State Cultural Festivals and Events in Indiana

1. Does Indiana an annual festival celebrating the diverse cultures of its native population?

Yes, the Indiana Annual Festival of Native American Cultures (INFAF) is held every year in Bloomington, Indiana to celebrate and promote the diverse cultures and traditions of Indigenous peoples from across North America. The festival typically features traditional dance performances, music, storytelling, arts and crafts exhibits, and food vendors selling Native American cuisine.

2. What is the significance of the State Day celebration in Indiana and how is it commemorated?

The State Day celebration in Indiana is significant because it marks the anniversary of the state’s admission to the Union on December 11, 1816. It is a day to honor and celebrate Indiana’s history, culture, and achievements.

The State Day is typically commemorated through various events and activities across the state. These may include parades, concerts, speeches by local officials, historical reenactments, and special exhibits at museums and cultural centers. Many schools also incorporate lessons about Indiana’s history into their curriculum on this day.

Another key aspect of the State Day celebration is the governor’s annual proclamation, which highlights the state’s progress and accomplishments over the past year. This proclamation may also recognize outstanding Hoosiers who have made significant contributions to their communities or to the state as a whole.

Overall, the State Day celebration serves as a reminder of Indiana’s rich heritage and its continued growth and development as a state. It is an important occasion for Hoosiers to come together and celebrate their common identity and pride in their home state.

3. How does Indiana celebrate its historical heritage through events and festivals?

Indiana celebrates its historical heritage through a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. These events often feature reenactments, educational presentations, live music and performances, traditional food and crafts, and other activities that showcase Indiana’s past.

Some popular historical events in Indiana include:

1. Feast of the Hunters’ Moon: Held in West Lafayette every autumn, this event recreates the atmosphere of a French trading post from the 1700s. Visitors can experience colonial demonstrations, period music and dance, and traditional meals.

2. Johnny Appleseed Festival: Held in Fort Wayne every September, this festival celebrates the life and legacy of John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed. It features craft vendors, historical demonstrations, live music, and food.

3. Swiss Wine Festival: Held in Vevay every August, this festival celebrates the history of winemaking in Switzerland County through grape stomping contests, wine tastings, live entertainment, and more.

4. Indiana State Fair: Every August, Indianapolis hosts the Indiana State Fair which celebrates agricultural heritage with animal shows, farming exhibits, food competitions and concerts.

5. Native American Gathering: Hosted by Angel Mounds State Historic Site in Evansville every October or November,this gathering showcases traditional Native American dances,songs,cuisine,and crafts while educating visitors about indigenous cultures in Indiana.

6. Hoosier Hops & Harvest Festival: This annual event held in Noblesville celebrates the state’s rich brewing history with beer tastings from local breweries,distilleries,and wineries.This two-day festival also features live music,family-friendly activities,and food trucks serving up local cuisine.

7. Covered Bridge Festival: Held annually for 10 days over Columbus Day weekend,this festival takes place across six covered bridge sites in Parke County where visitors can learn about their history,enjoy local craft vendors,live entertainment,and delicious homemade treats like fried apple pies.

These are just a few examples of the many events and festivals that celebrate Indiana’s historical heritage. Other notable events include Civil War reenactments, pioneer festivals, and holiday celebrations with a historical twist. Overall, these events provide opportunities for people to learn about and appreciate Indiana’s rich history and cultural diversity.

4. What can visitors expect from the lively street parades during Indiana’s carnival festivities?

Visitors can expect a colorful and energetic atmosphere filled with music, dancing, elaborate costumes, and decorated floats. They may also see street performers, stilt walkers, jugglers, and other entertainment acts. The parade route will be lined with vendors selling food, drinks, and souvenirs. Some parades may also include interactive elements, such as throwing beads or confetti into the crowd. The overall vibe is one of celebration and joy as the community comes together to participate in the carnival festivities.

5. In what ways do local communities participate in arts and crafts exhibitions at Indiana’s cultural fair?

1. Displaying and Selling Artwork: Local artists and artisans can participate in the arts and crafts exhibitions by displaying and selling their artwork, such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics, woodworking, jewelry, textiles, etc.

2. Demonstrations: Communities can also participate by hosting live demonstrations of various arts and crafts techniques, allowing fairgoers to observe and learn about the creative process.

3. Workshops: Some communities may organize workshops where fairgoers can sign up to participate in hands-on sessions to learn specific artistic skills or create their own artworks.

4. Competitions: Many county fairs and cultural festivals have competitions for different categories of arts and crafts. Local communities can encourage their members to enter these competitions and showcase their talents.

5. Networking Opportunities: Cultural fairs provide a great platform for artists and craftspeople to network with other creators and potential buyers. Local communities can participate by organizing meet-and-greet events or facilitating networking opportunities for their members.

6. Collaborative Exhibits: Artistic communities may join forces during cultural fairs to create collaborative exhibits that feature pieces from multiple local artists.

7. Cultural Performances: In addition to visual arts, many cultural fairs also include performing arts such as music, dance, theater, etc. Local communities can participate by showcasing their traditional music or dance performances.

8. Food Booths: Arts and crafts exhibitions are a great opportunity for community organizations to fundraise by setting up food booths at the fairgrounds.

9. Volunteer Opportunities: Communities can also contribute to the cultural fair by providing volunteers who assist with organizing the event or helping out at individual booths or exhibits.

10. Promoting Local Culture: By participating in cultural fairs through art displays, performances, demonstrations or food booths, local communities are able to showcase their unique culture to a wider audience and promote appreciation for it.

6. How has the traditional harvest festival evolved into a modern-day extravaganza in Indiana?

The traditional harvest festival in Indiana has evolved into a modern-day extravaganza through various changes and additions over the years.

1. Commercialization: The harvest festival, which was originally a community celebration of the local agricultural harvest, has now become a highly commercialized event with big companies and corporations sponsoring and participating in it. This has resulted in the addition of various attractions such as food markets, craft fairs, music concerts, and amusement rides.

2. Inclusion of non-agricultural activities: The modern-day harvest festival in Indiana is not just limited to celebrating the harvest season. It has expanded to include a wide range of activities that appeal to people from all walks of life. These may include pumpkin carving contests, scarecrow competitions, corn mazes, hot air balloon rides, and petting zoos.

3. Celebrities and special guests: To attract more people to the event, organizers often invite celebrities or special guests to attend and perform at the festival. This not only adds an element of excitement but also helps promote the event on a larger scale.

4. Diverse food offerings: While traditional harvest festivals were known for their simple homemade meals using locally-grown produce, modern-day festivities offer a diverse range of food options from different cultures and cuisines. Food trucks and vendors selling global cuisine are now a common sight at these events.

5. Technological advancements: With advancements in technology, the modern-day extravaganza has become more sophisticated with the use of sound and light shows, digital displays, drones for aerial photography or video recording, etc.

6. Expansion into multiple days or weekends: Traditional harvest festivals typically took place over one day to celebrate the end of the harvesting season. However, modern-day events have expanded into multiple days or even weekends with various themed activities each day, making it an even grander affair than before.

Overall, these changes have transformed the traditional harvest festival into a larger-than-life extravaganza, attracting people from not only Indiana but also from neighboring states and beyond. It has become more than just a celebration of the agricultural harvest; it is now a major source of entertainment, food, and family fun.

7. What unique food and beverage offerings can be found at Indiana’s cultural festival?

1. Pork Tenderloin Sandwich: This iconic sandwich is a must-try at Indiana festivals. A thinly pounded and breaded pork cutlet is served on a bun with toppings such as lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle.

2. Corn on the Cob: Indiana grows some of the best sweet corn in the country, and it’s often a staple at cultural festivals. Grilled to perfection and served with butter and salt, this simple dish is always a crowd favorite.

3. Chicken and Noodles: This hearty dish consists of tender chicken cooked in broth with thick homemade noodles. It’s a comforting and delicious option for festival-goers.

4. Sugar Cream Pie: Considered the unofficial state pie of Indiana, this sweet treat is made with a flaky pie crust filled with a rich custard made from cream, sugar, and vanilla.

5. Elephant Ears: These deep-fried pastries are popular at many festivals in Indiana. Similar to funnel cakes, they are crispy, doughy, and dusted with powdered sugar.

6. Local Craft Beer and Cider: Many cultural festivals in Indiana feature local breweries and cideries offering their unique creations for attendees to sample. It’s a great way to try something new while supporting local businesses.

7. Hoosier Apple Dumplings: These delicious desserts consist of tender apples wrapped in pastry dough or batter and baked in a sweet sauce until golden brown. They are often garnished with ice cream or whipped cream for an extra indulgent treat.

8. Are there any religious customs and rituals that are part of Indiana’s annual cultural event?

Indianapolis hosts a large number of religious festivals and cultural events throughout the year, many of which are deeply rooted in traditional customs and practices. These events allow people of different faiths to come together to celebrate their diverse cultures and beliefs.

One such event is the Annual Indy Festival of Faiths, which showcases the city’s religious diversity through music, food, dance, and art from various faith communities. It also includes interfaith dialogues and workshops promoting religious understanding and tolerance.

Another religious tradition that is part of Indiana’s annual cultural event is St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival in Indianapolis. This festival celebrates Ireland’s patron saint with traditional Irish music, dancing, and other cultural activities. The festival also includes a mass at St John the Evangelist Catholic Church.

The Indianapolis Greek Festival is another annual cultural event that incorporates religious customs and rituals. This three-day festival features authentic Greek cuisine, live music, dance performances, church tours, and displays of Orthodox Christian religious icons.

The Sikh community in Indiana also celebrates their culture with the Annual Sikh Day Parade in Indianapolis. The parade includes traditional Sikh music, prayers, martial arts demonstrations, and a langar (community meal). It is an opportunity for Sikhs to share their religion and culture with the wider community.

Additionally, there are several Diwali festivals held across Indiana every year by the Indian American communities to celebrate Hinduism’s most popular festival. These festivals typically include poojas (prayers), lighting of diyas (lamps), traditional dances such as garba-raas, henna artistry, rangoli making (colorful floor art), fireworks display and vegetarian feasts.

Overall, these events showcase how religion plays an integral role in Indiana’s cultural celebrations and brings people from diverse backgrounds together to celebrate unity in diversity.

9. How does Indiana’s folk music and dance showcase its rich cultural diversity during festivals?

Indiana’s folk music and dance showcase its rich cultural diversity during festivals in several ways:

1. Music and dance styles: Indiana’s festivals often feature traditional folk music and dance styles from various cultures, such as Appalachian clogging, Native American drumming and dancing, and Latin American salsa.

2. Performers: Festival lineups typically include a diverse range of performers representing different ethnicities and backgrounds. This allows for the sharing of traditional music and dance forms from different cultures.

3. Workshops and demonstrations: Festivals also offer opportunities for attendees to participate in workshops or watch demonstrations of traditional folk dances, giving them a chance to learn about different cultures through movement.

4. Costumes and attire: Many festival participants wear traditional costumes or attire that reflect their culture’s heritage and identity, adding visual representation to the performances.

5. Food vendors: Festival food vendors often offer a variety of dishes from different cultural backgrounds, providing another way for attendees to experience the diversity of Indiana’s folk traditions.

6. Collaboration between different communities: Festivals may bring together different cultural communities to collaborate on performances, showcasing the connections between their respective traditional forms of music and dance.

7. Shared history: Many folk songs have evolved from the shared history of Indiana’s diverse population, incorporating influences from European settlers, African Americans, Native Americans, and others.

8. Participation in public celebrations: Folk musicians and dancers are often invited to perform at public celebrations such as parades or city events, bringing these traditions into the mainstream culture for all to enjoy.

9. Preservation of heritage: Folk music and dance are important parts of many communities’ heritage in Indiana. Festivals provide an opportunity to celebrate these traditions while also helping to preserve them for future generations to appreciate.

10. Do tourists play an active role in the planning and execution of Indiana’s major events and festivals?

It depends on the specific event or festival. In some cases, tourists may play a more active role by attending planning meetings or volunteering to help with the execution of the event. In others, their role may be limited to simply attending and experiencing the event. However, many major events and festivals in Indiana rely on tourist participation and attendance for their success.

11. How have modern forms of entertainment been incorporated into traditional festivities in Indiana?

In Indiana, modern forms of entertainment have been incorporated into traditional festivities in various ways. Here are some examples:

1. Parades: Many traditional festivals in Indiana feature parades as a way to celebrate and showcase local themes and traditions. In recent years, these parades have incorporated modern elements such as marching bands, dance groups, and elaborate floats featuring popular characters or current events.

2. Music performances: Music has always been an important part of festivals in Indiana, but now there is a wider range of genres being incorporated into traditional festivities. This includes modern styles such as pop, rock, hip hop, and EDM being played at festivals alongside more traditional styles like folk and country.

3. Food trucks: While traditional festival food like corn dogs and funnel cakes are still popular in Indiana, food trucks offering a variety of modern cuisine have also become a common sight at festivals. This allows attendees to experience new flavors while still enjoying the traditional festival atmosphere.

4. Virtual experiences: With the rise of technology, some festivals in Indiana have started offering virtual experiences such as VR (virtual reality) games or interactive displays that allow attendees to immerse themselves in different worlds or environments.

5. Social media presence: Festivals now utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote their events and engage with attendees. They may offer live updates, sneak peeks of upcoming performances or attractions, and contests for attendees to participate in.

6. Interactive activities: Many festivals now offer interactive activities that are both entertaining and educational for attendees. This can include workshops on DIY crafts or cooking demonstrations featuring local chefs.

7. Celebrity appearances: Some traditional festivals in Indiana have started incorporating celebrity guest appearances into their lineup of entertainment. This can include celebrities from TV shows or movies filming locally, local sports teams or stars, or even social media influencers with ties to the community.

8. Fireworks displays: Fireworks displays have long been a staple of traditional festivities in Indiana, but they have become more elaborate and incorporate modern technology, such as synchronized music, to create a more immersive experience for attendees.

12. Are there any competitions or contests held during Indiana’s cultural events, highlighting local talent?

Yes, there are several competitions and contests held during Indiana’s cultural events that highlight local talent. Some examples include:

1. Indiana State Fair Talent Competition: This annual competition held at the Indiana State Fair showcases the talents of individuals or groups in various categories such as vocal, dance, instrumental, and variety acts.

2. IndyFringe Festival: The festival holds a variety of performances including theater, comedy, dance, and music shows where artists compete for awards such as “Best of Fringe” and “Audience Choice.”

3. Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Young Musician’s Initiative: This program offers young musicians an opportunity to showcase their skills by auditioning for a spot in the orchestra’s performances.

4. Hoosier Idol Karaoke Contest: Held during the Indiana State Fair, this competition invites participants to show off their singing abilities and compete for prizes.

5. Indiana Artisan Marketplace Juried Exhibition: This event provides a platform for local artisans to display their handmade creations and compete in juried categories such as pottery, jewelry, painting, and woodwork.

6. Indiana Humanities’ Poetry Out Loud Competition: High school students from across the state compete in reciting famous poems while demonstrating their speaking skills.

7. Heartland Film Festival’s High School Film Competition: Local high school students can submit original short films for a chance to be screened at the film festival and win cash prizes.

8. Indianapolis Chinese Festival Talent Show: During this cultural celebration event, individuals or groups can participate in a talent show that highlights traditional Chinese music, dancing, martial arts, or other performances related to Chinese culture.

9. Ethnic Expo World Cultural Talent Show: This show is part of Bloomington’s Ethnic Expo festival and showcases diverse cultural performances from different regions around the world submitted by local talent.

10. Inaugural Brew-Inn Comedy Festival Stand-Up Comedy Contest: As part of this comedy festival in Valparaiso, Indiana, comedians can compete in a stand-up comedy competition for a chance to win cash prizes and perform at the festival.

13. What themes are explored through theatrical performances at Indiana’s celebrated drama festival?

Some possible themes that could be explored through theatrical performances at Indiana’s celebrated drama festival include:
1. The human experience and the complexity of emotions
2. Identity and self-discovery
3. Social and political issues
4. Relationships and love
5. History and heritage
6. Morality and ethics
7. Mental health and well-being
8. Coming of age and personal growth
9. Technology and its impact on society
10. Diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion

14. How do fashion and design take center stage at fashion shows during Indiana’s iconic cultural event?

Fashion and design play a major role in Indiana’s iconic cultural event, with fashion shows typically featuring the latest designs from local and international designers, as well as showcasing the unique styles and influences of Indiana’s fashion industry.

Fashion shows at Indiana’s iconic cultural event often feature a variety of themes and styles, ranging from traditional Native American fashion to contemporary high-end designs. These shows are not only an opportunity for designers to showcase their work, but also a celebration of Indiana’s rich cultural heritage.

During these fashion shows, models often walk down the runway wearing garments that are carefully crafted to reflect the beauty and diversity of Indiana’s culture. Designers may draw inspiration from various sources such as traditional textiles, nature, art, or popular culture, resulting in an exciting mix of styles and influences.

In addition to showcasing fashion on the runway, there may also be presentations and panels discussing topics related to fashion and design in Indiana. This can include discussions on sustainability in fashion, highlighting local talent in the industry, or exploring the intersection of fashion with other forms of art.

Through these fashion shows and related events, Indiana’s iconic cultural event brings attention to the vibrant and constantly evolving fashion scene within the state. It also serves as a platform for local designers to gain exposure and recognition on a national or even global scale.

15. Are there opportunities for visitors to learn about traditional skills and crafts at workshops during Indiana’s artisan fair?

Yes, there are often workshops and demonstrations at Indiana’s artisan fairs where visitors can learn about traditional skills and crafts. These workshops may include activities such as basket weaving, pottery making, quilting, and woodworking. Visitors can usually sign up for these workshops in advance or on-site during the fair.

16. How have state-sponsored preservation projects helped preserve ancient monuments featured in cultural festivals aroundIndiana?

State-sponsored preservation projects have greatly contributed to the preservation of ancient monuments featured in cultural festivals around Indiana. These projects often involve funding and resources for restoration and conservation efforts, as well as research and documentation of these monuments. This ensures that they are protected and properly maintained for future generations to appreciate during cultural festivals.

Furthermore, state-sponsored projects also help raise awareness about the significance of these ancient monuments and educate the public about their historical, cultural, and artistic value. This can lead to increased support and appreciation for these monuments during cultural festivals, as well as a sense of pride among local communities.

Additionally, some state-sponsored preservation projects may include training programs for local communities on how to properly care for these ancient monuments. This not only helps to preserve them but also empowers the community to take ownership and responsibility for these important cultural treasures.

Overall, state-sponsored preservation projects play a crucial role in ensuring that ancient monuments featured in cultural festivals around Indiana are protected and celebrated for years to come.

17. In what ways do business enterprises play a role in showcasing products and services related to the theme of a particular state-level festival in?Indiana?

Business enterprises can play a role in showcasing products and services related to the theme of a particular state-level festival in Indiana by:

1. Setting up booths or stalls at the festival venue: Businesses can set up booths or stalls at the festival venue to display and sell their products and services related to the theme. This provides an opportunity for direct interaction with potential customers.

2. Partnering with festival organizers: Companies can partner with festival organizers to promote their products and services through event advertisements, sponsorships, or product placements.

3. Creating special offers or promotions: Businesses can create special offers or promotions that are relevant to the festival theme and use it as a marketing tool to attract customers.

4. Organizing activities or events: Companies can organize interactive activities or events that are related to the festival theme. For example, if the festival is about food, a restaurant could organize a cooking competition.

5. Providing samples or demonstrations: Businesses can provide free samples of their products or demonstrate how their services work during the festival. This allows customers to experience their offerings first hand.

6. Collaborating with other businesses: Companies can collaborate with other businesses that complement their products and services, creating a larger showcase for customers at the festival.

7. Utilizing social media: Businesses can use social media platforms to promote their participation in the festival and showcase their themed products and services online, attracting both physical event attendees and virtual audiences.

8. Offering discounts for locals: Companies can offer discounts on their products and services specifically for local customers during the state-level festival as a way of supporting local communities and increasing sales.

9. Participating in parades or performances: Businesses can participate in parades or performances related to the theme of the festival, which not only showcases their products but also adds entertainment value for attendees.

10. Contributing to charity initiatives: Companies could use this opportunity to give back to society by donating a portion of sales during the festival or organizing fundraising events, helping to create a positive brand image and build customer loyalty.

18.Use your imagination to create posters advertising some upcoming events going on aroundIndiana. Show highlights key attractions such as food, music, and traditional activities.

1. “Taste of Indiana: Come and experience the savory flavors! Sample our famous Hoosier dishes at the Annual Food Fest!”
2. “Rockin’ in Indy: Don’t miss out on the ultimate music festival featuring local bands and artists!”
3. “Hoosier Heritage Fair: Celebrate Indiana’s rich history and culture with traditional crafts, activities, and performances.”
4. “Melt in your Mouth Maples: Join us for a sweet adventure at the Maple Syrup Festival in Brown County.”
5. “Sweets & Beats: Indulge in delicious treats while jamming out to live music at the Dessert Fest!”
6. “Artistry in Bloomington: Explore the vibrant arts scene in Bloomington with art exhibits, street performances, and more.”
7. “Hometown Hoedown: Put on your cowboy boots and join us for a lively country music event with line dancing, BBQ, and more!”
8. “Indy 500 Race Day: Rev up your engines and join the excitement at one of Indiana’s most iconic events – the Indianapolis 500!”
9. “Fiesta in Fort Wayne: Experience a taste of Latin America with authentic food, colorful dances, and cultural traditions at the Fiesta Festival.”
10. “Wine Trail Weekend: Sip and savor your way through Indiana’s finest wineries during this weekend-long tasting event!”

19. Is there a tradition of attracting celebrity guests to Indiana’s cultural events, and who are some notable attendees in recent years?

Indiana has a strong tradition of attracting celebrity guests to its cultural events. Some notable attendees in recent years have included:

1. Neil Patrick Harris – The actor and writer attended the Indy PopCon, Indiana’s popular pop culture convention, in 2019.
2. Jenna Fischer – The actress best known for her role in “The Office” attended the Heartland Film Festival in 2018 to promote her movie “Brad’s Status” which was screening at the festival.
3. Danai Gurira – The actress, playwright, and star of “Black Panther” and “The Walking Dead” attended the Circle City INdplolis Greek Fest in 2017 as a special guest.
4. Bill Murray – The comedic actor and Saturday Night Live alum has made numerous appearances at different events throughout Indiana over the years including Indy Fringe Festival, Indianapolis Indian Baseball games, and the BMW Championship golf tournament.
5. John Green – The young adult author and Indiana native has been a staple at various book festivals and conventions in Indiana including Indy PopCon, Midwest Writers Workshop Conference, and Indiana Comic Con.
6. Mike Epps – The stand-up comedian and actor from Indianapolis regularly participates in events around the state such as the Art & Soul celebration at the Indianapolis Artsgarden.
7. LeVar Burton – Star of “Roots” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” Burton visited Indianapolis for Gen Con, one of the country’s largest gaming conventions, in 2018.
8. Leslie Odom Jr. – Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. performed with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra at their annual IPL Yuletide Celebration in 2016.
9. Jason Momoa – Actor Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of Thrones) attended Comic Con in Fort Wayne during his charity motorcycle ride across America in support of Native American communities.
10. Garth Brooks – Country superstar Garth Brooks surprised fans at his 2017 concert in Indianapolis by bringing out basketball legend Larry Bird to join him on stage.

20. How do local communities come together to create unique and memorable experiences for visitors during Indiana’s grand cultural fete?

Local communities in Indiana can come together to create unique and memorable experiences for visitors during Indiana’s grand cultural fete by:
1. Collaborating with local artists, musicians, and performers to showcase their talents and traditions at various events and festivals.
2. Organizing themed events that highlight the history, culture, and traditions of the community, such as a historical reenactment or cultural festival.
3. Developing partnerships with local businesses to offer special discounts or promotions on products or services during the cultural fete.
4. Creating interactive activities and attractions that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture, such as craft workshops or cooking demonstrations.
5. Encouraging local restaurants to feature traditional dishes on their menus for visitors to try.
6. Inviting community members to participate in planning and organizing events, creating a sense of ownership and pride in the celebration.
7. Collaborating with community organizations and nonprofits to offer educational programs or guided tours that showcase the community’s cultural heritage.
8. Utilizing social media platforms to share updates about events and engage with potential visitors by highlighting the unique aspects of the local culture.
9. Hosting community-wide competitions or contests related to art, music, food, or other aspects of the cultural fete.
10. Providing opportunities for visitors to interact with locals and learn about their daily lives through homestays or guided tours of neighborhoods outside of tourist areas.