Destination Wedding Spots to Visit in Ohio

1. What are the top destination wedding spots to visit in Ohio?

Some of the top destination wedding spots to visit in Ohio include:

1. Hocking Hills State Park: Known for its stunning natural beauty and scenic landscapes, Hocking Hills State Park offers the perfect backdrop for a rustic or outdoor-themed wedding.

2. Cleveland: As one of the largest cities in Ohio, Cleveland offers a variety of wedding venues, from historic buildings to modern event spaces.

3. Cincinnati: With its beautiful riverfront location, iconic bridges, and diverse culture, Cincinnati is a popular spot for destination weddings.

4. Put-in-Bay: Located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie, Put-in-Bay offers a picturesque setting for beach weddings or nautical-themed celebrations.

5. Amish Country: For a more intimate and traditional wedding experience, consider having your ceremony in one of the charming Amish Country towns like Berlin or Walnut Creek.

6. Dayton: Known as the “Birthplace of Aviation,” Dayton has a rich history and plenty of unique venues for couples looking to tie the knot in an offbeat location.

7. Columbus: As Ohio’s capital city, Columbus has no shortage of elegant wedding venues and cultural attractions for guests to enjoy before and after the big day.

8. Geneva-on-the-Lake: Perfect for romantic lakeside weddings, Geneva-on-the-Lake is home to several quaint bed and breakfasts, wineries, and resorts that offer stunning views of Lake Erie.

9. Akron: Boasting a mix of urban charm and natural beauty, Akron offers an array of picturesque settings for outdoor ceremonies or modern receptions.

10. Marietta: Known as Ohio’s first city on the banks of the Ohio River, Marietta boasts beautiful Victorian architecture and scenic riverfront parks that are ideal for dreamy waterfront weddings.

2. How do I choose the best state for my dream destination wedding in Ohio?

Choosing the best state for your dream destination wedding in Ohio will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Some factors to consider include the location and scenery, availability and affordability of venues, climate and weather, accessibility for guests, legal requirements, and overall budget. You may also want to choose a state that has special meaning or significance to you as a couple. It’s important to research and visit different areas in Ohio to determine which one feels like the perfect fit for your dream wedding.

3. Where can I find beautiful and affordable state-specific destination wedding locations in Ohio?

1. Hocking Hills State Park – located in the Appalachian region of Ohio, this state park offers stunning natural scenery and a variety of lodging options, including cabins and cottages.

2. Lake Erie Islands – Ohio’s Lake Erie islands offer a unique destination wedding experience with beautiful waterfront views and charming small towns. Popular islands for weddings include Put-in-Bay, Kelley’s Island, and Middle Bass Island.

3. The Amish Country – for a rustic and serene wedding setting, consider the Amish Country in northern Ohio. This area is known for its picturesque farms, rolling hills, and quaint B&Bs.

4. Cleveland Metroparks – if you’re looking for a wedding location near the city, Cleveland Metroparks offers several gorgeous outdoor venues within its 23,000 acres of parkland.

5. Mohican State Park – located in central Ohio, Mohican State Park offers scenic vistas of forests, rivers, and waterfalls. Couples can choose from campgrounds or lodges as their wedding venue.

6. Wineries in Northeast Ohio – there are many beautiful wineries situated throughout Northeast Ohio that offer event spaces for weddings at affordable rates. Some popular locations include Gervasi Vineyard, Firelands Winery, and Ferrante Winery.

7. Columbus Botanical Garden – this centrally-located garden boasts 13 acres of plant collections and multiple event spaces perfect for intimate outdoor weddings.

8. Findlay Market Pavilion – this historic market in Cincinnati offers a unique setting for an urban wedding with options to rent the pavilion space or nearby beer garden for receptions.

9. Geneva-on-the-Lake – known as Ohio’s first summer resort town along Lake Erie’s shore, Geneva-on-the-Lake offers affordable lakefront accommodations and picturesque settings for destination weddings.

10. Marblehead Lighthouse State Park – couples can exchange vows with picturesque views of Lake Erie at one of Ohio’s most popular parks, Marblehead Lighthouse State Park. Lodging options include charming B&Bs, cottages, and inns nearby.

4. What is the most popular Ohio for a water themed destination wedding?

The most popular Ohio water themed destination wedding location is usually Lake Erie, specifically the Lake Erie islands such as Put-in-Bay or Kelley’s Island. These scenic locations offer a mix of beautiful beaches, picturesque views, and waterfront venues for couples to exchange their vows. Additionally, there are plenty of activities for guests to enjoy, such as fishing, boating, and hiking.

5. Where in the Ohio can I have a mountain getaway for my special day?

One option for a mountain getaway in Ohio would be Hocking Hills State Park. They have several cabins and lodges available for rent that offer beautiful views of the surrounding hills and forests. The park also offers various activities such as hiking, zip lining, and horseback riding. Additionally, there are numerous picturesque spots within the park for weddings or elopements. Another option could be Mohican State Park, which also has cabins and outdoor activities available, as well as a nearby historic lodge that can accommodate wedding events.

6. Does Ohio offer the most luxurious and high-end options for a destination wedding?

It ultimately depends on personal preference and budget. Ohio does offer several luxury options for destination weddings, such as luxury resorts and high-end wedding venues. However, other states may also have comparable or even more luxurious options for destination weddings.

7. Are there any hidden gem states with breathtaking views for a memorable destination wedding in Ohio?

Yes, Ohio has several hidden gem states with breathtaking views perfect for a memorable destination wedding. Some options include:

1) Hocking Hills State Park: Located in southeastern Ohio, this state park offers stunning cliffs and waterfalls, making it a picturesque location for a nature-inspired wedding.

2) Put-In-Bay: This small island off the coast of northern Ohio boasts beautiful beaches and panoramic views of Lake Erie, providing a unique coastal setting for a beach wedding.

3) Mohican State Park: With rolling hills, dense forests, and winding rivers, this central Ohio state park is ideal for an outdoor wedding surrounded by nature.

4) Geneva-on-the-Lake: Situated along the scenic shores of Lake Erie in northeastern Ohio, this charming town offers quaint bed-and-breakfasts and wineries that would be perfect for a romantic destination wedding.

5) Amish Country: For a rustic and charming wedding, consider having your ceremony in one of Ohio’s Amish communities. The picturesque farmlands and traditional barns make for a picturesque backdrop.

6) Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Just outside of Cleveland, this national park features beautiful meadows, waterfalls, and hiking trails that would make for a stunning natural backdrop for an outdoor wedding.

7) Kelleys Island: Another island on Lake Erie, Kelleys Island offers secluded beaches and gorgeous sunsets that would be perfect for an intimate destination wedding.

8. Does Ohio ha the best all-inclusive venues for a hassle-free destination wedding experience?

It is subjective to say that Ohio has the best all-inclusive venues for a hassle-free destination wedding experience. However, there are many all-inclusive venues available in Ohio that offer a variety of services and amenities, making it a popular destination for weddings. It ultimately depends on the preferences and needs of the couple getting married.

9. Where can I find unique and unconventional destination wedding spots in Ohio?

1. Redwood River Resort
2. Glenlaurel Inn & Cottages
3. Mohican Gardens
4. The Grand Barn at the Mohicans
5. Tents of Serenity
6. Castle Inn Riverside
7. Ravenwood Castle
8. French Park- Whispering Winds Carriage House
9. Catawba Island Club and Conference Center
10. The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake
11. Glory North Vineyards & Winery
12. Oak Grove Manor
13. Rustic Rose Barnhouse at Pine Lake Trout Club
14. Ohio Hill Country Weddings at Baccraft Farm
15. Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, OH

10. Where in Ohio boasts picturesque vineyards and wineries perfect for a rustic destination wedding?

One popular location in Ohio for vineyard and winery weddings is the Grand River Valley region, specifically the towns of Geneva and Geneva-on-the-Lake. This area is known for its scenic rolling hills, sprawling vineyards, and charming wineries that offer beautiful outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions. Other areas in Ohio that also offer picturesque vineyards and wineries for rustic destination weddings include the Hocking Hills region, the Lake Erie Islands, and the Ohio River Valley.

11. What are some budget-friendly destination wedding locations within driving distance from major cities in Ohio?

1. Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio: This scenic area is perfect for an outdoor wedding and is within driving distance from Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

2. Put-in-Bay, Ohio: Located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie, this charming island destination offers beautiful waterfront venues and is a short drive from Toledo and Cleveland.

3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Just a few hours’ drive from Cleveland and Columbus, Pittsburgh has stunning wedding venues such as Point State Park, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and the Carnegie Museum of Art.

4. Nashville, Tennessee: Known for its vibrant music scene and Southern charm, Nashville is a popular destination wedding location that is within driving distance from Cincinnati.

5. Louisville or Lexington, Kentucky: These historic cities offer unique venues such as bourbon distilleries, horse farms, and elegant mansions for a budget-friendly destination wedding that is within driving distance from Cincinnati.

6. Chicago, Illinois: A cosmopolitan city with many iconic landmarks like Navy Pier and Millennium Park makes for an unforgettable budget-friendly destination wedding getaway for those in the Cleveland area.

7. Niagara Falls, New York: A breathtaking natural wonder with many outdoor venues available for weddings justifies a road trip from Cleveland or Buffalo to exchange vows in front of the falls.

8. Mackinac Island, Michigan: With its quaint Victorian charm and car-free streets makes this Midwest destination ideal for an intimate wedding ceremony that’s off-the-beaten-path to escape to from Detroit or Toledo.

9. Toronto or Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario: These picturesque Canadian destinations are within driving distance of Cleveland or Buffalo – perfect for couples looking to have an international flair at their wedding without breaking the bank.

10. Great Smoky Mountains National Park: This enchanting national park straddles both North Carolina and Tennessee borders affords idyllic mountain views with rustic venues that are within road travel range for Columbus brides.

11. Shenandoah National Park: Just a short drive from Cincinnati, this serene national park has scenic vistas and cozy mountain lodges for an intimate destination wedding without having to spend too much on travel.

12. Does Ohio has have best options for an intimate and private beachside destination wedding?

Ohio is not typically thought of as a beachside destination for weddings due to its location in the Midwest, far from the coast. However, there are some options for intimate and private beachside weddings in Ohio. Some possibilities include private lakefront properties or resorts on Lake Erie, such as The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake or The Lakehouse Inn, which offer beautiful waterfront views and unique wedding packages. Additionally, several state parks and beaches along Lake Erie may offer small and secluded areas for wedding ceremonies. It’s important to research and contact potential venues to discuss your specific needs and vision for an intimate beachside wedding in Ohio.

13. Are there any scenic lakeside destinations in the US to consider for a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony in Ohio?

Yes, here are a few scenic lakeside destinations in the US to consider for a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony in Ohio:

1. Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio – This charming town sits on the shores of Lake Erie and offers beautiful lakeside venues perfect for a romantic outdoor wedding.

2. The Lodge at Raven Creek, Ohio – This private lakeside resort located near Columbus offers stunning lake views, an elegant lodge, and a variety of outdoor locations for your ceremony.

3. Lakeside Chautauqua, Ohio – Known as one of the “Most Charming Small Towns in America,” this historic lakeside community offers several picturesque outdoor venues for weddings along Lake Erie.

4. Salt Fork State Park, Ohio – Located in Southeastern Ohio, this state park boasts over 17 miles of shoreline along Salt Fork Lake, with options for tented outdoor ceremonies or pavilion receptions.

5. The Pine Lakes Lodge, Ohio – This intimate bed and breakfast nestled among rolling hills and pine forests is situated on a serene 550-acre working farm with two stunning lakes as the backdrop for your special day.

6. Punderson Manor State Resort Park, Ohio – Situated on the banks of Punderson Lake in Northeastern Ohio, this historic manor house offers lakeside ceremonies followed by a reception at their elegant ballroom.

7. Vermilion-on-the-Lake Clubhouse & Beach House, Ohio – This charming clubhouse sits on the shores of Lake Erie and is surrounded by lush green lawns and beautiful gardens, making it a picturesque location for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

14. What are some popular Ohio offering historic and elegant venues for a classic, traditional-style destination wedding?

1. The Ohio Statehouse – This stunning 19th century building offers a variety of event spaces, including a beautiful rotunda and grand staircase, for an elegant and traditional wedding.

2. Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens – This historic mansion in Akron features opulent architecture and gardens that provide a picturesque backdrop for a timeless wedding celebration.

3. Franklin Park Conservatory – With its lush greenery and stunning glasshouse, this venue offers a unique blend of nature and classic elegance for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

4. Glidden House – This former mansion turned boutique hotel in Cleveland boasts elegant rooms, outdoor patios, and a historic carriage house for intimate weddings with a touch of old-world charm.

5. The Ballroom at Park Lane – Located in downtown Cleveland, this restored ballroom from the early 1900s is the epitome of traditional grandeur with its crystal chandeliers and ornate decor.

6. Muirfield Village Golf Club – For couples seeking a classic country club setting for their wedding day, this private club in Dublin offers impeccable service and gorgeous grounds perfect for photos.

7. Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza – This iconic hotel in Cincinnati features Art Deco design elements and grand ballrooms with stunning city views, making it an ideal location for a glamorous and sophisticated affair.

8. Mohican Grand Barn Event Center – Set on a picturesque farm in the heart of Amish Country, this rustic-chic barn venue provides the perfect mix of history and charm for a traditional yet relaxed wedding day.

9. The Columbus Athenaeum – Originally built in 1896 as a meeting space for prominent businessmen, this venue now offers multiple event spaces filled with character for classic weddings in downtown Columbus.

10. The Transept OTR – Housed within a beautifully restored 19th century church in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, this venue boasts soaring ceilings, stained glass windows, and a stunning ballroom for a timeless wedding celebration.

11. The Barn on Enchanted Acres – This charming farm venue in eastern Ohio features a restored 170-year-old barn and scenic views, providing a romantic setting for traditional outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

12. Bryn Du Mansion – Located in the picturesque village of Granville, this 52-room estate offers elegant interior spaces and landscaped gardens for an upscale yet classic wedding.

13. The Grand Hall at the Priory – This historic landmark in Pittsburgh, located just across the border from Ohio, exudes old-world elegance with its grand staircase, stained glass windows, and ornate ballroom perfect for traditional weddings.

14. The Greater Cleveland Aquarium – For a unique twist on a classic wedding, this venue offers underwater tunnels and marine life as a backdrop to your special day, while still providing elegant event spaces for ceremonies and receptions.

15. Is it possible to plan an eco-friendly and sustainable destination wedding in Ohio?

Yes, it is possible to plan an eco-friendly and sustainable destination wedding in Ohio. Here are a few tips on how to make it happen:

1. Choose a sustainable venue: Look for venues that prioritize sustainability and have eco-friendly practices in place, such as using renewable energy sources and sourcing local, organic food for their catering services.

2. Utilize eco-friendly transportation: Encourage guests to carpool or use public transportation instead of driving individually. Consider having a shuttle service available for guests staying at nearby accommodations.

3. Use recycled or biodegradable materials: Opt for invitations, programs, and other paper products made from recycled paper or seed paper that can be planted after use. Use biodegradable plates, utensils, and decorations to reduce waste.

4. Source locally-grown flowers: Instead of using imported flowers, try to source from local farmers or choose potted plants as centerpieces that guests can take home and plant.

5. Reduce energy consumption: Use LED lights instead of traditional ones, set up recycling stations around the venue, and keep air conditioning usage to a minimum.

6. Donate leftover food: Arrange for any leftover food to be donated to a local charity or food bank.

7. Support eco-conscious vendors: Choose vendors who have green practices in place, such as using natural and organic products, recycling, and reducing water usage.

8. Have an outdoor ceremony: Take advantage of Ohio’s beautiful nature by having an outdoor ceremony. This not only reduces energy consumption but also creates a stunning natural backdrop for your special day.

Overall, the key is to be mindful of your choices and try to minimize waste and carbon footprint throughout the planning process. With some effort and creativity, you can have a beautiful destination wedding in Ohio while still being environmentally conscious.

16. Does Ohio offer an ideal combination of urban adventure and natural beauty for an unforgettable destination wedding experience?

Yes, Ohio offers a unique and ideal combination of urban adventure and natural beauty for couples looking for an unforgettable destination wedding experience. The state has vibrant cities like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati that offer a variety of modern venues and cultural attractions for a lively wedding celebration. At the same time, Ohio is home to breathtaking natural scenery such as the rolling hills of Hocking Hills State Park, the shores of Lake Erie, and picturesque wineries in Amish Country that provide a serene and romantic setting for an outdoor wedding.

17. Are there any family-friendly states that provide great activities and attractions alongside stunning venues for a memorable destination wedding with loved ones in Ohio?

Yes, Ohio has many family-friendly states that offer a combination of exciting activities and beautiful venue options for destination weddings. Some notable ones include:

1. Hocking Hills State Park – This scenic state park is known for its picturesque landscapes, lush forests, and stunning waterfalls. It is a popular choice for outdoor weddings and offers a variety of fun activities such as hiking, camping, canoeing, and zip-lining.

2. Columbus – The capital city of Ohio has a vibrant downtown area with plenty of historic landmarks, art galleries, museums, and parks to explore. It also has several elegant wedding venues such as the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

3. Put-in-Bay – Located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie, this charming island town is a popular destination for weddings and family vacations. Visitors can enjoy fun activities like fishing, boating, kayaking, and cycling while staying in cozy lakeside cottages.

4. Cincinnati – This bustling city on the banks of the Ohio River offers a mix of urban attractions and natural beauty. You can plan a memorable wedding at one of its many unique venues such as the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden or take your family to visit the famous Newport Aquarium nearby.

5. Amish Country – This idyllic region in Northeast Ohio is perfect for couples looking for a rustic wedding experience surrounded by rolling hills, farms, and quaint villages. Families can also enjoy buggy rides, farm tours, Amish-style meals, and other cultural experiences during their stay.

18.Where can we find exotic island destinations in Ohio to celebrate our love with a tropical-themed nuptial ceremony?

Unfortunately, Ohio does not have any exotic island destinations within its borders. However, you can still plan a beautiful tropical-themed nuptial ceremony at one of the many beachfront or lakeside venues throughout the state. Some ideas for locations could include Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie, the shores of Lake Huron near Sandusky, or Hocking Hills State Park with its lush greenery and waterfalls. You could also consider renting a private island on one of Ohio’s lakes for a more intimate and secluded experience. Additionally, some resorts and hotels in Ohio offer tropical-themed wedding packages that can help create a festive atmosphere for your special day.

19. Are there non-traditional, offbeat in Ohio with cool, trendy locales that could be great options for millennial couples planning their dreamy, unique weddings?

Yes, there are several non-traditional and offbeat wedding venues in Ohio that would be great options for millennial couples. Some examples include:

1. The Mohicans Treehouse Resort – This unique venue offers multiple treehouses and cabins for an intimate and romantic wedding surrounded by nature.

2. The Grotto at the Inn at Honey Run – Nestled in Amish Country, this picturesque grotto with a waterfall is a magical setting for an outdoor ceremony.

3. The Strongwater Food & Spirits – A former warehouse turned event space, this industrial-chic venue offers a blank canvas for couples to customize their wedding day.

4. The Lake House Inn – Located on the shores of Lake Erie, this modern and elegant venue features breathtaking views and a private beach, making it the perfect location for a waterfront wedding.

5. Rockmill Brewery – With its rustic charm and scenic countryside location, this working brewery offers a one-of-a-kind setting for a relaxed yet stylish wedding celebration.

6. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden – For nature-loving couples, the zoo’s many beautiful gardens and animal exhibits provide an unforgettable backdrop for a unique wedding experience.

7. Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens – This historic estate boasts 70 acres of stunning gardens and grounds, providing ample opportunities for truly memorable photos.

8. Landoll’s Mohican Castle – Say “I do” in the grandeur of a medieval-style castle, complete with turrets, drawbridges, and moats.

9. Wells Barn at Franklin Park Conservatory – This beautifully restored barn offers modern amenities while still maintaining its rustic charm and is set within the lush greenery of Franklin Park Conservatory’s gardens.

10. Pine Lodge at Old Man’s Cave Chalets – Ideal for adventurous couples who love nature, this secluded log cabin lodge is tucked away in Hocking Hills State Park with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

20. In which part of Ohio can we find budget-friendly outdoor wedding venues with jaw-dropping sceneries perfect for a rustic-chic or bohemian destination wedding vibe?

The Hocking Hills region of Ohio offers affordable outdoor wedding venues with stunning backdrops, such as rolling hills, forests, and waterfalls. Some popular options include The Inn at Cedar Falls, Ravenwood Castle, and Hope Cabins and Banquet.