Helicopter and submarine excursions on cruises

1. What is the cost of a helicopter or submarine excursion on a cruise?

The cost of a helicopter or submarine excursion on a cruise can vary greatly depending on the cruise line, the specific excursion, and the destination. Some excursions may be included in your cruise fare, while others may have an additional fee. In general, a helicopter or submarine excursion can range from $100-$500 per person. It is best to check with your specific cruise line for exact pricing and availability.

2. Are there age or weight restrictions for these excursions?

Age and weight restrictions may vary for different excursions. It is best to check with the specific excursion company for their policies and guidelines.
3. Is it necessary to have prior experience or training for certain excursions?
Some excursions may require prior experience or training, while others may be suitable for beginners. It is important to check with the excursion company or tour guide beforehand to ensure you are prepared and capable of participating in the activities.
4. Is there a minimum group size for these excursions?
The minimum group size may vary depending on the excursion. Some activities may require a certain number of participants for safety reasons, while others may allow smaller groups or even solo travelers. Check with the excursion company for their policies on group sizes.
5. Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of before participating in these excursions?
Yes, it is always important to prioritize safety when participating in any type of excursion. Make sure to follow all instructions from your tour guide or excursion company, wear appropriate safety gear, and inform them of any medical conditions or concerns you may have beforehand. It’s also a good idea to research the reputation and safety record of the excursion provider before booking.
6. Can I bring my own equipment for these excursions?
You may be able to bring your own equipment for some excursions, but it is always best to check with the company beforehand to see if they allow outside gear. They will also be able to advise you on what equipment is necessary or recommended for the activity.
7. Can I make last minute changes or cancel my reservation for these excursions?
Cancellation policies and procedures vary among different excursion companies and tour operators. Most will have a deadline by which you can cancel your reservation without penalty, while others may not offer refunds at all. It is important to carefully read and understand the cancellation policy before making a reservation.
8.Could weather affect these excursions?
Yes, weather conditions can affect certain excursions. Some activities may be canceled or rescheduled due to inclement weather, while others may still be able to operate. It is best to check with the excursion company for their policy on weather-related cancellations or postponements.
9. Are meals and transportation included in these excursions?
Meals and transportation may be included in some excursions, while others may require you to provide your own. Make sure to check with the excursion company for a detailed list of what is included in the package.
10. Is tipping expected for tour guides or excursion providers?
Tipping customs vary across different regions and cultures, so it is always a good idea to research the local customs before your trip. In general, if you are satisfied with the service provided by your tour guide or excursion provider, a tip is appreciated as a gesture of gratitude.

3. How long are the helicopter or submarine tours typically?

The duration of helicopter or submarine tours can vary greatly, depending on the specific tour you book and the location. Generally, helicopter tours can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, while submarine tours typically range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. It is best to check with the specific tour company for their exact tour length.

4. Can passengers with mobility issues participate in these excursions?

It depends on the individual excursion and the specific mobility issue. Some excursions may be able to accommodate passengers with mobility issues, while others may not. It is best to contact your cruise line or excursion provider directly to discuss any accessibility needs and determine if accommodations can be made for you.

5. How close do the helicopters/submarines get to marine life and landmarks?

It depends on the specific situation and the regulations in place. Generally, helicopters and submarines are required to maintain a certain distance from marine life and landmarks in order to minimize disturbance and preserve the natural habitat. The exact distance will vary, but it is typically several hundred feet or more.

6. Are there any safety precautions in place during these excursions?

Yes, most organized excursions will have specific safety precautions in place. This may include providing a life jacket if the excursion involves water activities, having a qualified guide leading the group, and ensuring that all participants follow safety guidelines and rules. It is important to carefully read and follow any instructions or safety briefings provided before the excursion begins.

7. Can I book a private helicopter/submarine tour for my group?

Yes, it is possible to book a private helicopter or submarine tour for your group. You will need to contact the specific tour company or operator to arrange the details and pricing for a private tour. Keep in mind that these types of tours are typically more expensive than regular group tours.

8. Are the helicopter/submarine pilots/guides experienced and certified?

The experience and certifications of helicopter/submarine pilots and guides can vary depending on the specific company or tour operator. It is important to research and inquire about the qualifications and training of the individuals who will be leading your tour before booking. Many reputable companies will have this information readily available on their website or will be willing to provide it upon request.

9. Is there a limit on the number of people for each helicopter/submarine tour?

Yes, generally there is a limit on the number of people allowed on each helicopter or submarine tour. This limit varies depending on the size and type of aircraft/submarine, but typically ranges from 2 to 6 passengers for a helicopter tour, and up to 100 passengers for a submarine tour. Some tours may also have age restrictions for safety reasons. It is best to check with the specific tour company for more information on their capacity limits.

10. Do you recommend booking these excursions in advance or can they be booked onboard?

It is usually recommended to book excursions in advance, especially if you have specific activities or tours in mind that may sell out quickly. This can also save you time and hassle onboard, as you won’t have to wait in line to book them. However, it is possible to book some excursions onboard, but availability may be limited. It’s best to research the excursions beforehand and determine if they are likely to sell out.

11. Is there an option to combine both helicopter and submarine tours into one excursion?

Yes, some tour companies offer combined helicopter and submarine tours where guests can experience both activities back to back. However, this option may vary depending on the location and availability of these services. It’s best to check with your tour company for more information and pricing.

12. Can I take photos/videos during the excursion?

Yes, you may take photos and videos during the excursion. However, please be mindful of other guests and do not disturb the animals or disrupt the experience for others. Also, make sure to follow any rules set by the tour guide or facility regarding photography.

13. Is there an age limit for children participating in these excursions?

There may be age limits for certain excursions, as they often involve physical activity or may not be suitable for younger children. It’s best to check with the excursion company or the cruise line directly to see if there are any age restrictions for specific excursions.

14. How high/deep do the helicopters/submarines go during the tour?

The height of helicopters and depth of submarines during tours vary depending on the location and specific tour. However, typically helicopters can fly up to several thousand feet above ground level, while submarines can dive to depths of hundreds or even thousands of feet below the surface of the water.

15. Are there refunds available if weather conditions prevent the excursion from taking place?

It depends on the excursion company’s refund policy. Some may offer a full or partial refund in case of weather conditions preventing the excursion from taking place, while others may not offer any refunds. It is best to check with the company beforehand or read their terms and conditions for information regarding refunds in such situations.

16. What type of views can we expect to see during the helicopter tour?

This will depend on the location of the helicopter tour. Generally, you can expect to see stunning aerial views of natural landscapes such as mountains, lakes, and coastlines. You may also get a bird’s eye view of urban or city skylines, famous landmarks and monuments, and other points of interest.

17. Are personal belongings allowed on board during the excursion?

It depends on the specific excursion and cruise line policies. Some excursions may allow you to bring personal belongings, while others may not be responsible for any lost or damaged items. It is best to check with your cruise line and tour operator for their specific guidelines.

18. Can individuals prone to motion sickness participate in these excursions?

It depends on the severity of their motion sickness and the specific excursion being taken. Some excursions, such as hiking or walking tours, may not be affected by motion sickness. However, activities such as boat or car rides may trigger symptoms. It is best to consult with a doctor or tour operator before participating in these excursions. In some cases, medications or preventative measures may be recommended to help alleviate symptoms.

19.Can we request specific routes or destinations for our helicopter/submarine tour?

It is usually possible to request specific routes or destinations for a helicopter or submarine tour, however it will ultimately depend on factors such as weather conditions and the availability of landing sites or dive locations. It is best to communicate your preference to the tour operator in advance and they will do their best to accommodate your request. Keep in mind that the pilot/captain has final say over the route for safety reasons.

20.Can we hear commentary about landmarks and marine life during the excursion?

Our tour guides will typically provide commentary on the landmarks and marine life that you will encounter during your excursion. They may point out notable features, explain the history or significance of certain locations, and provide information about the different types of marine life that you may see. However, it may also depend on the specific excursion and tour guide, so it’s always best to check with them beforehand if this is something you are interested in.