Cheapest Travel and Backpacking Destinations in Rhode Island

1. What are the most affordable backpacking destinations in Rhode Island?

Some of the most affordable backpacking destinations in Rhode Island include:

1. Block Island – Known for its beautiful beaches and hiking trails, Block Island offers affordable camping options and budget-friendly activities like bike rentals and guided kayak tours.

2. Newport – While known for its luxury mansions, Newport also has several affordable hostel and guest house options that offer a more budget-friendly alternative to traditional hotels.

3. Arcadia Management Area – This 14,000-acre forest offers free primitive camping and plenty of hiking trails to explore.

4. Watchaug Pond – Located in Burlingame State Park, this campground offers cheap campsites with access to swimming, fishing, and hiking opportunities.

5. Blackstone River Bikeway – This 18-mile paved bike trail offers affordable camping at nearby campgrounds and allows visitors to explore the scenic views of the Blackstone River Valley on foot or by bike.

6. Great Swamp Management Area – Another free primitive camping option, Great Swamp Management Area features various types of terrain and nature viewing opportunities.

7. Colt State Park – Located in Bristol, this state park offers budget-friendly campsites along the waterfront with easy access to swimming, boating, and fishing activities.

8. Wolf Hill Forest Preserve – This preserve is home to a network of trails that are perfect for backpacking enthusiasts looking for a budget-friendly adventure.

9. George Washington Memorial Campground – Situated in Chepachet Village, this campground offers low-cost tent sites with easy access to hiking trails and canoe rentals on nearby Woonasquatucket Reservoir.

10. Woodland Trails Campground – Situated in Hopkinton, this family-owned campground features affordable tent sites with access to onsite activities like disc golf and mini-golf as well as nearby kayaking and hiking options at nearby Arcadia Management Area.

2. Where in Rhode Island offers the cheapest travel options for budget-conscious travelers?

Some affordable options for budget-conscious travelers in Rhode Island include:
– Providence: This city offers a range of budget-friendly accommodations, such as hostels and budget hotels. It also has a variety of free or low-cost attractions, including walking tours, art galleries, and the Rhode Island State House.
– Newport: While this coastal town can be pricey, there are some affordable lodging options such as Airbnb rentals and budget hotels. Visitors can also enjoy the city’s beaches and views for free, and explore historic sites for a small fee.
– Narragansett: This beach town has several affordable hotels and vacation rentals, as well as free public beaches like Roger Wheeler State Beach and Scarborough State Beach. The nearby towns of South Kingstown and Wakefield also offer more affordable alternatives to pricey beachfront lodging.
– Pawtucket: Located just outside of Providence, Pawtucket is often overlooked by tourists but offers great value for budget travelers. It has a range of affordable hotel options and unique attractions like Slater Mill Historic Site.
– Block Island: While it may be known as a summer destination for wealthy travelers, Block Island actually has several affordable accommodations such as campgrounds, guesthouses, and B&Bs. The island is also perfect for budget activities like hiking, biking, and relaxing on the public beaches.

3. What are some off-the-beaten-path spots for affordable backpacking in Rhode Island?

1. The George Washington Management Area: Located in the western region of Rhode Island, this 3,500-acre state forest offers ample opportunities for backpacking and camping. It’s a lesser-known destination but has well-maintained trails and primitive campsites perfect for budget backpacking.

2. Arcadia Management Area: With over 14,000 acres of public land and multiple entry points, Arcadia is a popular spot for locals and a hidden gem for budget travelers. It offers a variety of rustic campsites and scenic hiking trails through woodlands, wetlands, and old farmland.

3. Blackstone River Bikeway: This 17-mile paved trail runs from Providence to Cumberland and provides easy access to several secluded spots perfect for a night of camping. With bike rentals available at multiple locations along the trail, it’s a budget-friendly option for those without their own equipment.

4. Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge: This wildlife refuge in Charlestown offers free primitive camping with a permit from the visitor center. It’s a great spot for birdwatching and exploring the diverse habitats of Rhode Island’s coastline.

5. Burlingame State Park: Located in Charlestown, this state park offers both car camping sites and walk-in sites that are more secluded and affordable. The park also has access to several hiking trails, including one leading to sandy beaches along the coast.

6. Diamond Hill State Park: This small state park in Cumberland features wooded hiking trails that lead to scenic overlooks with views of the city skyline. It also has affordable campsites available for overnight stays.

7. Colt State Park: Situated on over 460 acres along Narragansett Bay, this park offers picturesque picnic areas, walking paths, and stunning coastal views. There are also affordable campsites available year-round for backpackers looking for an overnight stay.

8. Prudence Island: Take a short ferry ride from Bristol to this quaint island known for its quiet beaches and hiking trails. With a limited number of residents, it’s a peaceful and budget-friendly destination for backpacking in Rhode Island.

9. Fort Getty Park: Located on a peninsula in Jamestown, this campground offers affordable rates for tent camping and access to hiking trails, fishing spots, and beach areas with stunning views of the Newport Bridge.

10. Great Swamp Management Area: This 3,000-acre nature preserve in South Kingstown offers free primitive camping with a permit and multiple options for hiking through diverse habitats including swamps, fields, and forests. It’s an ideal spot for budget backpackers looking to connect with nature.

4. Where can I find cheap airfare and accommodation in Rhode Island for a backpacking trip?

1. Hostels: There are several hostels in Rhode Island that offer affordable accommodation options for backpackers. Some popular choices include Backpackers Target Hostel and Crashpad Hostel.

2. Camping sites: Rhode Island has many camping sites, such as Burlingame State Campground and Fishermen’s Memorial State Park, which offer affordable rates for tent and RV camping.

3. Airbnbs: You can also find budget-friendly accommodations on Airbnb. Look for private rooms or shared spaces to keep costs low.

4. Couchsurfing: This online community connects travelers with locals who are willing to host them for free, making it a great option for budget travelers.

5. Discount airlines: There are several budget airlines that fly to Rhode Island, such as Spirit and Frontier Airlines. Be sure to book in advance to get the best deals.

6. Comparison websites: Use comparison websites like Skyscanner or Kayak to find the cheapest flights and hotels in Rhode Island.

7. Travel during off-peak seasons: Visiting during the shoulder season (spring or fall) can often result in lower airfare and accommodation prices.

8. Utilize public transportation: Rhode Island has a reliable public transportation system that can help you save money on transportation costs.

9. Cook your own meals: Save money by buying groceries from local markets and cooking your own meals instead of eating out every day.

10. Take advantage of free activities: Explore the state’s natural beauty by visiting parks, beaches, and hiking trails for free entertainment during your trip.

5. Where in Rhode Island has the best value for money when it comes to travel and backpacking?

There are several options for budget-friendly travel and backpacking in Rhode Island.

1. Providence: The capital city has a thriving backpacking and hostel scene, offering affordable accommodations and a variety of free or low-cost attractions such as the RISD Museum, Roger Williams Park, and WaterFire festival.

2. Newport: While known for its upscale mansions, Newport also has affordable options for travelers including hostels, budget hotels, and campgrounds. Backpackers can take advantage of beach activities and the Cliff Walk for free.

3. Block Island: This small island offers a more laid-back and affordable alternative to touristy destinations like Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket. Campgrounds, budget hotels, and guesthouses are available at lower prices compared to other coastal areas.

4. South County (Charlestown/Westerly): These towns offer a mix of small beach communities and natural areas with hiking trails such as Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge. Accommodations range from budget-friendly motels to camping options.

5. Blackstone Valley: For backpackers interested in outdoor activities, the Blackstone Valley offers opportunities for camping, hiking, kayaking, and biking at relatively low costs. Accommodations include campgrounds, B&Bs, and budget-friendly hotels/motels.

6. Where in Rhode Island has the lowest costs for food and transportation while traveling and backpacking?

According to, the town of Coventry in Rhode Island has the lowest food and transportation costs for travelers and backpackers. The average daily cost for food is $34 per person, and the average daily cost for transportation is $17 per person. Other affordable options include North Kingstown with an average daily cost of $37 for food and $31 for transportation, and Bristol with an average daily cost of $35 for food and $36 for transportation.

7. Are there any lesser-known Rhode Island destinations that are both cheap and great for backpacking?

One lesser-known destination for backpacking in Rhode Island is the Blackstone River Bikeway. The 17-mile paved trail runs along the historic Blackstone River and offers scenic views of waterways, forested areas, and industrial sites. There are also several campgrounds nearby that offer affordable tent camping options. Another option is the Arcadia Management Area in West Greenwich, which has over 14,000 acres of woodland and offers free primitive camping for backpackers. Additionally, backpackers can check out the Buck Hill Management Area in Burrillville, which has a network of trails and campsites available at a low cost. Finally, Block Island offers beautiful beaches and a variety of hiking trails, as well as affordable camping options at its state parks.

8. What are some unique budget-friendly activities to do in Rhode Island while backpacking?

1. Explore the Newport Cliff Walk: This 3.5 mile trail takes you along the beautiful coastline of Newport, offering stunning views and access to historic mansions.

2. Visit the Roger Williams Park in Providence: This expansive park offers free admission and is filled with gardens, walking trails, a zoo, and a museum.

3. Hike or Bike at Lincoln Woods State Park: With over 400 acres of woodlands and freshwater beaches, this state park offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, picnicking, and fishing.

4. Admire street art in Providence’s Federal Hill neighborhood: Known as “the Heart of Little Italy,” Federal Hill is home to vibrant street murals and colorful buildings that make for great photo opportunities.

5. Relax at Misquamicut State Beach: This popular beach in Westerly offers pristine sand dunes and clear blue waters for swimming and sunbathing.

6. Learn about local history at the Rhode Island State House: Take a free guided tour of this beautiful state capitol building to learn about its architecture, history, and significance to the state.

7. Attend a festival or event: From music festivals to food events to cultural celebrations, Rhode Island hosts numerous budget-friendly festivals throughout the year that are worth checking out while backpacking.

8. Walk through WaterFire Providence: This unique public art installation features over 80 bonfires lit on the three rivers in downtown Providence, creating a magical ambiance that is free to experience.

9. Is it possible to do a low-cost road trip through Rhode Island?

Yes, it is possible to do a low-cost road trip through Rhode Island. Here are some tips for budget-friendly road trips in the state:

1. Plan your route: Start by planning your route and destinations ahead of time to avoid extra costs such as tolls or backtracking.

2. Use public transportation: Consider using public transportation, such as buses or trains, to explore different parts of Rhode Island instead of driving everywhere.

3. Pack snacks and meals: Bring along snacks and pack meals instead of eating out at restaurants. This can help save on food expenses.

4. Utilize free attractions: Take advantage of free attractions in the state, such as beaches, parks, and hiking trails.

5. Stay at affordable accommodations: Opt for affordable accommodations such as campsites or budget hotels instead of expensive resorts.

6. Take advantage of deals and discounts: Check for deals and discounts on activities, attractions, and accommodations before your trip. Many places offer special rates for online bookings or during certain times of the year.

7. Explore off the beaten path: Instead of sticking to popular tourist spots, explore less-crowded areas that may offer free or low-cost activities.

8. Avoid peak travel times: Avoid traveling during peak summer months when prices tend to be higher and crowds are bigger.

9. Travel with a group: Splitting costs with friends or family can significantly reduce the overall cost of a road trip in Rhode Island.

10. Where in Rhode Island has the most affordable camping options for backpackers on a budget?

There are several affordable camping options for backpackers on a budget in Rhode Island, including:

1. Burlingame State Campground: Located in Charlestown, this campground offers tent and RV camping for $20-35 per night.

2. Fisherman’s Memorial State Park: Located in Narragansett, this campground offers tent and RV camping for $26-30 per night.

3. George Washington Memorial Camping Area: Located in Glocester, this campground offers tent and RV camping for $14-18 per night.

4. Whispering Pines Campground: Located in Hope Valley, this campground offers tent and RV camping for $25-31.50 per night.

5. Bowdish Lake Camping Area: Located in West Glocester, this campground offers tent and RV camping for $32-43 per night.

6. Brialee Family Camping Resort: Located in Ashaway, this campground offers tent and RV camping for $22-39 per night.

7. Melville Ponds Campground: Located in Portsmouth, this campground offers tent and RV camping for $16-25 per night.

8. Charlestown Breachway: Located in Charlestown, this primitive beachfront campground offers first-come-first-served tent sites for just $15 per night.

9. Pulaski State Park: Located in Chepachet, this rustic state park offers primitive campsites for just $10 per night.

10. Snake Den Farm and Campground: Located in Johnston, this eco-friendly campground offers wilderness campsites starting at just $4 per person per night.

11. Can you recommend any inexpensive hostels or guesthouses in Rhode Island for backpackers?

1. HI Newport Hostel
2. The Dean Hotel (private rooms may be pricey, but they have budget-friendly shared dorms)
3. Amelia’s Guesthouse
4. Pilgrim House Hostel
5. Pawtucket Red Roof Inn
6. Armistice Kohl’s Guest House
7. Thirty Thirty Hotel and Newport Hostel
8. Westerly Daisy Done Right Inn
9. Vanderbilt Newport Hostel
10. Narragansett Town Beach Surfside Motel & Cabins

12. What states have the best deals on outdoor gear and equipment for backpackers?

Some states with good deals on outdoor gear and equipment for backpackers include:
1. Colorado
2. Washington
3. Oregon
4. Utah
5. California
6. Arizona
7. Montana
8. Idaho
9. New Hampshire
10. Maine

13. Are there any hidden gems in Rhode Island that offer budget-friendly attractions and activities for travelers on a budget?

Yes, there are indeed hidden gems in Rhode Island that offer budget-friendly attractions and activities for travelers on a budget. Some of these include:

– Block Island: This picturesque island off the coast of Rhode Island offers stunning beaches, hiking trails, and affordable accommodation options such as campgrounds and hostels.
– Roger Williams Park Zoo: Located in Providence, this zoo offers discounted admission for students, seniors, and military personnel.
– Newport Cliff Walk: This 3.5-mile walking trail along the waterfront is free to access and offers stunning views of the ocean and historic mansions.
– WaterFire Providence: This free outdoor art installation takes place several times throughout the year and features floating bonfires on the city’s waterways.
– Fort Adams State Park: This state park in Newport has free entry and features walking trails, picnic areas, and views of the harbor.
– The Arcade Providence: This historic shopping center in downtown Providence has been converted into apartments but still retains its beautiful architecture. It’s free to wander through the building and admire the shops inside.

14. Where in Rhode Island has reliable public transportation systems that make it easy and cheap to get around as a backpacker?

One option for reliable and inexpensive public transportation in Rhode Island is the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA). RIPTA offers bus service throughout the state, including to popular tourist destinations such as Providence, Newport, and Block Island. RIPTA also has a “Back Bay Shuttle” that runs between Providence and several beach towns in the summer months. Additionally, many of Rhode Island’s cities have walkable downtown areas with a variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions that can be easily reached on foot.

15. What is the cheapest time of year to visit Rhode Island for a budget-friendly and enjoyable backpacking experience?

The cheapest time of year to visit Rhode Island for a budget-friendly and enjoyable backpacking experience would be during the shoulder season in the spring or fall. This is when the weather is still pleasant, but there are fewer tourists and prices for accommodations and activities are lower. Another option is to visit in the winter when most tourists have left, but be aware that some outdoor activities may not be available due to weather conditions.

16. Where in Rhode Island offers discounts or special deals specifically catered towards low-budget travelers and backpackers?

There are a few places in Rhode Island that offer discounts or special deals specifically for low-budget travelers and backpackers:

1. Hostels: Hostels are a budget-friendly option for travelers, especially backpackers. In Rhode Island, two popular hostels are the BridgePointe Hostel and the Newport International Hostel.

2. Free tours: The Rhode Island Department of Tourism offers free walking tours of Providence every Saturday during the summer months. These tours are a great way to see the city on a budget.

3. Museums and attractions: Some museums and attractions in Rhode Island offer discounted tickets or free admission on certain days of the week. For example, the RISD Museum offers free admission every Sunday.

4. Dining deals: Many restaurants in Rhode Island offer happy hour specials, discounted menus, or meal deals that can help travelers stay on budget while enjoying local cuisine.

5. Public transportation: The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) offers affordable bus and trolley services around the state, making it easy for budget travelers to get around.

6. Farmer’s markets: Visiting farmer’s markets is a great way to save money on food while also experiencing local culture and cuisine. The biggest ones in Rhode Island include the Armory Farmers Market in Providence and Aquidneck Growers’ Market in Middletown.

7. Camping: For outdoor enthusiasts, camping is an affordable lodging option while exploring Rhode Island. Popular campgrounds include Fishermen’s Memorial State Park and Burlingame State Park.

It is always recommended to call ahead or check websites for any specific deals or discounts before visiting these places as policies may change over time.

17. Where in Rhode Island has affordable ways to experience local culture, cuisine, and nightlife in various states while traveling on a budget?

Providence, Rhode Island offers many affordable options for experiencing the local culture, cuisine, and nightlife. Some places to check out include:

1. Federal Hill – Known as Little Italy, this neighborhood offers a variety of affordable Italian restaurants, shops, and markets where you can experience the local cuisine and culture.

2. Roger Williams Park – This 435-acre park is free to enter and offers various events throughout the year, including concerts, festivals, and art exhibits that showcase the local culture.

3. WaterFire – This popular Providence event is held throughout the summer months and features bonfires on the river with music, performances, and food trucks. Admission is free.

4. Local Breweries – Providence has a thriving craft beer scene with many affordable breweries offering guided tours and tastings.

5. AS220 – This nonprofit arts organization hosts a variety of events, workshops, and performances at their spaces in downtown Providence. Many events have low or no cover charge.

6. Thayer Street – Located near Brown University and RISD, this vibrant street is lined with a variety of affordable restaurants, cafes, vintage shops, and street art.

7. Browse the Free Art Galleries – There are several art galleries in Providence that offer free admission including RISD Museum’s Chace Center Gallery and David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University.

8. Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Museum – This museum showcases the history of culinary arts through exhibits featuring artifacts such as cooking tools used by famous chefs. Admission is free.

9. Lively Nightlife Scene – There are plenty of bars and clubs in Providence that offer affordable drinks and live music or DJ nights including The Malted Barley and Alchemy.

10. Walking Tours – Explore Providence’s historic neighborhoods on foot with self-guided walking tours available for free from the Providence Preservation Society or take advantage of one of their affordable guided tours.

18. Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable options available for budget-conscious travelers in Rhode Island while backpacking?

Yes, there are a few eco-friendly and sustainable options available for budget-conscious travelers in Rhode Island. Some options include staying at eco-friendly hostels or Airbnbs that have green practices such as using renewable energy sources, recycling programs, and sustainable building materials. You can also look for locally-owned restaurants that serve organic or farm-to-table meals, participate in beach clean-up events organized by local environmental groups, and use public transportation or rent a bike to explore the state instead of driving a car. Additionally, you can opt for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and visiting state parks, which have minimal impact on the environment and are often low-cost or free.

19. Where in Rhode Island has provide amazing scenery, nature, and outdoor activities at a low cost for backpackers?

Burlingame State Park, located in Charlestown, Rhode Island, is a popular spot for backpackers due to its extensive network of hiking and biking trails, scenic lake and pond for swimming and boating, and affordable campsites. The park also offers opportunities for fishing, wildlife viewing, and rock climbing. At just $15 per night for a campsite, Burlingame State Park is a budget-friendly option for backpackers looking to enjoy the great outdoors in Rhode Island.

20. Where in Rhode Island is known for their vibrant and affordable music or arts scenes that attract budget travelers and backpackers?

Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island, is known for its lively and affordable music and arts scenes. The city has a diverse range of live music venues, including small bars and larger concert halls that often feature local and up-and-coming artists. The AS220 arts center, in particular, is popular among budget travelers for its free or low-cost events, classes, and live performances. Additionally, Providence offers a variety of affordable galleries, museums, and street art that backpackers can enjoy on a budget.