Cheapest Travel and Backpacking Destinations in Louisiana

1. What are the most affordable backpacking destinations in Louisiana?

Some of the most affordable backpacking destinations in Louisiana include:

1. Kisatchie National Forest: This expansive national forest offers many budget-friendly camping and hiking options for backpackers.

2. Chicot State Park: With over 6,400 acres of land, this state park has plenty of affordable camping and hiking options for backpackers.

3. Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve: This park features miles of trails through swamps and marshes, as well as affordable campsites for backpackers.

4. Bayou Segnette State Park: Located just outside New Orleans, this state park offers budget-friendly cabins and campsites for backpackers to stay at.

5. Cane River Creole National Historical Park: This park is home to several historic plantations and offers budget-friendly tours and activities for backpackers.

6. Bogue Chitto State Park: This state park is known for its beautiful river views and offers affordable campsites for backpackers looking to explore the area.

7. Toledo Bend Reservoir: This large lake on the border of Louisiana and Texas has numerous free camping areas, making it a great option for budget-conscious backpackers.

8. Sam Houston Jones State Park: This coastal state park has multiple campsites, including some that are designated specifically for tent camping, perfect for budget-oriented backpackers.

9. Cocodrie National Wildlife Refuge: Backpackers can enjoy wildlife viewing and primitive camping at this national wildlife refuge at no cost.

10. Ouachita National Forest: Known for its stunning mountain views and diverse trail system, Ouachita National Forest offers numerous low-cost or free camping options for budget backpackers traveling through Louisiana.

2. Where in Louisiana offers the cheapest travel options for budget-conscious travelers?

Some of the cheapest travel options in Louisiana for budget-conscious travelers include New Orleans, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge.

– New Orleans: Known for its lively culture and festivities, New Orleans offers affordable accommodations, transportation, and food options. Many budget-friendly hotels and hostels can be found in the French Quarter or the nearby Marigny neighborhood. The city also has a well-connected public transportation system with buses and streetcars that are relatively cheap. Visitors can also save money by enjoying free attractions such as walking tours, street performances, and music festivals.
– Lafayette: Located in the heart of Cajun country, Lafayette is known for its vibrant local culture, delicious cuisine, and diverse music scene. This city offers budget-friendly accommodation options such as motels and vacation rental homes. Visitors can also save money by exploring free activities such as touring historical sites, visiting parks and gardens, or attending local farmers markets.
– Baton Rouge: Louisiana’s capital city offers an affordable alternative to New Orleans with lower accommodation prices but still plenty of cultural attractions. Visitors can find affordable hotels near downtown or opt for budget-friendly motels along major highways. The city also has a cheap public transportation system with buses that connect most areas. Some free attractions in Baton Rouge include touring the state capitol building and exploring scenic parks like the Mississippi Riverfront.

In addition to these cities, other small towns in Louisiana offer budget-friendly accommodation options such as cabins or bed & breakfasts for travelers seeking a more laid-back experience at a lower cost.

3. What are some off-the-beaten-path spots for affordable backpacking in Louisiana?

1. Kisatchie National Forest – this forest offers miles of hiking trails, campgrounds, and picnic areas for budget-friendly outdoor adventures.

2. Cane River Creole National Historical Park – this park features historic plantations and buildings dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries that can be explored for free.

3. Poverty Point World Heritage Site – this ancient Native American archaeological site has a museum and self-guided walking tour that can be accessed for a small fee.

4. Chicot State Park – this state park offers camping, fishing, and hiking opportunities at affordable rates.

5. Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve – this park has low-cost campsites and boardwalk trails through wetlands for wildlife viewing.

6. Toledo Bend Reservoir – located on the Texas-Louisiana border, this reservoir is a popular destination for fishing, boating, and camping at budget-friendly prices.

7. Holly Beach – also known as the “Cajun Riviera”, this beach town offers budget-friendly lodging options like campsites, cabins, and vacation rentals for a relaxing escape by the Gulf of Mexico.

8. St. Francisville – a charming small town in West Feliciana Parish with affordable bed and breakfasts and unique locally-owned shops to explore.

9. Bogue Chitto State Park – another state park with budget-friendly camping options, as well as water activities like kayaking and tubing on its namesake river.

10. Natchitoches – Louisiana’s oldest permanent settlement offers affordable accommodations in historic bed and breakfasts or budget-friendly hotels, as well as picturesque streets lined with boutique shops and restaurants.

4. Where can I find cheap airfare and accommodation in Louisiana for a backpacking trip?

1. Southwest Louisiana: This region is known for its Cajun and Creole culture, as well as its beautiful bayous and outdoor activities. There are plenty of budget-friendly accommodation options, including campsites, hostels, and budget hotels. The Lake Charles Regional Airport also offers flights from major cities at affordable rates.

2. New Orleans: While not the cheapest option in terms of accommodation, there are still some affordable hostels and budget hotels in neighborhoods like Mid-City and the Garden District. To save on airfare, consider flying into the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport or driving in from nearby cities like Baton Rouge or Lafayette.

3. Shreveport: Located in northwest Louisiana, Shreveport offers a variety of cheap hotels and budget-friendly attractions such as the Louisiana Boardwalk Outlet Mall and Riverfront Park. The city also has an airport with connections to major hubs like Dallas-Fort Worth.

4. Lafayette: Known for its vibrant music scene and delicious Cajun cuisine, Lafayette has several affordable options for both accommodation and transportation. The Lafayette Regional Airport has flights from major cities like Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta.

5. Alexandria: This central Louisiana city offers plenty of budget-friendly accommodation options such as motels and bed & breakfasts. It also has an airport with direct flights from Dallas via American Airlines.

To further save on airfare and accommodation costs, consider traveling during the low season (typically outside of major holidays or events) and booking in advance for the best deals. You can also use price comparison websites or sign up for airline newsletters to receive promotional deals and discounts.

5. Where in Louisiana has the best value for money when it comes to travel and backpacking?

It is subjective and varies depending on individual preferences and budget, but some popular options for budget-friendly travel and backpacking in Louisiana include: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and the Cajun country region. These areas offer a mix of affordable accommodations, cheap eats, and free or inexpensive activities such as visiting state parks and historic sites. Additionally, many festivals and events in Louisiana are free to attend or have low admission fees.

6. Where in Louisiana has the lowest costs for food and transportation while traveling and backpacking?

The city of Baton Rouge is known for its low cost of living, including lower costs for food and transportation while traveling and backpacking. Other areas in Louisiana with generally low expenses include Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Shreveport.

7. Are there any lesser-known Louisiana destinations that are both cheap and great for backpacking?

1. Cane River National Heritage Area: This scenic region in central Louisiana offers miles of hiking trails, historic plantation homes to explore, and beautiful views of Cane River Lake.

2. Kisatchie National Forest: Located in the heart of Louisiana, this forest encompasses over 600,000 acres of lush forests, waterfalls, and rugged terrain perfect for backpacking.

3. Chicot State Park: This state park in south-central Louisiana offers miles of wooded and prairie trails as well as canoeing and kayaking opportunities on Lake Chicot.

4. Poverty Point World Heritage Site: Backpackers can explore the poverty point mounds, ancient earthworks built by Native Americans over 3,000 years ago, while enjoying scenic views of Bayou Macon.

5. Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area: Located in the southwest corner of the state, this management area features diverse landscapes including woods, streams, hills, and bluffs that are perfect for backpacking.

6. Fontainebleau State Park: This state park bordering Lake Pontchartrain offers nature trails through piney woods and along the lake shoreline, as well as opportunities for fishing and boating.

7. Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve: This national park located just outside New Orleans offers a unique blend of history and nature with several hiking trails meandering through swamps and bayous.

8. What are some unique budget-friendly activities to do in Louisiana while backpacking?

1. Visit the French Quarter in New Orleans: Take a walk around this historic neighborhood, known for its beautiful architecture, street performers, and delicious food.

2. Hike at one of Louisiana’s state parks: Many of the state parks have trails that are free to access and offer beautiful scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities.

3. Attend a free festival: Louisiana is known for its vibrant festivals, and many of them are free to attend. Check out the Louisiana Cajun-Zydeco Festival in New Orleans or the Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival in St. Mary Parish.

4. Explore plantation homes: Some plantation homes offer free admission or have discounted rates for backpackers. Touring these historic homes is a great way to learn about Louisiana’s rich history and culture.

5. Take a swamp tour: While some can be expensive, there are budget-friendly options for swamp tours in Louisiana where you can see alligators, birds, and other wildlife up close.

6. Visit local farmers’ markets: These markets are not only a great place to stock up on fresh produce but also offer unique local products and affordable souvenirs.

7. Attend a street music performance: You never know what kind of talented musicians you’ll come across while walking around cities like New Orleans or Lafayette. Bonus points if you catch a brass band performance.

8. Visit museums on their free days: Many museums offer free admission on certain days of the week or during specific hours. Take advantage of these opportunities to visit popular attractions without breaking your budget.

9. Is it possible to do a low-cost road trip through Louisiana?

Yes, it is possible to do a low-cost road trip through Louisiana. Here are some tips for keeping costs down:

1. Plan your route carefully: Look for routes that take you through smaller towns and avoid toll roads.

2. Use budget-friendly transportation: If possible, use your own car or rent a fuel-efficient vehicle to save money on gas. You can also consider using public transportation or ride-sharing services if available.

3. Consider camping or staying in budget accommodations: Louisiana has many campsites and affordable motels that can help save money on lodging costs. Alternatively, you can also look into Airbnb options or stay with friends or family along the way.

4. Opt for free activities: There are many free activities to do in Louisiana, such as hiking trails, visiting state parks, exploring historic sites, and attending festivals and events.

5. Cook meals instead of eating out: Louisiana is known for its delicious Cajun and Creole cuisine, but dining out can quickly add up. Consider packing a cooler with groceries and cooking meals at your campsite or Airbnb to save on food costs.

6. Take advantage of discounts and deals: Check online for discounts on attractions and activities, look for free coupon books at visitor centers, and consider purchasing a tourist pass if visiting multiple attractions.

7. Shop at farmers’ markets: Not only is it a great way to support local businesses, but it’s also an affordable way to stock up on fresh produce and other goods during your road trip.

8. Avoid peak season travel: Prices tend to be higher during popular travel times like holidays and summer vacation. Consider visiting during the off-season when prices are lower.

9. Pack snacks and drinks: Instead of buying food and drinks on the go, pack some snacks and reusable water bottles to cut down on expenses while on the road.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a fun and budget-friendly road trip through Louisiana.

10. Where in Louisiana has the most affordable camping options for backpackers on a budget?

The Kisatchie National Forest and the Chicot State Park both offer affordable camping options for backpackers on a budget. Both locations have campsites with amenities such as restrooms, showers, and fire rings, and also offer backcountry camping options for a small fee. Additionally, there are many primitive camping areas in the Kisatchie National Forest that are available free of charge. The Louisiana State Parks pass is also valid at these locations, offering discounted rates for campers.

11. Can you recommend any inexpensive hostels or guesthouses in Louisiana for backpackers?

1. India House Hostel in New Orleans
2. Auberge NOLA Hostel in New Orleans
3. Madame Isabelle’s House in Lafayette
4. Jazz B&B in Baton Rouge
5. The Quarters Hostel in New Orleans
6. Berry Creek Cabins in Denham Springs
7. Red River Inn and Suites in Shreveport
8. The Blue Moon Saloon & Guesthouse in Lafayette
9. Parisite Skatepark Guesthouse in New Orleans
10. Alex Haynes Bed and Breakfast in West Monroe
11.Gumbo Cove Hostel & Café on the Bayou Teche

12. What states have the best deals on outdoor gear and equipment for backpackers?

1. Colorado: Known for its outdoor recreation, Colorado offers a variety of deals on gear and equipment for backpackers. Look for discounts at popular retailers like REI and

2. Utah: With numerous national parks, hiking trails, and camping sites, it’s no surprise that Utah has great deals on backpacking gear. Check out local outfitters like Gearheads Outdoor Store or online retailers like Backcountry Edge.

3. Oregon: Another state known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, Oregon has plenty of options when it comes to affordable backpacking gear. Look for deals at retailers like Next Adventure or Outdoorplay.

4. California: From the rugged coastline to the Sierra Nevada mountains, California has a diverse range of terrain perfect for backpackers. Take advantage of deals from retailers like Patagonia and Sierra Trading Post.

5. Washington: Home to the famous Cascade Mountains and Olympic National Park, Washington is a popular destination for backpacking enthusiasts. Look for discounts at local stores like Summit Hut or online at Moosejaw.

6. Arizona: With its vast desert landscapes and stunning geological formations, Arizona offers plenty of opportunities for backpackers to explore. Look for deals at outdoor stores like Flagstaff Sports Exchange or online at Cabela’s.

7. Montana: Known as “The Treasure State,” Montana is a must-visit destination for backpackers with its abundance of scenic trails and camping spots. Look for bargains at retailers like Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors or online at CampSaver.

8. New Hampshire: Home to the White Mountains National Forest and the Appalachian Trail, New Hampshire is a prime location for backpackers seeking adventure on the East Coast. Check out deals from local retailers like Eastern Mountain Sports or online at Backcountry Gear.

9. Wyoming: Famous for its iconic national parks such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton, Wyoming offers some of the best deals on gear and equipment for backpackers. Look for discounts at retailers like Mountain Equipment Co-op or online at

10. Maine: Known for its rugged coastline and dense forests, Maine is a popular destination for backpackers seeking solitude and adventure. Look for bargains at local stores like Kittery Trading Post or online at Moosejaw.

11. Idaho: With its vast wilderness areas and mountain ranges, Idaho has plenty of opportunities for backpackers to explore. Take advantage of deals from retailers like SPRINT STOVE or online at Campmor.

12. Vermont: Home to the beautiful Green Mountains and the famous Long Trail, Vermont is a popular choice for backpacking trips on the East Coast. Look for discounts at outdoor stores like Appalachian Outdoors or online at REI Outlet.

13. Are there any hidden gems in Louisiana that offer budget-friendly attractions and activities for travelers on a budget?

Yes, there are several hidden gems in Louisiana that offer budget-friendly attractions and activities for travelers on a budget. Some suggestions include:
1. The Kisatchie National Forest: This expansive forest offers numerous hiking trails, picnic areas, and scenic drives at no cost.
2. The St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans: This historic landmark offers free admission and is a great place to explore for art and history lovers.
3. Avery Island: Admission to this famous hot sauce factory is free, and visitors can take a self-guided tour of the plant and sample their delicious Tabasco products.
4. Bayou Segnette State Park: Located just outside of New Orleans, this park offers camping, fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities at an affordable price.
5. The Tree Sculptures of Belle Chasse: These unique sculptures made from weathered oak trees can be explored for free along the Mississippi River Levee.
6. Nottoway Plantation: While many plantation homes charge admission fees, Nottoway offers free admission to its beautiful gardens and grounds for visitors to explore.
7. Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve: This park features free swamp tours, hiking trails, historical exhibits, and ranger-led programs.
8. Vermilionville Historic Village: This living history museum showcases traditional Cajun culture and offers affordable admission prices for exploring their 23-acre site.
9. Shreveport Water Works Museum: Visitors can learn about the history of water purification techniques while exploring the interactive exhibits at this museum that has free admission.
10. Poverty Point National Monument: This UNESCO World Heritage Site features ancient Native American earthworks that can be explored for a small entrance fee or free with a National Parks pass.

14. Where in Louisiana has reliable public transportation systems that make it easy and cheap to get around as a backpacker?

New Orleans is the best city in Louisiana for reliable and affordable public transportation, especially for backpackers. The city has a comprehensive bus system run by the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA), with fares as low as $1.50 per ride. The city also has a streetcar system that runs along popular tourist areas, such as Bourbon Street and the Garden District. Additionally, New Orleans has a popular bike share program and many bike-friendly routes for an alternative form of transportation. Overall, New Orleans offers backpackers various options for getting around the city without breaking the bank.

15. What is the cheapest time of year to visit Louisiana for a budget-friendly and enjoyable backpacking experience?

The cheapest time of year to visit Louisiana for a budget-friendly and enjoyable backpacking experience is typically during the shoulder seasons of fall (September-November) and spring (March-May). During these months, you can find lower prices on accommodations and activities, as well as milder weather that is perfect for outdoor adventures. Avoid peak tourist season in the summer months, when prices are higher and temperatures are hot and humid.

16. Where in Louisiana offers discounts or special deals specifically catered towards low-budget travelers and backpackers?

There are several places in Louisiana that offer discounts or special deals for low-budget travelers and backpackers. Some examples include:

1. Hostels such as the India House in New Orleans or Drifter Jack’s Hostel in Austin offer affordable accommodations for budget travelers.
2. The Cajun Hostel in Lafayette offers discounts for longer stays and has a communal kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals.
3. The French Quarter RV Resort in New Orleans has discounted rates for tent campers.
4. Many museums, attractions, and tours offer student or military discounts, which can also apply to budget travelers and backpackers.
5. Many restaurants and bars throughout the state have happy hour specials or daily deals that cater to budget travelers.
6. Some tour companies, such as Kayak-iti-Yat in New Orleans, offer discounted rates for solo travelers or small groups.
7. Airbnb listings often have options for budget-friendly stays with private rooms or shared accommodations.
8. The swamp tours at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park near New Orleans offer discounted tickets for backpackers with a valid ID from a youth hostel.
9. State Parks across Louisiana offer affordable camping options for budget travelers.
10. The Nightly Spirits Ghost Tour in New Orleans offers discounted tickets to solo travelers and small groups on certain nights of the week.

17. Where in Louisiana has affordable ways to experience local culture, cuisine, and nightlife in various states while traveling on a budget?

New Orleans is a great option for experiencing local culture, cuisine, and nightlife on a budget. Some affordable activities in New Orleans include visiting free attractions such as the French Quarter, exploring local markets like the French Market, and trying out the many affordable dining options available in the city. Additionally, there are often free music performances and festivals throughout the year that showcase Louisiana’s unique culture and traditions.

18. Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable options available for budget-conscious travelers in Louisiana while backpacking?

Yes, there are several options for budget-conscious eco-friendly and sustainable travel in Louisiana. Here are a few ideas:

1. Stay at a sustainable hostel: Hostels are a great option for budget travelers, and some hostels in Louisiana have taken steps to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. Examples include The India House Hostel in New Orleans, which uses energy-efficient light bulbs and offers guests free bike rentals to reduce carbon emissions.

2. Take public transportation: Instead of renting a car or taking taxis, consider using public transportation such as buses or streetcars to get around Louisiana. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also saves money.

3. Eat at farm-to-table restaurants: Many restaurants in Louisiana now offer locally-sourced, organic meals that support local farmers and promote sustainability. These types of restaurants often have affordable options and can be found throughout the state.

4. Use reusable water bottles and bags: Bring a reusable water bottle with you when exploring Louisiana to avoid buying plastic bottles and creating unnecessary waste. You can also bring a reusable tote bag for shopping or carrying items during your trip.

5. Participate in eco-tourism activities: Look for eco-friendly tour operators or activities that support environmental conservation efforts in Louisiana. For example, take a swamp tour that educates visitors about the importance of preserving wetland habitats.

6. Choose green accommodations: When booking accommodations, look for environmentally-friendly options such as hotels with LEED certification or eco-lodges that incorporate sustainable practices into their operations.

7. Volunteer with local conservation organizations: Consider volunteering with local environmental organizations during your trip to make a positive impact on the environment while learning about Louisiana’s unique ecosystems.

8. Support local businesses and artisans: When purchasing souvenirs or gifts, opt for locally-made products instead of mass-produced items that contribute to pollution and waste.

By making these small changes during your travels in Louisiana, you can help support eco-friendly and sustainable practices while sticking to a budget.

19. Where in Louisiana has provide amazing scenery, nature, and outdoor activities at a low cost for backpackers?

One possible answer could be Kisatchie National Forest, located in central Louisiana. This expansive forest offers over 600 miles of hiking and backpacking trails, as well as opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and camping. Admission is free, making it an affordable option for backpackers on a budget. The diverse landscape includes rolling hills, dense forests, and scenic waterways, providing plenty of picturesque views for nature lovers.

20. Where in Louisiana is known for their vibrant and affordable music or arts scenes that attract budget travelers and backpackers?

New Orleans is known for its vibrant and affordable music and arts scene, making it a popular destination for budget travelers and backpackers.