Cheapest Travel and Backpacking Destinations in New Jersey

1. What are the most affordable backpacking destinations in New Jersey?

Here is a list of the most affordable backpacking destinations in New Jersey:

1. Appalachian Trail: The Appalachian Trail runs through northern New Jersey and offers a variety of affordable, primitive camping options for backpackers. Additionally, there are many hostels and budget-friendly accommodations along the trail.

2. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area: Located on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, this national park offers affordable camping options and plenty of hiking trails for backpackers to explore.

3. Stokes State Forest: This state forest offers rustic campsites at an affordable price for backpackers looking to explore its extensive network of hiking trails.

4. Wharton State Forest: This large state forest has several campgrounds specifically designed for backpackers with low nightly rates. It also has over 200 miles of multi-use trails for visitors to enjoy.

5. Pinelands National Reserve: The Pinelands is a vast expanse of protected lands that offer free or low-cost camping opportunities for backpackers looking to explore its unique ecosystems.

6. Cheesecake State Park: This state park features a variety of overnight options including tent camping, lean-tos, and group tent sites at budget-friendly prices. It also boasts over 20 miles of winding nature trails.

7. Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area: Located on the Atlantic coast, this national recreation area offers budget-friendly campsites with breathtaking views of the ocean as well as miles of beach and nature trails to explore.

8. High Point State Park: Known for its highest point in New Jersey, this state park offers campsites at affordable prices and stunning panoramic views from its rugged mountain ranges.

9. Worthington State Forest: This forest is home to rugged terrain, rock outcroppings, and waterfalls which make it a popular destination for hikers and backpackers alike. It also offers affordable campsites for those looking to spend the night.

10. Allamuchy Mountain State Park: This state park offers a wide range of budget-friendly camping options for backpackers, including primitive campsites, lean-tos, and cabins. It also has over 20 miles of trails for hiking and biking.

2. Where in New Jersey offers the cheapest travel options for budget-conscious travelers?

There are several places in New Jersey that offer cheap travel options for budget-conscious travelers. Some of these include:

1. Atlantic City: This popular beach destination offers affordable hotels, low-cost or free attractions such as beaches, boardwalk, and street performances, and budget-friendly dining options.

2. Wildwood: Known for its famous Doo Wop architecture, Wildwood is another affordable beach destination in New Jersey. It offers low-cost accommodation options, free beaches, and a lively amusement park.

3. Jersey City: This city across the river from New York City offers cheaper hotel rates than its neighbor and has plenty of free attractions such as Liberty State Park and the historic Downtown area.

4. Cape May: This quaint seaside town is perfect for a budget-friendly getaway with its Victorian architecture, charming bed and breakfasts, and free activities like walking the beach and exploring the nature trails.

5. Asbury Park: This small city on the Jersey Shore offers budget-friendly lodging options, cheap eats at local restaurants, and a vibrant music scene with many free concerts and events.

Overall, it is best to plan your trip during off-peak seasons to get the best deals on accommodations and activities in any of these destinations.

3. What are some off-the-beaten-path spots for affordable backpacking in New Jersey?

1. Wharton State Forest – Located in the heart of the Pine Barrens, this state forest offers a variety of camping options including tent and RV sites as well as wilderness backpacking sites. It’s a great spot for hiking, fishing, and paddling.

2. Hacklebarney State Park – Tucked away in the northern hills of New Jersey, this park features scenic trails, waterfalls, and campsites for backpackers. It’s a quieter alternative to some of the busier parks in the state.

3. High Point State Park – This park boasts the highest peak in New Jersey and offers both primitive and group campsites for backpackers. With over 50 miles of trails, it’s a great spot for scenic hikes and wildlife viewing.

4. Round Valley Recreation Area – This hidden gem is perfect for budget-friendly backpacking trips with its rustic backcountry campsites and access to a picturesque reservoir for swimming and boating.

5. Appalachian Trail Shelters – The Appalachian Trail runs through northern New Jersey, offering multiple shelters along its route that are free for backpackers to use on a first-come-first-served basis.

6. Jenny Jump State Forest – Atop Jenny Jump Mountain, this state forest offers breathtaking views of the Delaware River Valley and primitive campsites for backpackers looking for a secluded escape.

7. Stokes State Forest – Another option within the Kittatinny Mountains, this park has over 40 miles of trails to explore along with primitive campsites and lean-tos available for overnight stays.

8. Rancocas State Park – Located in southern New Jersey, this park has five different campgrounds ranging from basic tent sites to fully equipped cabins at affordable rates.

9. Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge – For an off-the-beaten-path experience, consider backpacking through this peaceful refuge with its diverse habitats and opportunities to see migratory birds and other wildlife.

10. Sunrise Mountain – This popular hiking spot also offers primitive camping opportunities for backpackers looking to spend a night under the stars with stunning views of the Kittatinny Mountains.

4. Where can I find cheap airfare and accommodation in New Jersey for a backpacking trip?

There are several resources you can use to find cheap airfare and accommodation for a backpacking trip in New Jersey:

1. Flight Comparison Websites: Sites such as Skyscanner, CheapOair, and Kayak allow you to compare prices from multiple airlines and find the cheapest flight options.

2. Discount Airlines: Consider flying with budget airlines such as Spirit Airlines or Frontier, which often offer lower prices than major airlines.

3. Travel Deal Websites: Websites like Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz offer package deals that include both flights and accommodations at discounted rates.

4. Hostels: Hostels are a popular option for budget travelers, as they offer shared dorm-style accommodations at low prices. You can search for hostels in New Jersey on sites like Hostelworld or Hostelling International.

5. Airbnb: Booking a private room or shared space through Airbnb can be a more affordable option than a traditional hotel stay.

6. Camping: If you’re looking for an even cheaper option, consider camping in New Jersey’s state parks or campgrounds. You can research and book campsites on the official New Jersey State Parks website.

7. Couchsurfing: For a completely free accommodation option, consider using Couchsurfing where locals offer up their couches or spare rooms to travelers.

Remember to also take advantage of discounts and promotions, be flexible with your travel dates, and avoid peak tourist seasons to get the best deals on airfare and accommodation in New Jersey.

5. Where in New Jersey has the best value for money when it comes to travel and backpacking?

New Jersey is known for its high cost of living, but there are still some areas that offer good value for travelers and backpackers. Here are a few places to consider:

1. Cape May: This charming beach town on the southern tip of New Jersey offers affordable accommodations in bed and breakfasts or campgrounds, as well as free attractions such as the beach and lighthouse.

2. Princeton: Home to the prestigious Princeton University, this town has a youthful vibe and plenty of budget-friendly food options, as well as public transportation to nearby cities like Philadelphia and New York.

3. Asbury Park: This seaside city has gone through a revitalization in recent years, making it a popular spot for budget-conscious travelers. It boasts a lively music scene, free beaches, and affordable accommodations.

4. High Point State Park: Located in the northwest corner of the state, this park offers budget-friendly campsites and cabins with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

5. Atlantic City: Known for its casinos and nightlife, Atlantic City also has affordable hotels and hostels for travelers on a budget. Plus, you can find cheap eats at the local boardwalk vendors or nearby restaurants outside of the main tourist area.

6. Where in New Jersey has the lowest costs for food and transportation while traveling and backpacking?

The town of Wildwood in Cape May County, New Jersey is known for having lower costs for food and transportation while traveling and backpacking. It offers affordable dining options such as local seafood restaurants and food trucks, as well as free or low-cost public transportation options like the Wildwood Boardwalk Tram Car. The town also has a lot of budget-friendly accommodations, making it a great option for travelers on a tight budget.

7. Are there any lesser-known New Jersey destinations that are both cheap and great for backpacking?

1. Worthington State Forest
2. Jenny Jump State Forest
3. Wharton State Forest
4. Hacklebarney State Park
5. High Point State Park
6. Allamuchy Mountain State Park
7. Rancocas State Park
8. Belleplain State Forest
9. Bearfort Ridge and Chikahoki Falls in Ringwood, NJ.
10. Great Egg Harbor River Trail in Mays Landing, NJ.
11. Bass River Loop in Manahawkin, NJ.
12. Blue Mountain in Vernon, NJ.
13. Harriman State Park in New York/New Jersey (requires a permit).
14. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (camping fees may apply).
15. Wharton Beach Camping Area in Berkeley Township, NJ (only accessible by boat).

8. What are some unique budget-friendly activities to do in New Jersey while backpacking?

1. Hike in the Palisades Interstate Park – This park offers stunning views of the Hudson River and New York City, and has over 30 miles of hiking trails for all levels.

2. Cape May County Park & Zoo – This zoo is free to visit and features over 550 animals, making it a fun and budget-friendly activity.

3. Visit Atlantic City – While known for its casinos, Atlantic City also has a boardwalk with free entertainment such as street performers and live music.

4. Tour Grounds for Sculpture – Located in Hamilton Township, this 42-acre sculpture park features over 270 sculptures from contemporary artists.

5. Experience Pine Barrens – This vast natural area offers backpackers opportunities for activities such as camping, canoeing, and birdwatching.

6. Explore Liberty State Park – Admission to this park is free and offers amazing views of the New York City skyline. It also has historic landmarks such as the Central Railroad Terminal of New Jersey.

7. Visit Princeton University campus – Take a self-guided tour around the beautiful Princeton University campus and explore its history and architecture.

8. Attend a free outdoor concert or movie screening – Many towns in New Jersey host free outdoor concerts or movie screenings during the summer months.

9. Take a ferry ride to Ellis Island – For just $9 per person round-trip, you can take a ferry to Ellis Island and visit the Immigration Museum, which tells the story of millions of immigrants who arrived in America through Ellis Island.

10. Bike along the Delaware River Trail – This scenic trail follows along the Delaware River and offers beautiful views of nature and small towns along the way.

9. Is it possible to do a low-cost road trip through New Jersey?

Yes, it is possible to do a low-cost road trip through New Jersey. Here are some tips to help you keep costs down:

1. Plan your route carefully: By mapping out your stops and destinations beforehand, you can avoid unnecessary detours and reduce fuel costs.

2. Stay off toll roads: New Jersey has a lot of toll roads, so try to plan a route that avoids them if possible.

3. Use a fuel-efficient vehicle: If you are renting a car, choose one with good gas mileage. If you are using your own car, make sure it is in good running condition to optimize fuel efficiency.

4. Pack snacks and meals: Bringing along snacks and meals can help you save money on food expenses while on the road.

5. Look for free attractions: There are plenty of parks, beaches, and scenic overlooks in New Jersey that offer free admission. Take advantage of these for budget-friendly activities.

6. Utilize free parking options: Look for free or cheap parking options at rest areas or public transportation hubs instead of paying high fees at tourist spots or hotels.

7. Consider camping: Instead of staying at expensive hotels or resorts, consider camping at one of New Jersey’s many campsites or RV parks.

8. Use discount travel websites: Websites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer deals on activities, attractions, and accommodations in various cities throughout New Jersey.

9 .Take advantage of off-peak season rates: Depending on when you plan your trip, certain tourist attractions may have lowered prices during off-peak season.

With careful planning and smart budgeting, it is definitely possible to do a low-cost road trip through New Jersey without breaking the bank.

10. Where in New Jersey has the most affordable camping options for backpackers on a budget?

One of the most affordable camping options for backpackers on a budget in New Jersey is in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This area offers several campgrounds with reasonable prices and beautiful hiking trails that are popular among backpackers. Some other budget-friendly camping options include Worthington State Forest, High Point State Park, and Wharton State Forest.

11. Can you recommend any inexpensive hostels or guesthouses in New Jersey for backpackers?

1. The Hostel@TheGarden in Jersey City
2. The Chelsea International Hostel in Atlantic City
3. Atlantic City House in Atlantic City
4. Casa Blanca Youth Hostel in Newark
5. HI-Point Pleasant Beach Hostel in Point Pleasant Beach
6. Hammock River/Rainbow Buddist Guesthouse in Ocean Grove
7. Bowery Grand Hotel in Newark
8. United Lodge & Suites in Fort Lee
9. Seaside Sands Inn and Backpackers Lodge in Seaside Heights
10. Cloud 9 B&B/HI Newark Penn Station – NYC Area in Newark

12. What states have the best deals on outdoor gear and equipment for backpackers?

The states that generally have the best deals on outdoor gear and equipment for backpackers are California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Utah. These states have a large selection of outdoor specialty stores and are also home to many popular outdoor brands, allowing for more competition and potentially better prices. Additionally, they have a high concentration of outdoor enthusiasts and attractions, leading to a larger demand for gear and equipment.

13. Are there any hidden gems in New Jersey that offer budget-friendly attractions and activities for travelers on a budget?

Yes, there are several hidden gems in New Jersey that offer budget-friendly attractions and activities for travelers on a budget. Some options include:

1. Liberty State Park – This park provides stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, as well as free access to the Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial.

2. Red Bank Battlefield Park – This historic site in Gloucester County offers free admission and features a museum, walking trails, and picnic areas.

3. Cape May Lighthouse – For a small fee, visitors can climb to the top of this lighthouse and enjoy beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean.

4. Grounds For Sculpture – This unique sculpture park in Hamilton offers discounted tickets for students, seniors, and military personnel.

5. New Jersey State Museum – Located in Trenton, this museum offers free admission and features exhibits on natural history, archaeology, fine art, and more.

6. Meadowlands Environment Center – This nature center in Lyndhurst offers free admission and features hiking trails, bird watching opportunities, and educational programs.

7. Wildwood Boardwalk – With its vibrant atmosphere and many attractions, this boardwalk is a popular spot for budget-friendly entertainment such as people-watching or enjoying street performers.

8. Monmouth County Park System – This system includes various county parks offering activities such as hiking, fishing, and picnicking at no cost or for a low entrance fee.

9. Abbott Marshlands – These wetlands located along the Delaware River offer bird watching opportunities and are free to explore.

10. Hacklebarney State Park – This scenic state park in Chester charges only a small parking fee per vehicle and offers hiking trails with waterfalls and picnic areas.

14. Where in New Jersey has reliable public transportation systems that make it easy and cheap to get around as a backpacker?

Some places in New Jersey that have reliable public transportation systems for backpackers include:
1. Jersey City: The city has a comprehensive public transportation system including buses, trains, and ferries that are reasonably priced and cover major tourist destinations.
2. Newark: It is the state’s largest city and has an extensive network of buses, light rail, and trains that provide convenient travel options for backpackers.
3. Atlantic City: This tourist destination has a well-connected bus system that covers the entire city, making it easy and affordable to get around.
4. Asbury Park: The town has a local bus system that connects different neighborhoods and popular attractions along the Jersey Shore.
5. Cape May: The seaside town has a convenient trolley service that runs throughout the summer months and connects different areas of the town.
6. Princeton: The town has an efficient and inexpensive bus system operated by NJ Transit that makes it easy to explore this historic college town.
7. Hoboken: Similar to Jersey City, Hoboken also has an extensive network of buses, trains, and ferries providing affordable travel options for backpackers.
8. Morristown: This historic town has a compact downtown area with walkable streets, but also offers a free local shuttle service for those looking for alternative transport options.
9. Camden: With its own waterfront ferry connecting to Philadelphia, Camden provides an affordable way for backpackers to explore both cities.
10. Ocean City: This popular beach resort offers free tram rides along its boardwalk during the summer months as well as an affordable bus service connecting different parts of the city.

15. What is the cheapest time of year to visit New Jersey for a budget-friendly and enjoyable backpacking experience?

The cheapest time of year to visit New Jersey for a budget-friendly and enjoyable backpacking experience is typically during the shoulder seasons of spring (March-May) or fall (September-November). During these months, hotel and transportation prices tend to be lower compared to the peak summer season. Additionally, the weather is comfortable for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

16. Where in New Jersey offers discounts or special deals specifically catered towards low-budget travelers and backpackers?

There are a few places in New Jersey that offer discounts or deals for low-budget travelers and backpackers:

1. Hostels: There are several affordable hostels located throughout the state, including Hosteling International USA Hostel in Newark and The Backpacker’s Haven in Atlantic City.

2. State Parks: Many state parks in New Jersey offer discounted rates for camping and accommodations for low-budget travelers. For example, Island Beach State Park offers discounted camping rates during the off-season.

3. Youth Programs: Organizations such as the YMCA and 4-H offer affordable lodging options for young travelers on a budget, including campsites, cabins, and lodges.

4. Student Discounts: If you are a student, be sure to take advantage of student discounts at attractions, restaurants, and transportation services.

5. Travel Apps: Many travel apps offer deals and discounts specifically targeted towards budget travelers. Some popular options include Hostelworld, Couchsurfing, and Skyscanner.

It is also worth checking out local tourism websites or contacting specific businesses to inquire about any existing promotions or specials for low-budget travelers and backpackers in New Jersey.

17. Where in New Jersey has affordable ways to experience local culture, cuisine, and nightlife in various states while traveling on a budget?

One option in New Jersey for affordable experiences of local culture, cuisine, and nightlife is Jersey City. This city offers a diverse array of cultural events, including the annual Jersey City Art & Studio Tour, which showcases local artists and their work. There are also numerous restaurants offering a variety of cuisines at affordable prices, as well as bars and nightclubs where you can experience the local nightlife without breaking the bank. Additionally, the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail provides budget-friendly transportation to various areas in Jersey City.

18. Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable options available for budget-conscious travelers in New Jersey while backpacking?

Yes, there are several eco-friendly and sustainable options available for budget-conscious travelers in New Jersey while backpacking. Some suggestions include:

1. Camping: Instead of staying at expensive hotels, consider camping in one of New Jersey’s many state parks or campgrounds. This is a more environmentally-friendly option and can save you money on accommodations.

2. Hostels: New Jersey has several hostels that offer affordable and sustainable lodging options for backpackers.

3. Local Transportation: Instead of renting a car, opt for using public transportation or walking/cycling to explore the area. This reduces your carbon footprint and saves money on gas.

4. Eat Local and Seasonal: Support local farmers by eating locally sourced, seasonal produce during your trip. This not only supports the local economy but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with imported food.

5. Choose Green Tours/Activities: There are several eco-tourism companies in New Jersey that offer sustainable and budget-friendly tours and activities, such as hiking, kayaking, and cycling tours.

6. Use Reusable Items: Bring reusable water bottles, utensils, and containers to minimize waste while traveling.

7. Volunteer Opportunities: Consider volunteering with organizations focused on environmental conservation during your trip. This allows you to give back to the community while learning about sustainability practices in the region.

8. Stay at Eco-Friendly Accommodations: Many hotels and B&Bs in New Jersey have implemented eco-friendly practices like energy-efficient lighting, recycling bins, and organic toiletries.

9. Pack Lightly: Carrying a heavy load increases fuel consumption if you’re using transportation methods like bus or train. Pack light to reduce your impact on the environment while also saving money on baggage fees.

Overall, choosing eco-friendly options during your trip not only benefits the environment but also can save you money as well!

19. Where in New Jersey has provide amazing scenery, nature, and outdoor activities at a low cost for backpackers?

One option could be the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, located in northwestern New Jersey along the Delaware River. This area offers hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities for a low cost. The views of the river and surrounding mountains are stunning, making it a perfect spot for backpackers on a budget.

20. Where in New Jersey is known for their vibrant and affordable music or arts scenes that attract budget travelers and backpackers?

Asbury Park is known for its vibrant music and arts scene and attracts budget travelers and backpackers with its affordable events, galleries, and street art.