

9. Boutique Hotels – There are several boutique hotels scattered throughout urban areas in Missouri that offer a more intimate setting with unique amenities and design.

10. Unique Accommodations – From treehouses to caves to train cars, there are plenty of unique lodging options for adventurous travelers looking for something out of the ordinary in Missouri.

4. Are there any unique or one-of-a-kind accommodations in Missouri for travelers?

Yes, there are a few unique and one-of-a-kind accommodations in Missouri that cater to travelers seeking a special experience:

1. Treehouse cabins: These are cozy, rustic cabins built high up in the trees, giving guests a unique perspective and immersion in nature.

2. Train cars converted into hotels or B&Bs: There are several properties in Missouri that offer train car accommodations, where guests can stay in restored train cars from the early 20th century.

3. Castle hotels: There are a few castle-themed hotels and resorts in Missouri, with impressive architecture and luxurious amenities.

4. Floating cabins: For those who love being on the water, there are floating cabins available for rent on some of Missouri’s beautiful lakes and rivers.

5. Underground accommodations: In Branson, there is an underground resort where guests can stay in themed rooms situated inside a cave system.

6. Off-the-grid lodging: For a truly unique experience, visitors can stay at off-the-grid lodges or tiny homes equipped with renewable energy sources and sustainable features.

5. What sets Missouri’s tourism accommodations apart from other states?

There are a few factors that set Missouri’s tourism accommodations apart from other states:

1. Unique and diverse destinations: Missouri offers a wide range of destinations, from bustling cities like St. Louis and Kansas City to natural wonders such as the Ozark Mountains and the Missouri River. This diversity allows for a variety of experiences for visitors and sets the state apart from others.

2. Rich history and culture: Missouri has a rich history, including being the starting point for westward expansion with the Lewis and Clark expedition. This history is reflected in the state’s many museums, historic sites, and cultural attractions, making it an appealing destination for those interested in learning about American history.

3. Affordable options: Compared to other popular tourist destinations, Missouri offers more affordable options for accommodations such as hotels, motels, and vacation rentals. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers.

4. Variety of outdoor activities: With its scenic landscapes and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, Missouri is a nature lover’s paradise. From hiking and camping in national parks or forests to water sports on lakes or rivers, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

5. Warm hospitality: Missourians are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, which can make visitors feel at home during their stay in the state. The genuine Midwestern hospitality adds a personal touch to the tourism experience in Missouri that sets it apart from other states.

6. How does the diversity of accommodations in Missouri cater to different types of travelers?

Missouri offers a diverse range of accommodations, from luxury hotels and resorts to budget-friendly motels and bed and breakfasts. This diversity caters to different types of travelers such as:

1. Families: Family-friendly accommodations are abundant in Missouri, with many offering amenities such as pools, playgrounds, and family suites.

2. Business travelers: For business travelers, there are many upscale hotels and conference centers throughout the state that offer modern amenities and business services.

3. Outdoor enthusiasts: Missouri’s beautiful natural landscape attracts outdoor enthusiasts who can choose from a variety of campgrounds, cabins, and lodges located near hiking trails, lakes, and other outdoor activities.

4. History buffs: The state’s rich history is reflected in its many historic inns and B&Bs that give travelers a taste of the past.

5. Budget-conscious travelers: For those on a budget, Missouri has plenty of affordable options such as budget motels, hostels, and vacation rentals.

6. Luxury seekers: Missouri also has several high-end resorts and luxury hotels that cater to travelers looking for an indulgent experience.

7. Foodies/wine lovers: With its thriving culinary scene and wineries scattered throughout the state, Missouri has accommodations that offer farm-to-table dining experiences or are located near renowned wineries.

8. Arts/culture enthusiasts: Art-themed hotels and B&Bs are popular in cities like St. Louis and Kansas City for those seeking a cultural experience during their stay.

In summary, the diverse range of accommodations in Missouri caters to different types of travelers by offering unique experiences tailored to their interests and budgets.

7. Are there any affordable yet comfortable accommodations for budget travelers in Missouri?

Yes, there are many affordable options for budget travelers in Missouri. Some suggestions include:

1. Motel 6 – This budget-friendly chain has locations throughout Missouri and offers basic but comfortable accommodations at a low cost.

2. Airbnb – There are many affordable and unique Airbnb rentals available in Missouri, ranging from private rooms to entire homes or apartments.

3. Hostels – There are several hostels located in major cities in Missouri, such as St. Louis and Kansas City, that offer affordable dorm-style or private room accommodations.

4. Budget Hotels – Brands like Red Roof Inn, Super 8, and Econo Lodge have multiple locations throughout Missouri and offer affordable rates for budget travelers.

5. Campgrounds – If you don’t mind roughing it a bit, camping can be a very cost-effective option for accommodations in Missouri. The state has many beautiful campgrounds in both rural and urban areas.

It’s also worth checking out online booking websites like Expedia or to compare prices and find the best deals on accommodations in Missouri.

8. How do local hotels and rentals contribute to the economy of Missouri’s tourism industry?

Local hotels and rentals play a significant role in contributing to the economy of Missouri’s tourism industry. Some of the ways they contribute include:

1. Job Creation: Hotels and rentals require a large workforce to handle operations, which creates job opportunities for locals. This helps to boost employment in the tourism sector and generates income for individuals.

2. Increase in Tourism Spending: Tourists who stay at local hotels and rentals spend money on accommodation, food, transportation, shopping, etc., which all have a positive impact on the local economy.

3. Tax Revenue: The tourism industry is heavily taxed in Missouri, and much of this revenue comes from hotel taxes. These taxes are used to fund local projects, infrastructure development, and public services that benefit both tourists and residents.

4. Support for Local Businesses: Hotels and rentals also provide an essential source of business for local companies such as restaurants, souvenir shops, tour operators, and transportation services. This helps to stimulate growth within the local economy.

5. Promoting Local Attractions: Hotels and rentals often partner with local tourist attractions to offer packages or exclusive deals to their guests. This helps to promote these attractions to visitors who may not have known about them otherwise.

6. Seasonal Employment: The peak season for tourism varies depending on location but typically runs from May through September in Missouri. During this time, hotels and rentals experience an increase in demand for their services, which leads to a need for seasonal employees.

7. Development of Infrastructure: As the number of tourists increases due to the presence of hotels and rental properties, there is a need for improved infrastructure such as roads, transportation networks, public facilities like parks and recreational areas.

8. Sustainable Tourism: Many hotels and rentals are implementing eco-friendly practices such as using renewable energy sources or promoting sustainable tourism activities like hiking or biking tours. This supports the growth of sustainable tourism in Missouri while also contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Overall, hotels and rentals are vital contributors to Missouri’s tourism industry, providing economic benefits while also supporting local communities and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

9. Can visitors find eco-friendly or sustainable accommodations in Missouri’s rural areas?

Yes, there are several eco-friendly or sustainable accommodations available in rural areas of Missouri. Some options include:

1. Earthshine Lodge at Shoal Creek – a rustic eco-lodge located in the Ozark Mountains, offering accommodation in solar-powered cabins and promoting sustainable living practices.

2. Gentle Waters Sanctuary – an environmentally conscious retreat center and vacation rental located on a working organic farm in the Mark Twain National Forest.

3. Rock Eddy Bluff Farm – a sustainable eco-lodge located on the Current River, offering unique accommodations such as treehouses and tiny homes made with reclaimed materials.

4. Sundown Ridge Cabins – a solar-powered cabin resort nestled in the Shawnee National Forest, built using eco-friendly practices and promoting responsible tourism.

5. Missouri Canoe & Float Trips – an eco-friendly float trip outfitter that offers camping and lodging options along the scenic rivers of Missouri, with an emphasis on environmental conservation.

6. The Elements Off Grid Retreat – a unique off-grid retreat center located in the heart of Mark Twain National Forest, providing guests with a sustainable and peaceful escape from city life.

These are just a few examples of eco-friendly or sustainable accommodations available in rural areas of Missouri; visitors can also search for “green” or “sustainable” lodging options on popular travel websites such as Airbnb,, or TripAdvisor to find more options that fit their preferences and budget.

10. Are there any upscale or luxury accommodations available in smaller towns and cities in Missouri?

Yes, there are upscale and luxury accommodations available in smaller towns and cities in Missouri. Some examples include:

1. Hermann Hill Vineyard & Inn – a luxurious bed and breakfast located in the small town of Hermann, known for its wineries and German heritage.

2. Red Lion Bed & Breakfast – a historic bed and breakfast located in St. James, offering elegant rooms and gourmet breakfasts.

3. Hotel Vandivort – a boutique hotel situated in downtown Springfield, featuring modern amenities and upscale dining options.

4. Elms Hotel & Spa – a grand hotel located in Excelsior Springs, offering luxurious rooms, spa services, and fine dining.

5. Walnut Street Inn – a boutique inn located in Springfield’s historic district, featuring elegant rooms and personalized service.

6. Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa & Convention Center – a luxury resort nestled in the Ozark Mountains near Branson, offering lakefront views and upscale amenities.

7. Moonrise Hotel – a stylish boutique hotel located in St. Louis’ eclectic Delmar Loop neighborhood, featuring unique themed rooms and a rooftop bar with skyline views.

8. 1904 House – an upscale bed and breakfast situated in the charming town of Hermann, offering luxurious accommodations and gourmet breakfasts.

9. Benton Place Inn Bed & Breakfast – a Victorian-style inn located in Rocheport, known for its scenic river views and gourmet breakfasts made with local ingredients.

10. The Raphael Hotel – a sophisticated boutique hotel situated in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza area, offering spacious suites and fine dining options.

11. What types of amenities can guests expect from modern accommodations in Missouri?

Modern accommodations in Missouri can offer a variety of amenities, including:

1. Free Wi-Fi
2. Flat-screen TVs with cable and/or streaming services
3. Mini fridges and microwaves
4. Coffee makers and/or tea kettles
5. Complimentary breakfast options
6. Fitness centers or access to fitness facilities
7. Swimming pools or hot tubs
8. Business centers
9. On-site restaurants or room service options
10. Laundry facilities or services
11. Pet-friendly rooms and services for pet owners.

12. How has the trend towards alternative accommodation options affected traditional hotels in Missouri?

The trend towards alternative accommodation options, such as short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, has impacted traditional hotels in Missouri in several ways.

1. Increased Competition: The availability of alternative accommodation options has increased competition for traditional hotels. These options often offer more affordable rates and unique properties, making them attractive to travelers looking for a different experience.

2. Decreased Occupancy Rates: With the rise of alternative accommodations, traditional hotels may see a decrease in their occupancy rates. Many travelers now have more options to choose from when planning their trips, and if they find a desirable alternative accommodation option, they may choose it over a hotel.

3. Impact on Room Rates: To stay competitive with alternative accommodations, some traditional hotels may lower their room rates to attract guests. This can lead to lower profit margins for these hotels.

4. Shift in Guest Demographics: Alternative accommodations are particularly popular among younger generations and millennials who value experiences over luxury hotels. This shift in guest demographics can impact the types of guests that traditional hotels attract.

5. Change in Customer Expectations: As more travelers opt for alternative accommodations, the expectations of hotel guests are also changing. They want unique and authentic experiences that they may not find at traditional chain hotels.

6. Decrease in Revenue for Local Governments: Traditional hotels generate significant tax revenue for local governments through hotel taxes. With the rise of alternative accommodations, this revenue may decline as these properties often do not charge or pay hospitality taxes.

7. Adaptation by Traditional Hotels: Some traditional hotels have responded to the trend by diversifying their offerings and incorporating elements of alternative accommodations into their business models. For example, some have added shared living spaces or local experiences to cater to the changing demands of travelers.

Overall, while the trend towards alternative accommodation options has affected traditional hotels in Missouri, many are adapting to remain competitive and appeal to a broader range of customers.

13. Are there any historic or culturally significant hotels still operating as tourist accommodations in Missouri?

Yes, there are several historic or culturally significant hotels that are still operating as tourist accommodations in Missouri. These include:

1) The Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis – built in 1922 and known for its Art Deco architecture, this hotel has hosted celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Carter.

2) Hotel Phillips in Kansas City – opened in 1931 and known for its luxurious interior design, this hotel was frequented by figures such as President Harry S. Truman and Amelia Earhart.

3) The Elms Hotel and Spa in Excelsior Springs – originally built in 1888, this hotel has a rich history as a popular destination for wealthy travelers seeking the healing properties of the local mineral springs.

4) The Drury Plaza Hotel at the Arch in St. Louis – located in a renovated historic building from 1887, this hotel offers guests a glimpse into the city’s past while providing modern amenities.

5) Union Station Hotel in St. Louis – originally opened as a train station in 1894, this landmark building now functions as a luxury hotel with stunning architectural features.

6) The Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa & Convention Center in Branson – modeled after European castle-style resorts, this hotel has been welcoming guests since its opening in 1997 but references classic architectural elements throughout its design.

14. What are some safe and reputable options for solo female travelers seeking accommodation in Missouri’s cities?

1. Airbnb – provides verified, safe and affordable accommodations for solo female travelers in Missouri cities.
2. Hostels – offer shared dormitory or private room options for solo female travelers at a budget-friendly price.
3. Hotels – many reputable hotels in Missouri’s cities offer enhanced safety measures and amenities specifically for women travelers.
4. Bed and Breakfasts – known for their cozy atmosphere and personalized service, B&Bs can be a safe and comfortable option for solo female travelers in Missouri.
5. Couchsurfing – this online platform connects travelers with hosts who offer free accommodation, often with the added benefit of local knowledge and safety tips.
6. Homestays – similar to couchsurfing, homestays allow travelers to stay with a local family in exchange for a small fee, providing an authentic cultural experience while also being safe and comfortable.
7. Extended Stay Hotels/Apartments – provide fully furnished accommodations with amenities such as kitchenettes, laundry facilities, and security features for longer stays in Missouri’s cities.
8. Women-only Accommodations – there are a few accommodations specifically designed for women travelers in Missouri such as the Moonrise Hotel in St. Louis or the Soroptimist International Home of Hope in Kansas City.
9. Retreat Centers – if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, retreat centers offer safe and secluded accommodation options in nature or rural areas of Missouri.
10.Divinity Houses/Religious Communities – many religious communities offer affordable accommodation options to visitors who are seeking spiritual growth or contemplation during their travels through Missouri’s cities.

15. How do seasonal fluctuations impact the availability and pricing of accommodations in Missouri’s top tourist destinations?

Seasonal fluctuations can have a significant impact on the availability and pricing of accommodations in Missouri’s top tourist destinations. During peak seasons, such as summer months and major holidays, demand for accommodations is typically high, resulting in limited availability and increased pricing. This is especially true for popular destinations such as Branson, Lake of the Ozarks, and Hahm’s Paradise Resort. As a result, travelers may need to book their accommodations well in advance or pay premium prices.

In contrast, during off-peak seasons, there tends to be less demand for accommodations, resulting in lower prices and greater availability. This can be attributed to a decrease in tourist traffic and events being held at these destinations. For example, the winter months may see a decrease in visitors due to cold weather and fewer outdoor activities available.

Additionally, some tourist destinations may experience shoulder seasons – periods between peak and off-peak seasons – where the availability of accommodations can vary depending on specific events or attractions. These shoulder seasons may also see fluctuations in pricing depending on demand.

Overall, seasonal fluctuations play a significant role in the availability and pricing of accommodations in Missouri’s top tourist destinations. Travelers should research their desired destination carefully to understand how seasonal variations may affect their travel plans and budget accordingly.

16. Besides traditional hotels, what other types of lodging are available for tourists visiting Missouri’s national parks?

Campgrounds, cabins and lodges, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals (Airbnb), RV parks and campers, glamping sites, and yurts.

17. How has technology, such as online booking platforms, changed the landscape of tourism accommodations in Missouri?

Technology, specifically the advent of online booking platforms, has significantly changed the landscape of tourism accommodations in Missouri. These platforms, such as Airbnb and VRBO, have allowed for a wider range of accommodation options for travelers, beyond traditional hotels and motels.

One major impact of these online booking platforms is the increase in availability and accessibility of short-term rental properties in Missouri. With vacation rental homes being listed on these platforms, visitors now have more options in terms of size, location, and price for their accommodations. This has also created competition among property owners, leading to more affordable prices for travelers.

Furthermore, online booking platforms have made it easier for tourists to plan and book their trips. With just a few clicks, visitors can view photos, read reviews, and make reservations for their desired accommodations. This convenience has also helped boost tourism in Missouri by attracting more out-of-state visitors who are looking for unique lodging experiences.

Another significant change brought about by technology is the use of digital marketing strategies to promote tourism accommodations in Missouri. Property owners can use social media platforms and other online tools to advertise their properties to potential guests worldwide. This has greatly expanded the reach of Missouri’s tourism industry and increased its visibility in the global market.

However, the rise of these online booking platforms also presents some challenges for traditional hotels and motels. They now face tough competition from vacation rentals that offer comparable amenities at lower prices. As a result, many hotels have had to re-evaluate their business strategies and improve their services to remain competitive in the changing market.

Overall, the emergence of technology and online booking platforms has greatly impacted tourism accommodations in Missouri by offering travelers more options and convenience while also challenging traditional forms of lodging. It will continue to shape the landscape of tourism accommodations as technology continues to evolve.

18. What is the most booked type of accommodation by tourists visiting major events or festivals held throughout the year?

The most booked type of accommodation for tourists visiting major events or festivals is usually hotels, followed by vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts. This is because these types of accommodations offer convenience, amenities, and a comfortable place to stay while attending the event.

19. Are there any pet-friendly options available for tourists traveling with their furry companions to Missouri?

Yes, there are several pet-friendly options available for tourists traveling with their furry companions in Missouri. Many hotels, motels, and vacation rentals allow pets with a small fee or deposit. There are also plenty of parks, trails, and outdoor attractions that welcome leashed pets. Additionally, there are a wide variety of pet-friendly restaurants, cafes, and shops throughout the state. It is always recommended to call ahead or check the property’s website for any specific pet policies before making a reservation.

20. How have homestay or vacation rental services impacted larger hotel chains and local bed and breakfasts across Missouri?

The rise of homestay and vacation rental services, such as Airbnb and VRBO, has had a significant impact on larger hotel chains and local bed and breakfasts in Missouri.

1. Increased competition: Homestay and vacation rental services offer a broader range of accommodation options at competitive prices compared to traditional hotels and B&Bs. This increased competition has resulted in lower occupancy rates for hotels and B&Bs.

2. Changing customer preferences: The rise of homestay accommodations is due to changing customer preferences. Many travelers now prefer the authenticity, personalization, and unique experiences offered by homestays over the standard amenities provided by hotels.

3. Location flexibility: Unlike traditional hotels that are mostly located in popular tourist areas or commercial districts, homestays and vacation rentals can be found in almost any location, making them a preferred choice for travelers looking for more flexible accommodation options.

4. Impact on revenues: As more customers opt for homestays instead of traditional hotels, it has led to a decline in revenues for larger hotel chains and local B&Bs.

5. Effect on employment: The growth of homestay accommodations has also resulted in job losses at larger hotel chains due to decreased demand for their services.

6. Regulatory challenges: While hotels and B&Bs must adhere to strict regulations, homestay accommodations may operate with fewer restrictions or none at all. Unregulated growth of these services can create an uneven playing field for traditional lodging providers.

7. Impact on local economy: The decrease in revenues for traditional lodging providers can have a ripple effect on the local economy as smaller businesses that rely on tourism may also see a decline in business.

8. Addressing sustainability concerns: The increasing popularity of homestays has raised concerns about sustainability as it could lead to overcrowding in residential areas, impacting the quality of life for locals.

In conclusion, the rise of homestay and vacation rental services has challenged the dominance of larger hotel chains and disrupted the traditional lodging industry in Missouri. The long-term impact of these services on the hospitality sector remains to be seen, but it is clear that they have changed the way travelers choose and experience accommodation during their stay in Missouri.