Destination Wedding Spots to Visit in Vermont

1. What are the top destination wedding spots to visit in Vermont?

Some popular destination wedding spots in Vermont include:

1. Stowe Mountain Resort: Located in the scenic town of Stowe, this resort offers stunning mountain views and a variety of indoor and outdoor venues for weddings.

2. The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa: This luxurious historic resort in Manchester Village features elegant ballrooms, picturesque gardens, and a championship golf course, making it a perfect spot for a destination wedding.

3. Jackson Gore Inn at Okemo Mountain Resort: Set against the backdrop of Okemo Mountain, this inn offers rustic charm and breathtaking views for a memorable destination wedding.

4. The Inn at Shelburne Farms: This 19th century country estate boasts expansive grounds with views of Lake Champlain, perfect for couples seeking a romantic outdoor wedding.

5. Woodstock Inn & Resort: Tucked away in the quaint village of Woodstock, this charming inn offers multiple venues including an intimate barn setting and a riverside garden terrace for weddings.

2. What is the best time of year to have a destination wedding in Vermont?

The best time of year to have a destination wedding in Vermont largely depends on personal preferences and the type of wedding atmosphere you are seeking. Here are some things to consider:

– Summer (June-August): Summer is peak tourist season in Vermont, with warm temperatures and plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking and water sports. However, this may also mean higher accommodation rates and larger crowds.
– Fall (September-November): Fall is one of most popular times to get married in Vermont due to the beautiful foliage colors. The weather is usually mild, making it ideal for outdoor weddings.
– Winter (December-February): Couples looking for a cozy winter wonderland vibe may opt for a destination wedding during Vermont’s snowy months. Ski resorts offer discounted prices during their off-season.
– Spring (March-May): Spring brings warmer weather and blooming flowers, but also unpredictable weather patterns. However, spring weddings tend to have less competition for venues and accommodations compared to the busier summer and fall seasons.

3. What are some unique wedding venues in Vermont?

Some unique wedding venues in Vermont include:

1. Trapp Family Lodge: This picturesque lodge owned by the famous Von Trapp family offers stunning mountain views and a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings.

2. Shelburne Museum: This museum features 45 acres of gardens, historic buildings, and even a steamboat, providing a one-of-a-kind backdrop for a wedding.

3. The Engine Room: Located in the heart of Burlington’s waterfront district, this restored firehouse offers an industrial-chic setting for weddings with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and modern amenities.

4. Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home: Known as “the jewel of Vermont,” this estate formerly belonging to Abraham Lincoln’s son now serves as a popular wedding venue with beautiful gardens and mountain views.

5. Champlain Valley Alpacas: For an unconventional yet charming wedding venue, consider holding your ceremony at this working alpaca farm with rolling green fields and adorable alpacas as your witnesses.

4. What are some fun activities for guests attending a destination wedding in Vermont?

Some fun activities for guests attending a destination wedding in Vermont include:

1. Skiing or snowboarding at one of Vermont’s many ski resorts during the winter months.

2. Exploring scenic hiking trails during the warmer months.

3. Visiting one (or more) of Vermont’s many craft breweries for a taste of local beer.

4. Taking a scenic drive along any of Vermont’s famous scenic routes such as Route 100 or Route 5A.

5. Sampling local foods with visits to farmers’ markets, cheese shops, maple syrup producers, and other food-related attractions.

6. Participating in outdoor adventures such as zip lining, rafting, or hot air ballooning.

7. Visiting historic sites and landmarks such as the Ben & Jerry’s Factory or the Calvin Coolidge Homestead.

8. Shopping at quaint stores and boutiques in Vermont’s charming towns and villages.

9. Taking a scenic train ride on the Green Mountain Railroad.

10. Relaxing at a spa or enjoying a wine tasting tour through Vermont’s picturesque countryside.

2. How do I choose the best state for my dream destination wedding in Vermont?

1. Consider your budget:
A major factor in choosing the best state for your dream destination wedding in Vermont is determining how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. Some states, such as California or Hawaii, may be more expensive due to their popularity and higher cost of living compared to other states like Vermont.

2. Check the weather:
The time of year and climate can greatly impact your wedding experience. Vermont has four distinct seasons, so consider which season would be most appropriate for your wedding vision and ensure the weather will cooperate during that time.

3. Research marriage laws:
Each state has different requirements and waiting periods for obtaining a marriage license. Make sure you research the specific laws and regulations for getting married in Vermont before committing to it as your dream destination.

4. Think about accessibility:
Consider how easy it will be for you and your guests to reach Vermont for the wedding. If most of your guests will be flying in, look into airports nearby and their proximity to potential venues.

5. Research venue options:
Vermont offers a variety of beautiful locations for weddings, from rustic barns to elegant manor houses. Do some research on different venues in the state to see which ones align with your vision and budget.

6. Look into local vendors:
If you have specific vendors in mind, such as photographers, florists, or caterers, make sure they are available in Vermont before committing to it as your wedding location.

7. Consider accommodations:
Make sure there are enough hotel options in close proximity to your chosen venue for you and your guests to stay at during the wedding weekend.

8. Explore activities and attractions:
For you and your guests’ enjoyment outside of the wedding celebration itself, consider what activities and attractions are available in the area around your chosen venue.

9. Seek out recommendations:
If you know friends or family who have had a destination wedding in Vermont or been a guest at one, ask for their recommendations and insights to help you make your decision.

10. Visit in person:
While it may not always be possible, if you can, it’s highly recommended to visit Vermont in person before making a final decision. This will give you a better sense of the state’s overall atmosphere and help you envision your dream destination wedding there.

3. Where can I find beautiful and affordable state-specific destination wedding locations in Vermont?

1. Burlington, Vermont – This charming lakeside city offers a variety of picturesque wedding locations, such as the historic waterfront, scenic parks and gardens, and elegant event venues. Some affordable options include the Burlington Community Boathouse, Oakledge Park, and Ethan Allen Homestead.

2. Woodstock, Vermont – Known for its romantic small-town charm and stunning mountain views, Woodstock has several affordable wedding venues to choose from. The Woodstock Town Hall Theater offers an intimate setting for a rustic wedding, while the Billings Farm & Museum provides a beautiful backdrop for outdoor ceremonies.

3. Stowe, Vermont – This popular ski destination also makes for a lovely wedding location with its mountainous scenery and quaint New England village feel. Affordable venues in Stowe include the Golden Eagle Resort and Trapp Family Lodge Meadow.

4. Manchester, Vermont – Located in the southern part of the state, Manchester boasts rolling hills, charming bed and breakfasts, and plenty of green space for outdoor ceremonies. The Taconic Golf Club and Hildene are both affordable options for hosting your dream destination wedding.

5. Waterbury, Vermont – Home to world-famous Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory, Waterbury also offers beautiful wedding locations at an affordable price. Consider tying the knot at Zenbarn or Parima Thai Restaurant & Bar for a unique experience.

6. Middlebury, Vermont – This quaint college town features historic architecture, scenic landscapes, and several budget-friendly venues to host your dream destination wedding. The Waybury Inn and Shelburne Farms are both popular choices among couples looking to get married in Middlebury.

7. Lake Champlain Islands – For a truly secluded destination wedding in Vermont without breaking the bank, consider renting a vacation home on one of the islands on Lake Champlain. You’ll have stunning lakefront views plus plenty of space to accommodate your guests.

8. Green Mountain National Forest – If you and your partner are nature lovers, consider getting married in the Green Mountain National Forest. With over 400,000 acres of natural beauty, you can have a budget-friendly wedding ceremony at one of its many scenic overlooks or picnic areas.

4. What is the most popular Vermont for a water themed destination wedding?

The most popular destination for a water themed wedding in Vermont is typically Lake Champlain.

5. Where in the Vermont can I have a mountain getaway for my special day?

There are many options for a mountain getaway in Vermont for your special day. Some popular locations include Stowe, Killington, Stratton, and Sugarbush. Here are a few specific suggestions:

1. Trapp Family Lodge: Located in Stowe, this picturesque mountain resort and lodge is the perfect spot for a wedding with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. They offer indoor and outdoor wedding venues as well as comprehensive planning services.

2. The Mountain Top Inn & Resort: This charming resort set on 350 acres in Chittenden offers breathtaking views of the Green Mountains and also has its own private lake. They have multiple indoor and outdoor event spaces for weddings.

3. The Mountain Meadows Lodge: Situated in Killington, this cozy lodge offers an intimate setting for weddings with panoramic views of the nearby mountains. They also have on-site lodging available for guests.

4. Sugarbush Resort: This year-round mountain resort in Warren has various wedding venues to choose from, including a scenic outdoor amphitheater and elegant ballrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing sweeping views of the mountains.

5. Stratton Mountain Resort: This four-season mountain resort in Bondville offers multiple indoor and outdoor event spaces perfect for weddings, with impressive views of the surrounding Green Mountains. They also offer on-site lodging options for guests staying overnight.

6. Does Vermont offer the most luxurious and high-end options for a destination wedding?

Vermont has several luxurious and high-end options for a destination wedding, including luxury resorts, historic inns, and quaint bed and breakfasts. Some popular destinations for high-end weddings in Vermont include Stowe, Woodstock, Manchester, and Burlington. The state’s picturesque landscapes and charming small towns make it a desirable location for couples seeking a rustic yet elegant wedding experience. Additionally, Vermont is known for its farm-to-table cuisine and top-rated wineries, providing access to gourmet dining experiences for wedding guests.

7. Are there any hidden gem states with breathtaking views for a memorable destination wedding in Vermont?

Yes, there are several hidden gem states in Vermont that offer breathtaking views for a memorable destination wedding. Some of these include:

1. Lake Champlain: Located on the border of Vermont and New York, Lake Champlain offers stunning lakefront views and scenic mountain backdrops. The area is also known for its picturesque islands and charming small towns, making it a perfect spot for a romantic and intimate wedding.

2. Green Mountains: The Green Mountains stretch across the entire length of the state, offering panoramic views, lush greenery, and quaint villages. Couples can choose from various venues nestled in the mountains to tie the knot amidst nature’s beauty.

3. Mad River Valley: With rolling hills, lush forests, and charming farms, the Mad River Valley is an ideal destination for couples looking for a rustic and intimate outdoor wedding. The area is also home to Mount Ellen, one of Vermont’s highest peaks, offering stunning mountain vistas.

4. Northeast Kingdom: The Northeast Kingdom region is known for its serene lakes, scenic mountain trails, and picturesque small towns. It is an ideal location for couples who want a destination wedding that combines natural beauty with quaint charm.

5. Stowe: Known as “the ski capital of the East,” Stowe offers majestic views of the iconic Mt. Mansfield and has several luxury resorts perfect for a fairytale-style destination wedding.

6. Bennington: Bennington is a charming town in southern Vermont known for its rolling hills, covered bridges, and historic buildings dating back to the 18th century. It offers a beautiful backdrop for an intimate outdoor wedding surrounded by idyllic countryside views.

7. Woodstock: Located in central Vermont, Woodstock is a postcard-perfect New England village known for its whitewashed churches, covered bridges, and classic red barns. Couples can exchange vows in one of the many idyllic settings available here while enjoying the town’s quaint charm.

8. Does Vermont ha the best all-inclusive venues for a hassle-free destination wedding experience?

It’s hard to say whether or not Vermont has the absolute best all-inclusive venues for a hassle-free destination wedding experience, as there are many factors that can contribute to a successful wedding venue. However, Vermont is known for its natural beauty and quaint charm, which can make for a lovely setting for a destination wedding. Additionally, there are many all-inclusive venues in Vermont that offer various packages and services to make the planning process easier for couples. Ultimately, it will depend on personal preferences and individual experiences with specific venue options.

9. Where can I find unique and unconventional destination wedding spots in Vermont?

1) The Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury – for a fun and quirky wedding surrounded by Vermont’s famous ice cream

2) Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe – for a European-style wedding in the heart of the Green Mountains

3) Shelburne Farms in Shelburne – for a rustic yet elegant wedding on a working farm with stunning lake views

4) Jay Peak Resort in Jay – for a mountain-top wedding with panoramic views of the surrounding peaks

5) The Old Red Mill Inn in Wilmington – for a romantic and intimate wedding in a historic mill turned inn

6) The Inn at Round Barn Farm in Waitsfield – for a charming and picturesque wedding at an authentic Vermont farmstead

7) Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home in Manchester – for a grand and historic wedding at President Lincoln’s former family home

8) The Summit Lodge & Resortin Killington–for an adventurous ski resort wedding with stunning mountain vistas

9) Wilson Castlein Proctor – for an enchanting and unique castle setting for your special day.

10. Where in Vermont boasts picturesque vineyards and wineries perfect for a rustic destination wedding?

The Vermont Wine Trail, specifically the wineries in the Champlain Valley region, such as Shelburne Vineyard and Snow Farm Vineyard. Other notable vineyards and wineries for a rustic destination wedding include Lincoln Peak Vineyard in Middlebury and Boyden Valley Winery in Cambridge.

11. What are some budget-friendly destination wedding locations within driving distance from major cities in Vermont?

1. Lake George, New York – Located just under 3.5 hours from Burlington, Vermont, Lake George offers a beautiful mountain backdrop and a variety of affordable wedding venues.

2. Cape Cod, Massachusetts – A popular summer destination, Cape Cod is about 4 hours from Burlington and offers charming beachfront wedding venues at reasonable prices.

3. Montreal, Canada – Just a 2-hour drive from Burlington, Montreal offers a European flair and a variety of budget-friendly wedding venue options.

4. Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Only an hour and a half drive from Burlington, Portsmouth offers historic charm and several affordable wedding venues near the waterfront.

5. Providence, Rhode Island – A little over 3 hours from Burlington, Providence has an eclectic mix of modern and historic venues at affordable prices.

6. Camden, Maine – Located approximately 4 hours from Burlington, Camden offers stunning coastal scenery and many budget-friendly outdoor wedding options.

7. Woodstock, Vermont – For those looking to stay within the state but still have a destination feel, Woodstock offers quaint New England charm with several budget-friendly venue options.

8. Adirondack Mountains, New York – A little over 3 hours from Burlington lies the scenic Adirondack Mountains with affordable rustic wedding venues in small towns like Saranac Lake or Lake Placid.

9. White Mountains National Forests, New Hampshire – Only a 2-hour drive from Burlington lies the picturesque White Mountains National Forest with numerous budget-friendly outdoor wedding venues to choose from.

10. Berkshires, Massachusetts – Approximately 3 hours away from Burlington is the picturesque Berkshires region with affordable mountain resorts and historic properties for weddings.

11. Stowe or Killington Resorts in Vermont – For couples looking for a ski resort destination wedding on a smaller budget can consider Stowe or Killington resorts as both offer reasonably priced packages for intimate weddings during off-season months (typically May-June or September-October).

12. Does Vermont has have best options for an intimate and private beachside destination wedding?

Yes, Vermont has several options for intimate and private beachside destination weddings. Some popular choices include Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain, The Landgrove Inn on the shore of Gale Meadows Pond, and Point Bay Marina on Lake Champlain. These venues offer beautiful waterfront views and a range of packages and services to make your wedding day special and personal. Additionally, there are many secluded beaches along the state’s lakes and rivers, providing the perfect setting for a private ceremony.

13. Are there any scenic lakeside destinations in the US to consider for a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony in Vermont?

1. Lake Champlain – Located on the border of Vermont and New York, this expansive lake offers stunning views of the Adirondack Mountains and is a popular destination for outdoor weddings.

2. Lake Bomoseen – This picturesque lake in central Vermont boasts sandy beaches and clear blue waters, making it a charming location for a couples’ wedding ceremony.

3. Lake Eden – Surrounded by rolling hills and quaint towns, Lake Eden is an ideal spot for a peaceful and intimate wedding ceremony by the water’s edge.

4. Echo Lake – With its crystal-clear waters and lush surroundings, Echo Lake is a beautiful choice for couples looking to exchange vows surrounded by nature.

5. Silver Lake – Nestled in the Green Mountains, Silver Lake’s tranquil setting makes it perfect for a romantic lakeside wedding in Vermont.

6. Kent Pond – Overlooking the scenic Okemo Mountain Resort, Kent Pond is an idyllic spot to tie the knot with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

7. Lake Willoughby – Often referred to as the “Lake Lucerne of America,” Lake Willoughby is renowned for its sparkling blue waters and breathtaking scenery, making it a popular choice for outdoor weddings.

8. Island Pond – This charming small town on the shores of Island Pond offers easy access to nearby hiking trails, making it an ideal spot for adventurous couples looking to say “I do” in nature.

9. Morey Pond – Located just 20 minutes from Burlington, Morey Pond is a tranquil setting with picturesque views of Mount Mansfield that will take your breath away.

10. Seymour Lake – Tucked away in Northern Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, Seymour Lake offers an idyllic setting with pristine waters and serene landscapes for couples seeking an intimate lakeside wedding experience.

11. Sunrise Mountain Village Inn at Smith Park – This mountainous location boasts sweeping views of Green Mountains and offers stunning outdoor spaces perfect for a romantic wedding ceremony.

12. Lake Dunmore – Surrounded by the Green Mountains and Mount Moosalamoo, Lake Dunmore is a picturesque spot for couples seeking a peaceful lakeside ceremony in Vermont.

13. Caspian Lake – Located in Greensboro, Caspian Lake offers miles of shoreline with charming cottages and quaint towns, making it an ideal location for a traditional New England wedding by the lake.

14. What are some popular Vermont offering historic and elegant venues for a classic, traditional-style destination wedding?

1. The Equinox Resort, Manchester Village
2. Woodstock Inn & Resort, Woodstock
3. The Old Lantern Inn & Barn, Charlotte
4. The Round Barn Farm, Waitsfield
5. Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe
6. Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home, Manchester
7. The Inn at Shelburne Farms, Shelburne
8. West Mountain Inn & Wedding Venue, Arlington
9. Taconic Hotel, Manchester Village
10. Basin Harbor Club, Vergennes

15. Is it possible to plan an eco-friendly and sustainable destination wedding in Vermont?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to plan an eco-friendly and sustainable destination wedding in Vermont. Vermont is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and has many options for couples looking to have an eco-conscious wedding. Here are some ideas:

1. Choose an eco-friendly venue: Many venues in Vermont offer sustainable practices such as using renewable energy, composting, and offering locally-sourced menus. Look for venues that have green certifications or ask about their sustainability practices before booking.

2. Plan a farm-to-table menu: With its abundance of local farms and food producers, Vermont is the perfect place to plan a farm-to-table menu for your wedding. This not only supports the local economy but also reduces your carbon footprint by choosing locally grown ingredients.

3. Consider an outdoor or barn wedding: Getting married in nature or in a rustic barn can be a beautiful and sustainable option. You won’t need as much decor, lighting, or heating/cooling as you would for an indoor venue.

4. Use eco-friendly transportation: Encourage guests to carpool or arrange for shuttle buses from their accommodations to the venue. You could also consider renting electric or hybrid vehicles for transportation during your stay.

5. Opt for recycled or biodegradable materials: From invitations to decorations, try to use recycled paper or other eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

6. Support local vendors: By choosing local vendors such as florists, photographers, and musicians, you’ll not only support small businesses but also reduce the carbon footprint associated with traveling long distances.

7. Have a tree-planting ceremony: Instead of exchanging traditional unity candles or sand jars, consider planting a tree together as a symbol of your love and commitment to the environment.

8. Donate leftover food: If you do end up having leftovers from your reception dinner, donate them to a local food bank instead of throwing them away.

9. Provide reusable items: Instead of using disposable plates, cups, and cutlery, opt for reusable or biodegradable options to reduce waste.

10. Have a green honeymoon: Continue your eco-friendly wedding celebrations by choosing an environmentally-friendly honeymoon destination or activities such as hiking, biking, or staying at a sustainable resort.

With its stunning natural surroundings and strong commitment to sustainability, Vermont is the perfect location for an eco-friendly and sustainable destination wedding. With some thoughtful planning and conscious decisions, you can have a beautiful wedding while also helping to protect the environment.

16. Does Vermont offer an ideal combination of urban adventure and natural beauty for an unforgettable destination wedding experience?

Vermont does offer an ideal combination of urban adventure and natural beauty for a destination wedding. The state has bustling cities like Burlington, with its vibrant food, music, and art scenes, as well as charming small towns like Woodstock and Stowe, filled with quaint shops and historic buildings.

At the same time, Vermont is also known for its stunning natural landscapes, including the Green Mountains, Lake Champlain, and picturesque forests and meadows. This creates a perfect backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and activities such as hiking, biking, or skiing.

Additionally, Vermont is a popular destination for farm-to-table cuisine and agritourism. Many couples choose to incorporate local foods and products into their wedding menus, creating a unique and memorable experience for their guests.

Overall, Vermont offers a diverse range of experiences that can satisfy both the adventurous spirit and romantic ambiance of a destination wedding.

17. Are there any family-friendly states that provide great activities and attractions alongside stunning venues for a memorable destination wedding with loved ones in Vermont?

Yes, Vermont is known for its abundance of family-friendly activities and attractions, making it a perfect destination for a memorable wedding with loved ones. Some of the best family-friendly destinations in Vermont include:

1. Burlington: This vibrant city offers stunning outdoor spaces like Waterfront Park and the Shelburne Farms, as well as cultural attractions like the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center.

2. Stowe: With its picturesque mountain views and charming small-town atmosphere, Stowe has plenty to offer families. Activities include skiing, hiking, visiting the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory, and exploring Smugglers’ Notch State Park.

3. Woodstock: Known as one of Vermont’s most scenic towns, Woodstock is home to attractions such as Billings Farm & Museum and Quechee Gorge Village. Families can also enjoy outdoor activities like canoeing on the Ottauquechee River.

4. Killington: This popular ski town offers year-round activities for families, including biking at Killington Bike Park, hiking at Pico Mountain, and visiting the nearby Green Mountain National Forest.

5. Manchester: Families can explore this quaint town’s charming streets lined with shops and restaurants or visit nearby attractions like Hildene (the Lincoln Family Home) or Emerald Lake State Park.

No matter which part of Vermont you choose to host your wedding in, there are plenty of options available for guests of all ages to enjoy before and after the celebrations.

18.Where can we find exotic island destinations in Vermont to celebrate our love with a tropical-themed nuptial ceremony?

Unfortunately, Vermont does not have any exotic island destinations within its borders. However, there are a few options for hosting a tropical-themed nuptial ceremony in Vermont:

1. Rent a private beach on Lake Champlain: While not quite an island, Lake Champlain has several private beaches that can provide a beautiful backdrop for a tropical-themed wedding.

2. Consider hiring a mobile tiki bar or cocktail truck: Bring the island vibe to your wedding by hiring a mobile tiki bar or cocktail truck that can serve tropical drinks and snacks.

3. Book a venue with indoor tropical gardens: There are several venues in Vermont, such as hotels and botanical gardens, that feature indoor tropical gardens filled with lush plants and flowers. This could be the perfect setting for your nuptials.

4. Partner with a local luau or Polynesian dance group: Add some authentic Polynesian entertainment to your wedding by hiring a local luau or Polynesian dance group to perform at your ceremony or reception.

5. Incorporate tropical elements into your decor: Even if you can’t physically be on an exotic island, you can still create the look and feel with your decor. Think palm leaves, coconuts, pineapples, and other tropical fruits as part of your centerpieces and table settings.

No matter which option you choose, remember that it’s ultimately about celebrating your love with those closest to you in surroundings that make you happy. You can always bring the tropics to Vermont with a little creativity!

19. Are there non-traditional, offbeat in Vermont with cool, trendy locales that could be great options for millennial couples planning their dreamy, unique weddings?

Yes, there are plenty of non-traditional and offbeat options in Vermont that could make for unique wedding venues for millennials. Some potential ideas include:

1. Ski lodges or mountaintop resorts: Vermont is known for its beautiful mountains and cozy ski lodges, making this a great option for couples who love the outdoors and want a rustic yet chic setting for their wedding.

2. Vineyards and wineries: Vermont has a thriving wine industry, with many vineyards offering picturesque settings for weddings. This could be a great choice for couples who want a romantic and laid-back atmosphere for their big day.

3. Barns and farmhouses: For a more bohemian and rustic feel, consider hosting your wedding at a converted barn or farmhouse in the countryside. These venues often offer plenty of space for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, as well as charming indoor spaces for smaller gatherings.

4. Glamping sites: With its abundant natural beauty, Vermont is the perfect place to enjoy some glamping (glamorous camping) on your special day. Many campsites in the state offer luxurious tents or cabins that are ideal for an intimate, nature-inspired wedding experience.

5. Historic sites and museums: If you and your partner are history buffs or simply love unique architecture, consider getting married at one of Vermont’s historic sites or museums. These venues often offer stunning backdrops and interesting spaces to explore during your event.

6. Breweries and distilleries: Vermont has long been known as a hotspot for craft beer and spirits, making it an ideal location for beer-loving couples to tie the knot at a brewery or distillery venue.

7. Waterfront locations: With its numerous lakes, rivers, and streams, Vermont offers plenty of opportunities to say “I do” against a gorgeous waterfront backdrop. Consider renting out a lakeside cabin or having an outdoor ceremony on the banks of a river.

8. Art galleries and unconventional spaces: For a truly unique wedding, consider renting out an art gallery or other unconventional venue space. By choosing a location that isn’t typically used for weddings, you’ll have more freedom to create a one-of-a-kind event that reflects your personalities and interests.

Overall, Vermont offers a wide range of options for non-traditional and offbeat weddings, making it a great choice for millennial couples looking to plan a memorable and personalized celebration.

20. In which part of Vermont can we find budget-friendly outdoor wedding venues with jaw-dropping sceneries perfect for a rustic-chic or bohemian destination wedding vibe?

Burlington and the Green Mountains region are ideal locations for budget-friendly outdoor venues with breathtaking vistas, perfect for a rustic-chic or bohemian wedding vibe. These areas offer a combination of natural beauty, charming small towns, and plenty of outdoor activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. Some potential venues to consider include Rockledge Farm in Stowe, The Round Barn Farm in Waitsfield, and Overlook Barn in Westfield.