Destination Wedding Spots to Visit in Wisconsin

1. What are the top destination wedding spots to visit in Wisconsin?

Some popular destination wedding spots in Wisconsin include:

1. Lake Geneva: Known for its picturesque lakeside setting and luxurious resorts, Lake Geneva is a popular choice for couples looking to have a romantic wedding.

2. Door County: This scenic peninsula is home to charming waterfront towns, stunning beaches, and beautiful natural landscapes, making it an ideal spot for outdoor weddings.

3. Madison: Wisconsin’s capital city offers a diverse mix of urban and natural beauty with its bustling downtown area and nearby parks and lakes, making it a great choice for couples who want the best of both worlds.

4. Milwaukee: With its vibrant arts scene, rich history, and stunning lakefront location, Milwaukee has become a sought-after destination for couples looking to tie the knot.

5. Kohler: This small town is known for its world-class golf courses, elegant resorts, and serene natural surroundings, making it a top pick for couples seeking a refined and sophisticated wedding experience.

6. Lake Superior North Shore: Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Lake Superior and its rugged shoreline, this region offers couples a unique and intimate setting for their special day.

7. Hayward: Located in Wisconsin’s Northwoods region, Hayward offers stunning lakeside settings, cozy cabins and lodges, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and boating.

8. Green Bay: Known as “Titletown” due to its beloved NFL team the Green Bay Packers, this city boasts beautiful waterfront venues along with cultural attractions like museums and galleries.

2. How much does it cost to have a destination wedding in Wisconsin?

The cost of a destination wedding in Wisconsin will vary depending on factors such as location, venue, number of guests, and vendors chosen. According to WeddingWire data from 2020-2021,the average cost of a destination wedding in Wisconsin ranges from $15k – $33k USD.

3. What are the legal requirements for getting married in Wisconsin?

To get married in Wisconsin, couples must obtain a marriage license from the county clerk’s office. Both parties must be at least 18 years old and present a valid photo ID. The marriage license will cost $75-120 USD depending on the county. There is no waiting period, and the license is valid for 30 days.

4. Are there any popular outdoor wedding venues in Wisconsin?

Yes, there are many popular outdoor wedding venues in Wisconsin, including:

1. Cave of the Mounds: Located near Blue Mounds, this natural limestone cave offers a unique and enchanting backdrop for outdoor weddings.

2. Olbrich Botanical Gardens: This stunning botanical garden in Madison features lush flowers, beautiful fountains, and picturesque gardens that make it a popular choice for outdoor ceremonies.

3. Whistling Straits: This luxurious golf resort on Lake Michigan offers breathtaking views of the lake and a variety of outdoor spaces to host weddings, including a beachfront ceremony site.

4. Peninsula State Park: Situated along Green Bay’s scenic Door County peninsula, this state park offers multiple beach locations and wooded areas perfect for outdoor weddings.

5. Horicon Marsh: This national wildlife refuge in central Wisconsin features vast prairies, tranquil lakes, and abundant wildlife making it an idyllic spot for nature-inspired outdoor weddings.

5. What are some unique activities or attractions to include in a destination wedding itinerary in Wisconsin?

There are plenty of unique activities and attractions to incorporate into a destination wedding itinerary in Wisconsin:

1. Brewery or winery tours: With its rich beer brewing history and growing wine industry, Wisconsin has many craft breweries and wineries that offer tours and tastings for groups looking to experience local flavors.

2. Cheese tasting: Known as America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin is renowned for its cheese production with over 1,200 cheese factories throughout the state. Consider incorporating a cheese tasting experience into your itinerary for a true taste of Wisconsin.

3. Outdoor adventures: From hiking and kayaking to skiing and snowmobiling, Wisconsin offers a variety of outdoor activities depending on the season. Consider planning an excursion or outing with your wedding party to make the most of the beautiful natural surroundings.

4. Cultural experiences: Wisconsin is home to a rich history and diverse culture, offering opportunities for immersive experiences such as visiting the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Taliesin East estate or attending a Native American powwow.

5. City exploration: Popular cities in Wisconsin like Madison and Milwaukee offer unique experiences such as museum visits, brewery tours, farmers’ markets, and live music events that can add an exciting element to any destination wedding trip.

2. How do I choose the best state for my dream destination wedding in Wisconsin?

Choosing the best state for your dream destination wedding in Wisconsin will depend on several factors, such as your budget, preferred wedding style, and personal preferences. Here are some steps to help you choose the best state for your dream destination wedding in Wisconsin:

1. Determine Your Budget: Before choosing a state for your destination wedding, determine how much you can afford to spend. This will help narrow down your options and make it easier to choose a location that fits within your budget.

2. Consider Your Wedding Style: Think about the type of wedding you want to have – do you prefer a beach wedding, mountain views, or a big city atmosphere? Each state in Wisconsin offers unique scenery and attractions that can help bring your dream wedding to life.

3. Research Marriage License Requirements: Before choosing a state, make sure you check the marriage license requirements for each location. Some states may have residency requirements or additional fees that could impact your decision.

4. Look into Accommodation Options: Consider the availability and cost of accommodation options for yourself and your guests in each potential state. You’ll want to ensure there are enough lodging options within your budget and close to your venue.

5. Visit Potential Locations: If possible, visit the potential locations before making a final decision. This will give you a sense of the area’s vibe and help you better visualize how it would fit with your vision for the perfect destination wedding.

6. Gather Recommendations: Ask friends and family who have planned destination weddings in Wisconsin for their recommendations on the best states for this type of event. They may have valuable insights or connections that could help make your decision easier.

7. Consider Logistics: Lastly, think about any logistical challenges associated with each potential state – such as travel distances for yourself and guests, accessibility of vendors, or weather conditions during certain times of the year.

By considering these factors and doing thorough research, you can choose the best state for your dream destination wedding in Wisconsin.

3. Where can I find beautiful and affordable state-specific destination wedding locations in Wisconsin?

1. Door County: With its charming small towns, stunning waterfront views, and abundance of outdoor activities, Door County is a popular choice for destination weddings in Wisconsin. The area offers a variety of affordable wedding venues such as rustic barns, wineries, and scenic parks.

2. Lake Geneva: Known as the “Newport of the West,” Lake Geneva offers plenty of picturesque settings for a destination wedding in Wisconsin. From lakeside resorts to historic mansions and cozy bed and breakfasts, there are many affordable options for every budget.

3. Milwaukee: Wisconsin’s largest city offers an eclectic mix of urban and natural backdrops for a destination wedding. From historic breweries and industrial lofts to waterfront parks and rooftop venues, Milwaukee has something for every style and budget.

4. Madison: The state capital boasts beautiful lakeside settings, charming neighborhoods, and unique venues that make it an ideal location for a destination wedding in Wisconsin. Plus, with its vibrant arts scene and delicious food options, your guests will have plenty to do during their stay.

5. La Crosse: This quaint riverfront town is another great option for a budget-friendly destination wedding in Wisconsin. With its picturesque bluffs, scenic riverside parks, and charming downtown area with affordable accommodations, La Crosse makes for a memorable wedding weekend.

6. Shawano County: Located in northeastern Wisconsin outside of Green Bay, Shawano County is known for its gorgeous landscapes and rolling hills dotted with farms and orchards. It’s an ideal location for couples looking for rustic or countryside charm at an affordable price.

7. Red Cliff/Lake Superior North Shore: For nature-loving couples looking to tie the knot surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Midwest, the Red Cliff/Lake Superior North Shore region is hard to beat. Featuring rocky shorelines, sandy beaches, waterfalls, forests, caves, and more – this area offers endless possibilities for a stunning outdoor wedding on a budget.

8. Minocqua/Woodruff: Known as the “Island City,” Minocqua is a popular resort town in northern Wisconsin with picturesque lakes, charming downtown shops, and gorgeous outdoor settings for weddings. With its wide range of affordable cabin rentals and specialty lodging options, it’s also an ideal destination for couples looking for a cozy, more intimate wedding experience.

4. What is the most popular Wisconsin for a water themed destination wedding?

The most popular Wisconsin destination for a water themed wedding is Door County, which is known for its beautiful coastline on Lake Michigan and unique venues such as beachside resorts, yacht clubs, and waterfront parks.

5. Where in the Wisconsin can I have a mountain getaway for my special day?

A mountain getaway for a special day in Wisconsin can be found at Devil’s Head Resort in Merrimac. This resort offers beautiful mountain views, an abundance of outdoor activities, and luxurious accommodations for a romantic and memorable escape. They also have wedding packages available for couples looking to tie the knot in a stunning mountain setting. Other options include the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells or Grand Geneva Resort & Spa in Lake Geneva, which both offer scenic views and a variety of amenities for a romantic getaway.

6. Does Wisconsin offer the most luxurious and high-end options for a destination wedding?

This answer would depend on individual preferences and budgets. Wisconsin does have some luxury and high-end options for destination weddings, such as upscale resorts and private estate venues, but other states may offer even more luxurious options. Ultimately, it is up to the couple to research and compare destinations to determine which offers the most luxurious options for their specific wedding needs.

7. Are there any hidden gem states with breathtaking views for a memorable destination wedding in Wisconsin?

Yes, Wisconsin has several hidden gem states with breathtaking views for a memorable destination wedding.

– Door County: Located in northeastern Wisconsin, Door County is known for its picturesque landscapes, quaint towns, and charming lighthouses. It is a beautiful location for a waterfront wedding with stunning lake views.

– Apostle Islands: This group of 22 islands in Lake Superior offers scenic views of sandstone cliffs, sea caves, and pristine beaches. It is the perfect destination for nature lovers and adventurous couples looking for an intimate wedding experience.

– Kettle Moraine State Forest: Situated in southeastern Wisconsin, this state forest features rolling hills, forested ridges, and glacial lakes. It offers stunning scenery for an outdoor wedding ceremony amidst the beauty of nature.

– Bayfield: With its picturesque harbor and charming small-town feel, Bayfield is a romantic destination for a beach or lakeshore wedding. It also offers stunning views of Lake Superior and nearby Madeline Island.

– Devil’s Lake State Park: Located in south-central Wisconsin, Devil’s Lake State Park boasts a breathtaking landscape of quartzite bluffs and a crystal clear lake. It provides a stunning backdrop for a rustic or outdoor wedding.

– Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge: Nestled along the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin, this wildlife refuge offers beautiful prairie and wetland landscapes. It is an ideal location for a unique and scenic outdoor wedding experience.

8. Does Wisconsin ha the best all-inclusive venues for a hassle-free destination wedding experience?

Yes, Wisconsin does have some great all-inclusive venues for a hassle-free destination wedding experience. Some popular options include The Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, which offers customizable all-inclusive packages including catering, coordination services, and accommodations for guests; the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, which has a variety of venues and activities for guests to enjoy; and Glacier Canyon Lodge at the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells, which offers scenic outdoor spaces for ceremonies and all-inclusive packages with food, drinks, and lodging. Additionally, many of the state’s resorts and lodges offer all-inclusive wedding packages that include everything from ceremony and reception spaces to catering and accommodations.

9. Where can I find unique and unconventional destination wedding spots in Wisconsin?

1. The House on the Rock, Spring Green
2. Door County’s Cave Point County Park
3. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Bayfield
4. Stockholm, a village on the Mississippi River
5. Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Monona Terrace, Madison
6. Taliesin, also in Spring Green and another creation of Frank Lloyd Wright
7. Washington Island off the tip of Door County Peninsula
8. High Cliff State Park in Sherwood with views of Lake Winnebago from 180 ft high cliffs overlooking the lake.
9. Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison with stunning outdoor settings and pavilion reception space.
10. Devil’s Lake State park in Baraboo features picturesque cliffs overlooking a crystalline lake for a scenic outdoor wedding experience.
11 . Wisconsin Dells offers unique venues such as water parks and natural rock formations for a one-of-a-kind celebration.
12 . Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island boasts beautiful sandy beaches and rugged shoreline perfect for a beach wedding.
13 . Cedarburg, a quaint small town with historical buildings and rustic charm provides an ideal setting for intimate weddings.
14 . The Paine Art Center and Gardens in Oshkosh offers elegant gardens and an Italianate-style mansion for a romantic outdoor wedding.
15 . EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh allows couples to exchange vows among historic planes for aviation enthusiasts’ dream wedding.
16 . Red Crown Lodge in Arbor Vitae is set on serene lakeside grounds surrounded by pine forests, making it perfect for a secluded destination wedding.
17 . The American Club Resort in Kohler is a luxurious resort featuring multiple venues for weddings, including an iconic grand ballroom and stunning gardens.
18 . Birch Hill Barn in Glenwood City is an idyllic barn venue situated on rolling hills and bordering a sparkling lake providing a tranquil countryside setting.
19 . Willows Gallery & Events in Neenah is a converted 1900s church featuring unique stained glass windows and elegant decor for an unforgettable wedding.
20 . Cave of the Mounds in Blue Mounds offers underground cave tours and a beautiful outdoor pavilion for a unique and adventurous wedding experience.

10. Where in Wisconsin boasts picturesque vineyards and wineries perfect for a rustic destination wedding?

Door County. It is known for its beautiful scenery, charming small towns, and numerous wineries and vineyards that offer stunning views of Lake Michigan. The county’s mild climate and fertile soil make it a prime location for growing grapes and producing high-quality wines. The area also offers a variety of wedding venues, from rustic barns to elegant estates, making it a popular choice for destination weddings.

11. What are some budget-friendly destination wedding locations within driving distance from major cities in Wisconsin?

1. Door County, WI: This charming peninsula has beautiful lake views and quaint coastal towns perfect for a small, intimate wedding.

2. Galena, IL: Located just across the Wisconsin-Illinois border, this historic town offers picturesque rolling hills and romantic bed and breakfasts.

3. Lake Geneva, WI: Known as “the Newport of the West”, this resort town on the shores of Lake Geneva offers stunning water views and elegant venues.

4. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: If you’re looking for a rustic outdoor wedding, the UP offers breathtaking national parks and stunning lakeside vistas.

5. Decorah, IA: This small college town in northeast Iowa is home to scenic bluffs and vineyards, making it a perfect location for a budget-friendly destination wedding.

6. Madison, WI: The capital city of Wisconsin boasts beautiful lakeside views and a thriving cultural scene, perfect for a modern destination wedding on a budget.

7. Mackinac Island, MI: Take your guests back in time with a wedding on this car-free island filled with Victorian charm and stunning water views.

8. Lake Minnetonka, MN: Just east of Minneapolis lies this picturesque area with luxurious lakefront estates that can be rented for affordable destination weddings.

9. Lake Okoboji, IA: This serene lake region in northwest Iowa offers charming resorts and outdoor activities for couples looking for an intimate destination wedding.

10. Milwaukee, WI: As Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee offers all the amenities of a big city with affordable venues and picturesque waterfront locations.

11. Nisswa/Brainerd Lakes Area, MN: Just north of Brainerd lies the charming resort town of Nisswa offering tranquil lakeside settings for affordable outdoor weddings.

12. Does Wisconsin has have best options for an intimate and private beachside destination wedding?

Yes, Wisconsin has several options for an intimate and private beachside destination wedding. Some popular locations include:
1. Door County – known for its stunning beaches and quaint coastal towns, Door County offers a scenic backdrop for a private beach wedding.
2. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore – this scenic island destination boasts secluded beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning sunsets, perfect for an intimate wedding.
3. Lake Geneva – with its charming lakeside setting and various venues to choose from, Lake Geneva is a popular choice for couples looking for a private beach wedding experience in Wisconsin.
4. Sturgeon Bay – located on the shores of Lake Michigan, this picturesque town offers several private beach locations for couples to exchange their vows.
5. Kohler-Andrae State Park – this state park has two miles of sandy beaches that provide the perfect setting for a romantic and intimate wedding ceremony.

13. Are there any scenic lakeside destinations in the US to consider for a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony in Wisconsin?

1. Geneva Lake – Located in southeastern Wisconsin, Geneva Lake offers breathtaking views of rolling hills and crystal blue water. The surrounding towns of Lake Geneva and Fontana-on-Geneva-Lake offer charming venues for a romantic lakeside wedding.

2. Door County – Known as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest,” Door County is a popular destination for couples seeking a picturesque, waterfront wedding. With over 300 miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan, there are numerous outdoor ceremony options to choose from.

3. Hayward – Nestled among northern Wisconsin’s pristine lakes and forests, Hayward is a tranquil setting for an intimate lakeside wedding. With countless resorts and lodges with lakefront views, it’s easy to find the perfect spot for your special day.

4. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore – Located on the shores of Lake Superior, this scenic national park offers breathtaking views and unique ceremony locations such as sandy beaches or rocky cliffs overlooking the water.

5. Little Muskego Lake – This small but stunning lake in Waukesha County is home to several parks and venues that offer a beautiful backdrop for exchanging vows lakeside.

6. Devil’s Lake State Park – Located in Baraboo, Devil’s Lake State Park features over 500 acres of beautiful scenery including two large lakes perfect for a serene outdoor wedding.

7. Big Cedar Lake – This picturesque lake in Washington County boasts over nine miles of shoreline dotted with charming cottages and private estates that can serve as idyllic wedding venues.

8. Lake Koshkonong – Just outside Madison, this scenic lake offers panoramic views from multiple vantage points, providing endless options for a romantic lakeside ceremony.

9. Wisconsin Dells – Best known for its tourist attractions and water parks, Wisconsin Dells also has numerous outdoor venues with stunning lake views ideal for a dreamy wedding ceremony.

10.Pewaukee/Yahara/Bark River Chain O’Lakes – For a unique lakeside wedding experience, consider one of the many quaint towns along the Pewaukee, Yahara, or Bark River chain of lakes. These interconnected lakes offer a quiet and peaceful setting for an intimate ceremony.

11. Lake Michigan – The third largest freshwater lake in the world provides a breathtaking backdrop for a romantic waterfront wedding. Consider one of the many parks or beaches along Lake Michigan’s western shore for your special day.

12. Rice Lake – This charming small town offers a variety of picturesque wedding venues nestled near the tranquil waters of Rice Lake, creating an idyllic setting for an outdoor ceremony.

13. Lake Wissota State Park – Located just outside of Chippewa Falls, this state park features picturesque cliffs and forests alongside beautiful Lake Wissota, offering a serene and romantic setting for an outdoor ceremony.

14. What are some popular Wisconsin offering historic and elegant venues for a classic, traditional-style destination wedding?

1. Paine Art Center and Gardens – Oshkosh
2. The Wisconsin Club – Milwaukee
3. Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum – Milwaukee
4. Villa Bellezza Winery & Vineyards – Pepin
5. The Madison Club – Madison
6. Grand Geneva Resort & Spa – Lake Geneva
7. The Osthoff Resort – Elkhart Lake
8. Milwaukee Country Club – River Hills
9. Historic Turner Hall Ballroom – Milwaukee
10. The Florian Gardens – Eau Claire

15. Is it possible to plan an eco-friendly and sustainable destination wedding in Wisconsin?

Yes, it is possible to plan an eco-friendly and sustainable destination wedding in Wisconsin. There are several ways to make your wedding more environmentally friendly, such as choosing a venue that uses renewable energy sources or opting for locally sourced and organic food and decorations. You can also encourage guests to carpool or offset their carbon footprint by donating to a conservation organization. Additionally, there are many beautiful outdoor locations in Wisconsin that provide a naturally sustainable setting for your special day. By incorporating sustainable practices into your wedding planning, you can minimize the environmental impact of your destination wedding in Wisconsin.

16. Does Wisconsin offer an ideal combination of urban adventure and natural beauty for an unforgettable destination wedding experience?

Yes, Wisconsin offers a unique mix of urban adventure and natural beauty for an unforgettable destination wedding experience. The state has bustling cities like Milwaukee and Madison, which offer vibrant nightlife, cultural attractions, and a variety of delicious food options for couples and their guests to enjoy.

At the same time, Wisconsin is known for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities, making it the perfect setting for a nature-inspired wedding. Whether you want to exchange vows on a scenic lakefront, in a beautiful park or garden, or at a rustic barn venue surrounded by rolling hills, there are endless options to choose from in Wisconsin.

Additionally, Wisconsin is home to several charming small towns with romantic bed and breakfasts and historic buildings that add to the overall charm of a destination wedding. Guests can also experience local attractions such as cheese factories and wineries during their stay.

Overall, Wisconsin offers the best of both worlds – an exciting urban experience combined with stunning natural settings – making it an ideal destination for couples looking for a memorable wedding experience.

17. Are there any family-friendly states that provide great activities and attractions alongside stunning venues for a memorable destination wedding with loved ones in Wisconsin?

Yes, Wisconsin is home to many family-friendly states that offer great activities and attractions for a fun-filled destination wedding. Some popular locations include Door County, with its picturesque waterfront towns and outdoor adventures, The Wisconsin Dells, known as the waterpark capital of the world, and Milwaukee, which offers cultural experiences such as museums and festivals. These destinations also offer stunning venues such as vineyards, historic mansions, and beachfront properties for a memorable wedding experience surrounded by loved ones.

18.Where can we find exotic island destinations in Wisconsin to celebrate our love with a tropical-themed nuptial ceremony?

While Wisconsin may not have any tropical islands, there are a few destinations in the state that offer beautiful and exotic settings for a tropical-themed nuptial ceremony. Some options include:

1. Apostle Islands – Located in Lake Superior, this group of 22 islands offers picturesque beaches and crystal clear waters, making it feel like you’re in the Caribbean.

2. Door County – This peninsula on Lake Michigan is known for its charming small towns, scenic coastline, and numerous orchards. It also has several resorts and venues that offer tropical-themed wedding packages.

3. Lake Geneva – With its stunning lake views, lush gardens, and luxurious resorts, this popular vacation spot can make for a perfect setting for a tropical-inspired wedding.

4. Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest – This forested region in northern Wisconsin offers secluded campsites and rustic cabin rentals to create a unique destination wedding experience.

5. Devil’s Lake State Park – Known for its breathtaking natural beauty, this state park has numerous picnic areas and shelters that can be reserved for private events, including weddings with a tropical theme.

Overall, while these destinations may not compare to an actual tropical island, they offer stunning backdrops for an exotic and memorable nuptial celebration in Wisconsin.

19. Are there non-traditional, offbeat in Wisconsin with cool, trendy locales that could be great options for millennial couples planning their dreamy, unique weddings?

1. Art Museums and Galleries: Many art museums and galleries in Wisconsin offer unique spaces for wedding ceremonies and receptions. They often feature modern and contemporary decor, perfect for a chic and artsy wedding.

2. Vineyards and Wineries: Wisconsin is home to numerous vineyards and wineries, which can offer a romantic atmosphere for a vineyard-style wedding. Many of these venues also have outdoor spaces with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

3. Rustic Barns: For a charming and rustic wedding, consider hosting your celebration at a barn venue. There are many barns throughout Wisconsin that have been renovated into stylish event spaces, complete with modern amenities.

4. Historical Landmarks: From lighthouses to historic mansions, there are many unique and picturesque venues in Wisconsin that hold significant historical value. These locations can add a touch of charm and character to any wedding.

5. Brewery or Distillery Tours: Breweries and distilleries are popular in Wisconsin, making them great options for an offbeat wedding venue. Some even offer tours as part of their wedding packages, giving guests a fun activity to enjoy during the celebration.

6. Lakeside Marinas: With over 15,000 lakes in Wisconsin, lakeside marinas can provide a serene backdrop for an intimate outdoor wedding ceremony or reception.

7. Farm-to-Table Restaurants: If you’re foodies looking for a non-traditional wedding venue, consider hosting your celebration at a farm-to-table restaurant. These venues not only offer delicious food but also beautiful indoor or outdoor settings.

8. Botanical Gardens: A botanical garden provides a lush and vibrant setting for a dreamy outdoor wedding ceremony or reception. Many gardens in Wisconsin have designated event spaces available for weddings.

9.Hotels with Unique Themes: For couples who want to add some flair to their special day, there are numerous hotels in Wisconsin that offer themed rooms or suites. This can add a touch of fun and personality to your wedding celebrations.

10. Ski Resorts: For a winter wonderland wedding, consider hosting your celebration at a ski resort venue in Wisconsin. Many resorts offer breathtaking views, cozy indoor spaces, and plenty of outdoor activities for your guests to enjoy.

20. In which part of Wisconsin can we find budget-friendly outdoor wedding venues with jaw-dropping sceneries perfect for a rustic-chic or bohemian destination wedding vibe?

One option for budget-friendly outdoor wedding venues with stunning scenery in Wisconsin is Door County. Door County offers a variety of rustic-chic and bohemian wedding venues, such as wineries, barns, and scenic outdoor locations like parks or beaches. Other budget-friendly options outside of Door County may include the Driftless Region in Southwest Wisconsin or the Northwoods region in Northern Wisconsin. Be sure to research and compare different venues to find the best option that fits your needs and budget.