Cheapest Travel and Backpacking Destinations in North Dakota

1. What are the most affordable backpacking destinations in North Dakota?

Currently, North Dakota is not a popular backpacking destination, so prices for accommodations and activities may be higher compared to other states. However, there are still some affordable options for backpackers:

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park – This national park offers free entrance and relatively inexpensive camping fees. It also has numerous hiking trails and backcountry camping options.

2. Little Missouri State Park – Located within the Badlands, this state park offers affordable tent and RV camping as well as hiking trails.

3. Lake Sakakawea State Park – This state park offers budget-friendly campsites with access to fishing, hiking, and water activities on the lake.

4. Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area – This state recreation area has several affordable campsites as well as hiking, biking, and horseback riding opportunities.

5. Fargo – The largest city in North Dakota has budget-friendly hostels and Airbnb options for backpackers looking to explore urban areas.

6. Bismarck – The capital of North Dakota also has affordable hostels and Airbnb accommodations with easy access to outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.

It’s important to note that due to the remote nature of many destinations in North Dakota, transportation costs may add up quickly for backpackers. To save money, consider renting a car or traveling with friends to split gas expenses.

2. Where in North Dakota offers the cheapest travel options for budget-conscious travelers?

The cheapest travel options for budget-conscious travelers in North Dakota would likely be found in its smaller cities and towns, such as Bismarck or Fargo. These areas may have more affordable lodging, dining, and transportation options compared to larger cities like Grand Forks or Minot. Additionally, exploring state parks or taking advantage of free attractions can help keep costs down.

3. What are some off-the-beaten-path spots for affordable backpacking in North Dakota?

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park – This national park offers stunning landscapes and affordable camping options.
2. Lewis and Clark State Park – Located on the banks of the Missouri River, this state park offers affordable campsites and scenic views.
3. Turtle Mountain State Forest – With over 12,000 acres of forested hills and 13 lakes, this area provides endless opportunities for cheap outdoor adventures.
4. Fort Ransom State Park – This historic park has several inexpensive campsites and offers recreational activities such as hiking, biking, and canoeing.
5. Lake Metigoshe State Park – This picturesque state park near the Canadian border has affordable camping options and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.
6. Little Missouri National Grassland – With over a million acres of open prairie land, this area is a great budget-friendly option for backpackers looking for wide-open spaces to explore.
7. Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area- Known as North Dakota’s “hidden treasure,” this area offers affordable camping sites and scenic trails for hiking and biking.
8. Killdeer Mountain Four Bears Scenic Byway- This 64-mile route through rolling prairies offers free dispersed camping options along the way.
9. Sheyenne River Valley National Scenic Byway- Another popular drive in North Dakota, this byway has affordable camping sites scattered throughout its scenic landscape.
10. International Peace Garden- Located on the US-Canada border, this peaceful garden has affordable campsites available among its beautiful gardens and displays.

4. Where can I find cheap airfare and accommodation in North Dakota for a backpacking trip?

Some places to find cheap airfare and accommodation for a backpacking trip in North Dakota include:

1. Online Travel Agencies: Websites like Expedia, Kayak, and Skyscanner often have deals and discounts on flights and hotels for various destinations, including North Dakota.

2. Hostel Websites: Check out websites like Hostelworld or for affordable accommodation options such as shared dorms or private rooms in hostels.

3. Camping websites: North Dakota has many campgrounds that offer affordable campsites for backpackers. Some popular websites to search for camping options include ReserveAmerica and Hipcamp.

4. Local Accommodation Websites: Look into locally owned accommodations such as guesthouses and bed and breakfasts, which may offer cheaper rates than large chain hotels.

5. Utilize Flight Alerts: Sign up for flight alerts from airlines like Delta, United, or American Airlines to receive notifications about discounted flights to North Dakota.

6. Consider Alternate Airports: Instead of flying directly into the main airport in North Dakota (Bismarck Municipal Airport), consider alternate airports such as Fargo’s Hector International Airport or Minot International Airport which may have cheaper flight options.

7. Travel During Off-Season: Plan your trip during the off-season (usually winter months) when flights and accommodation tend to be significantly cheaper.

8. Use Frequent Flyer Miles or Credit Card Points: If you have accumulated frequent flyer miles or credit card points, consider using them to book your flight or accommodation for a reduced cost.

9. Look for Package Deals: Keep an eye out for package deals that combine airfare and accommodation, as these can often save you money compared to booking separately.

10. Consider Public Transportation: If you’re planning on exploring different areas of North Dakota while backpacking, consider taking advantage of public transportation options such as buses or trains instead of renting a car, which can be costly.

5. Where in North Dakota has the best value for money when it comes to travel and backpacking?

The North Dakota Badlands would likely offer the best value for money when it comes to travel and backpacking. This area is known for its stunning natural beauty, including colorful rock formations and an abundance of wildlife. Additionally, there are many affordable camping options in the Badlands, such as designated campsites and primitive backcountry camping areas. Visitors can also find budget-friendly activities, such as hiking, bird watching, and stargazing.

6. Where in North Dakota has the lowest costs for food and transportation while traveling and backpacking?

The town of Mandan, North Dakota, has some of the lowest costs for food and transportation while traveling and backpacking. Some affordable options for food include street vendors and local diners, while public transportation such as buses can be used to get around the area at a lower cost than renting a car. Additionally, there are also plenty of hiking trails and camping areas in nearby parks with no entrance fees.

7. Are there any lesser-known North Dakota destinations that are both cheap and great for backpacking?

1. Sheyenne National Grassland – Located in eastern North Dakota, the Sheyenne National Grassland offers over 70,000 acres of rugged terrain for backpackers to explore. With miles of trails and primitive camping options, this area provides a unique backcountry experience without breaking the bank.

2. Turtle Mountain State Forest – This lesser-known state forest in northern North Dakota boasts over 20 miles of hiking trails through scenic prairies and woodlands. Primitive campsites can be found along these trails, making it an affordable destination for backpackers.

3. Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness Area – Although this area is part of the larger Theodore Roosevelt National Park, it offers more remote and challenging backpacking opportunities than the main tourist areas. Permits are required but are free, making it a budget-friendly option for experienced backpackers.

4. Maah Daah Hey Trail – Stretching over 100 miles through the Badlands of western North Dakota, this trail is considered one of the best long-distance backpacking trails in the country. With free dispersed camping along the trail and stunning scenery, it’s a great option for budget-conscious backpackers.

5. Lake Metigoshe State Park – Situated on the Canadian border, this state park offers both primitive and developed campsites at affordable rates. Backpackers can explore over 8 miles of wooded trails and enjoy views of the beautiful lakeshore.

6. Fort Ransom State Park – Set along the Sheyenne River Valley in southeastern North Dakota, Fort Ransom State Park offers several backcountry campsites accessible by hiking or paddling. The park also has over 14 miles of trails to explore, including parts of the North Country National Scenic Trail.

7. Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area – This hidden gem in northeastern North Dakota features deep valleys and cliffs carved by glaciers thousands of years ago. Backpackers can explore over 30 miles of hiking trails and choose from several primitive camping options at a low cost.

8. What are some unique budget-friendly activities to do in North Dakota while backpacking?

1. Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Admission to this beautiful national park is only $20 per vehicle, making it a budget-friendly activity for backpackers. The park boasts opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and stargazing.

2. Explore the Fargo Street Art Murals: Take a self-guided walking tour of downtown Fargo’s colorful street art murals. This is a fun and free way to experience the city’s arts scene.

3. Attend a Powwow: Many Native American communities in North Dakota hold annual powwows, which are gatherings that feature traditional music, dance, and food. These events are often free or have a small admission fee.

4. Tour State Capitol Buildings: North Dakota has two beautifully designed state capitol buildings – one in Bismarck and one in Fargo. Both offer free tours to visitors.

5. Try Geocaching: Geocaching is an adventurous and budget-friendly activity that allows you to explore hidden treasures all over North Dakota. All you need is a GPS-enabled device and a sense of adventure.

6. Visit Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park: This state park offers affordable guided tours of historic military buildings and earth lodges used by the Mandan people. You can also explore the hiking trails for free.

7. Attend a Student Performance at NDSU or UND: Both North Dakota State University (NDSU) and University of North Dakota (UND) have theater departments that put on plays and musical performances throughout the year at affordable prices.

8. Visit Bonanzaville USA: This outdoor museum in West Fargo features 43 historic buildings filled with artifacts from pioneer life in the Midwest. Admission is only $12, making it an affordable way to learn about North Dakota history.

9. Is it possible to do a low-cost road trip through North Dakota?

Yes, it is possible to do a low-cost road trip through North Dakota. Here are some tips to help save money on your journey:

1. Plan your route carefully: Research and map out your route beforehand to avoid any unnecessary detours or toll roads.

2. Camp instead of staying in hotels: North Dakota has many affordable campsites and RV parks that offer scenic views and basic amenities for a lower cost than traditional accommodations.

3. Bring your own food: Instead of eating out at restaurants, pack your own food and snacks for the trip. This will save you money on meals and also allow you to have picnics at scenic spots along the way.

4. Visit free attractions: North Dakota has many free attractions such as state parks, national monuments, and historic sites that offer opportunities for outdoor recreation and education without spending a dime.

5. Use gas price comparison apps: Gas prices can vary greatly from one gas station to another, so use gas price comparison apps to find the cheapest gas stations along your route.

6. Take advantage of discounts: If you are a AAA member or a member of another auto club, be sure to check for discounts on hotels, car rentals, and attractions in North Dakota.

7. Travel during shoulder season: Consider planning your trip during the off-season or shoulder season when hotels and other travel expenses may be cheaper than peak tourist season.

8. Limit souvenirs: Instead of buying expensive souvenirs, focus on creating memories through photos and videos of your trip.

9. Share expenses with friends or family: Consider traveling with friends or family members and splitting the cost of gas, rental cars, accommodations, and food.

10. Where in North Dakota has the most affordable camping options for backpackers on a budget?

The most affordable camping options for backpackers on a budget in North Dakota can be found in state parks and national forests. Some popular destinations include:
1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park – this park offers backcountry camping permits for only $7 per night.
2. Maah Daah Hey Trail – a popular trail through the Badlands that offers free dispersed camping along the route.
3. Little Missouri State Park – this park has multiple campsites available for only $12 to $15 per night, with access to hiking trails and scenic views.
4. Sheyenne National Grassland – dispersed camping is allowed throughout the grasslands, making it a great option for low-cost backpacking trips.
5. Turtle River State Park – this state park has rustic campsites available for only $10 per night, with access to hiking trails and a river for fishing and canoeing.

11. Can you recommend any inexpensive hostels or guesthouses in North Dakota for backpackers?

1. Prairie Nights Hostel, Minot
2. Chateau de Mores Guest House, Medora
3. Hettinger Hostel, Hettinger
4. The 1886 Guest House, Bismarck
5. Georgetown Inn B&B, Cavalier
6. Lillian Bailey Farmhouse Hostel, Mayville
7. Dakota Traveler’s Inn, Grafton
8. Fargo Downtown Hostel and Bunkhouse, Fargo
9. Budget Inn Express-Grand Forks, Grand Forks
10. The Old Red Roberts Place Bed and Breakfast, Jamestown

12. What states have the best deals on outdoor gear and equipment for backpackers?

The states that typically offer the best deals on outdoor gear and equipment for backpackers are:
1. Colorado
2. Utah
3. Montana
4. Idaho
5. Wyoming
6. Oregon
7. Arizona
8. Washington
9. New Mexico
10. California

These states have a strong outdoor recreation culture and plenty of opportunities for backpacking, leading to more competition among retailers and better deals for customers. Additionally, many of these states have a lower cost of living compared to other parts of the country, which can also contribute to lower prices on outdoor gear and equipment.

13. Are there any hidden gems in North Dakota that offer budget-friendly attractions and activities for travelers on a budget?

Yes, there are several hidden gems in North Dakota that offer budget-friendly attractions and activities for travelers on a budget. Here are a few examples:

1. The North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum in Bismarck offers free admission and showcases the history and culture of North Dakota.

2. The Fort Buford State Historic Site near Williston offers affordable entrance fees and features a reconstructed military post and interpretive center.

3. The International Peace Garden on the border of North Dakota and Manitoba offers free admission to visitors. This 2,300-acre park features beautiful gardens, picnic areas, and hiking trails.

4. The Scandinavian Heritage Park in Minot is free to visit and showcases the Scandinavian heritage of many North Dakotans through various monuments and sculptures.

5. The Red River Zoo in Fargo offers affordable admission prices and features over 600 animals from around the world.

6. Chateau de Mores State Historic Site in Medora offers affordable guided tours of this historic 26-room ranch house built by Marquis de Morès.

7. Lake Sakakawea State Park near Pick City offers beautiful camping sites for an affordable price, as well as fishing opportunities on the lake.

8. The Enchanted Highway near Regent features various large-scale metal sculptures along a stretch of highway that can be enjoyed for free.

9. Theodore Roosevelt National Park has three separate units (North Unit, South Unit, Elkhorn Ranch Unit) with affordable vehicle entrance fees or free for those with an America the Beautiful pass.

10. Hiddenwood State Park near Makoti is a serene destination with lake access, camping sites, hiking trails, and picnic areas at budget-friendly rates.

14. Where in North Dakota has reliable public transportation systems that make it easy and cheap to get around as a backpacker?

The cities of Fargo and Bismarck have reliable public transportation systems that would make it easy and cheap to get around as a backpacker. Both cities have bus services, such as the MATBUS in Fargo and Capital Area Transit (CAT) in Bismarck, which cover multiple routes around the city and outlying areas. These buses are also relatively inexpensive, with fares ranging from $1-$2 per ride or $3-$5 for an all-day pass. Additionally, both cities also have bike-sharing programs, which can be a convenient and affordable way to explore the city while getting some exercise.

15. What is the cheapest time of year to visit North Dakota for a budget-friendly and enjoyable backpacking experience?

The cheapest time of year to visit North Dakota for a budget-friendly and enjoyable backpacking experience is typically in the spring or fall, outside of peak tourist season. This is usually from April to June and from September to October. During these times, you can often find lower rates on accommodations and activities, as well as fewer crowds in popular hiking and camping areas. Additionally, the weather is often mild and comfortable during these months, making it ideal for backpacking trips.

16. Where in North Dakota offers discounts or special deals specifically catered towards low-budget travelers and backpackers?

Some possible options include:

1. Hostels in North Dakota, such as the Fargo-Moorhead Hostel, may offer budget-friendly accommodations for backpackers.
2. The Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers discounts and deals for entrance and camping fees for low-budget travelers.
3. Many state parks in North Dakota offer low-cost camping and day use fees, making them a great option for budget travelers.
4. Various museums and attractions throughout North Dakota may offer discounted admission rates for students or seniors, making them affordable for low-budget travelers.
5. The Fargo-Moorhead Visitor Center offers a free coupon booklet with discounts to local businesses and attractions, including restaurants, shops, and activities.
6. Some cities in North Dakota have public transportation systems that offer discounted fares for students or seniors.
7. Discounted or free events and festivals are often held throughout the state, such as the Scandinavian Hjemkomst & Midwest Viking Festival in Moorhead or the North Dakota State Fair in Minot.
8. Some tour companies in North Dakota may offer discounted rates for backpackers booking multiple tours or activities with them.
9. Group accommodations such as vacation rentals or vacation homes can be a budget-friendly option for larger groups of backpackers traveling together.
10. Checking online travel websites or apps like Groupon or Airbnb for deals on accommodations, activities, and dining options in North Dakota can also help save money on a trip to the state.

17. Where in North Dakota has affordable ways to experience local culture, cuisine, and nightlife in various states while traveling on a budget?

Fargo is a great place to experience local culture, cuisine, and nightlife in North Dakota on a budget. This city offers a variety of budget-friendly options for travelers, including free events and festivals, affordable dining options, and cost-effective nightlife experiences.

Some specific places to check out include:

1. Red River Market: This outdoor market is open on Saturdays during the summer months and offers local produce, food trucks, live music, and artisanal crafts for a fun and affordable cultural experience.

2. North Dakota heritage sites: Many of the state’s historical sites offer free admission or have low entrance fees, making it easy to learn about the region’s culture without breaking the bank.

3. Local breweries and wineries: North Dakota has a growing craft beer and wine scene with many smaller establishments offering tastings at affordable prices. Check out breweries such as Fargo Brewing Company or Drumconrath Brewing Company for a taste of local flavor.

4. Affordable restaurants: Some excellent budget-friendly dining options in Fargo include Rhombus Guys Pizza, The Boiler Room, Vinyl Taco, and Sandy’s Donuts. All offer delicious local cuisine at reasonable prices.

5. Nel’s Bar & Grill: If you’re looking for an authentic dive bar experience with cheap drinks and good food, look no further than Nel’s Bar & Grill in Fargo.

By exploring these options and doing some research beforehand, you can easily enjoy the local culture, cuisine, and nightlife in Fargo without breaking the bank.

18. Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable options available for budget-conscious travelers in North Dakota while backpacking?

1. Camping: North Dakota has a wealth of campsites and campgrounds that offer inexpensive or free camping options for budget-conscious travelers. Many of these sites have access to amenities such as showers, restrooms, and picnic areas. Some popular options include Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, and Lake Metigoshe State Park.

2. Hostels: There are several hostels located in North Dakota that offer affordable accommodation options for backpackers. These include the Prairie Property Hostel in Fargo and the Bismarck AFB Youth Center Hostel.

3. Couchsurfing: Couchsurfing is another budget-friendly option for travelers looking to save on accommodation costs while experiencing local hospitality. There are several active couchsurfing communities in major cities such as Fargo and Bismarck.

4. Volunteer farm stays: North Dakota has many family-owned farms that offer volunteer farm-stay programs where travelers can work on the farm in exchange for free accommodation and meals. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a popular organization that connects volunteers with organic farms around the world, including many in North Dakota.

5. Public transportation: The cities of Fargo and Grand Forks have public bus systems that offer affordable fares for getting around town. Additionally, both cities have bike-sharing programs which are an environmentally friendly way to explore the area.

6. Visit state parks: North Dakota’s state parks are relatively inexpensive compared to national parks and offer beautiful outdoor spaces to explore. Many also have opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, and other outdoor activities at no cost.

7. Support local businesses: By choosing to eat at locally owned restaurants and purchasing products from local shops, you can support sustainable practices while also supporting the local economy.

8. Bring reusable items: To reduce waste while traveling, bring your own refillable water bottle or coffee mug instead of using single-use plastic bottles or disposable cups.

9. Choose eco-friendly activities: North Dakota offers a variety of outdoor activities that have a low impact on the environment, such as hiking, biking, and fishing. These activities not only support sustainable tourism but also allow travelers to connect with nature.

10. Join local clean-up efforts: Many communities in North Dakota have regular clean-up events where volunteers can help keep parks, trails, and other public spaces litter-free while also enjoying the outdoors.

19. Where in North Dakota has provide amazing scenery, nature, and outdoor activities at a low cost for backpackers?

Theodore Roosevelt National Park provides breathtaking scenery, opportunities for hiking and camping, and budget-friendly accommodation options for backpackers in North Dakota. It is located in the western part of the state near the towns of Medora and Watford City.

20. Where in North Dakota is known for their vibrant and affordable music or arts scenes that attract budget travelers and backpackers?

The city of Fargo in North Dakota is known for its vibrant and affordable music and arts scenes that attract budget travelers and backpackers. The city has a variety of live music venues, art galleries, and cultural events that are accessible to visitors on a budget. Additionally, Fargo has a thriving local food and beer scene, offering budget-friendly options for dining and drinking.