N-648: Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions

What is a Form N-648?

Form N-648 is a form used by applicants for U.S. citizenship who are applying for a waiver of the English or civics naturalization test due to a physical or mental impairment or disability. The form must be completed and signed by a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or clinical psychologist who is authorized to practice in the United States. The form must include detailed information about the applicant’s disability, including medical history, diagnosis, and prognosis. The form must also include a statement indicating why the applicant is unable to learn English or pass the civics test due to the disability.

Who is Eligible for Form N-648?

Form N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions, is available to U.S. permanent residents who have a physical or mental impairment that prevents them from learning English and civics sufficiently to pass the naturalization test. To be eligible, the applicant must also demonstrate that they have resided in the United States continuously for at least five years and that they are likely to remain a permanent resident indefinitely. The applicant must also have a pending application for naturalization.

What is the Latest Form N-648 Edition?

The latest edition of Form N-648 is the 03/20/19 edition.

What are the Required Documents for Form N-648?

In order to submit Form N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions for U.S. Naturalization, you must provide the following documents:

1. Proof of identity – A copy of a valid ID such as a passport, driver’s license, or national identification card;

2. Proof of disability – This can include medical records from your doctor, a statement from a qualified physician or psychologist, or other evidence that shows you have an impairment that has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months;

3. Proof of U.S. Citizenship – A copy of your naturalization certificate, U.S. birth certificate, or Certificate of Citizenship;

4. Form N-648 – The completed form must be signed and dated by a qualified physician. The form can be found online at the USCIS website;

5.Photographs – Two passport-style photos are required to be submitted with the application;

6. Fee – Lastly, the application must include the current fee for processing the form (it may be waived if you qualify for a fee exemption).

How to Submit Form N-648?

1. Read and understand the form: Carefully read the instructions that come with Form N-648. Make sure you understand the purpose and requirements of the form before proceeding.

2. Collect evidence: You must provide supporting evidence for your request for a medical disability exception. Evidence may include medical records, doctor’s notes, or disability diagnosis documents.

3. Complete the form: Complete the form with accurate information. Use the spaces provided to list details, documents, and other evidence that supports your claim.

4. Gather supporting documents: Gather all documents and evidence that support your claim for a medical disability exception. This can include medical records, doctor’s notes, or disability diagnosis documents.

5. Send the form and supporting documents: Submit your completed forms, along with all supporting documents, to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office responsible for processing Form N-648. You can find the mailing address on USCIS’ website or contact them directly for more information.

What are the Filing Tips for Form N-648?

1. Make sure you complete the entire form. All sections must be completed in order for the form to be valid.

2. Make sure you include all supporting documents, such as proof of your disability, medical records, and any other documents needed to support your case.

3. Double-check to make sure that all information is accurate and correct.

4. Sign and date the form in front of a Notary Public or another authorized witness.

5. Submit the form to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The filing fee for Form N-648 is $595 (as of April 2021).

6. Keep a copy of the form for your records, as well as any notices or correspondence from USCIS about your application.

Are There Special Instructions for Form N-648?

Yes, there are special instructions for Form N-648. The instructions must be followed in order to complete the form correctly.

1. Follow all instructions on the form carefully.
2. Complete the form in English only – do not use any other language.
3. Provide a full explanation of the medical condition or disability in question, listing any impairments, treatment and their effects on day-to-day life.
4. Obtain a signed and dated statement from a medical professional approving the application by providing the condition or disability details, current treatment and prognosis.
5. Attach required documents such as medical records, lab results or other relevant evidence to support your application.
6. Make sure all information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
7. Sign and date the form.
8. Submit the completed form and all required documents to the appropriate USCIS office for review.

What is the Form N-648 Fee?

The Form N-648 is a fee that is paid to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) when applying for naturalization. It is used to cover the cost of the application process, including fingerprinting and a medical exam. The fee can vary depending on the applicant’s circumstances and may be waived in certain cases.

Can I Apply for Form N-648 Fee Waiver or Reduction?

Yes, you can apply for a Form N-648 fee waiver or reduction if you are a person with a disability. The USCIS offers a fee waiver or reduction for certain forms, including the N-648. To be eligible for a fee waiver, you must provide proof of your disability and a statement from a physician or other licensed medical professional that confirms the nature and expected duration of the disability.

What is the Form N-648 Processing Time?

The processing time for Form N-648 can vary depending on the caseload of the local USCIS office and other individual circumstances. Generally, it may take several months for USCIS to review your application and make a decision.