I-800A: Application for Determination of Suitability to Adopt a Child from a Convention Country

What is a Form I-800A?

Form I-800A is a form used by U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to apply to become a foster or adoptive parent of a foreign-born child. The form is used when the prospective adoptive parents plan to adopt a child from another country and bring them to the United States. It is available on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.

Who is Eligible for Form I-800A?

Anyone who wishes to adopt a child from a foreign country can apply for Form I-800A. This includes prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents, and guardians. The child must be eligible to immigrate to the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act to qualify for the form. Additionally, the prospective adoptive parents must demonstrate that they meet the requirements for an approved home study report and that they have a legally binding agreement with the foreign adoption service providers.

What is the Latest Form I-800A Edition?

The most recent edition of Form I-800A is Edition 01/07/19.

What are the Required Documents for Form I-800A?

1. Evidence of the adoptive parent(s) U.S. citizenship (such as a copy of a birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or unexpired U.S. passport).

2. Evidence of the adoptive parent(s) marriage (if the child is being adopted by a married couple), such as a marriage certificate or other documents showing evidence of the marriage’s validity.

3. Evidence of the adoptive parent(s) age (such as copies of driver’s licenses or other photo identification).

4. Copies of home study documents.

5. Copies of any applicable court decrees or orders that relate to the adoption process.

6. Copies of financial and other documents required for the home study.

7. Copies of any applicable Hague Convention abandonment, surrender or release documents that relate to the adoption process.

How to Submit Form I-800A?

Submitting a Form I-800A, Petition to Classify Convention Adoptee as an Immediate Relative, is a necessary step in the process of bringing a child from abroad to the United States under the Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention).

1. Gather required documents. Before submitting your Form I-800A, you must gather several important documents for yourself and any family members who will be incorporating the applicant. These include:

• Form I-800A (the main form)
• Proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residence
• Form I-600A Supplement 1 (for each child the married couple is adopting)
• Form I-864A (Income Affidavit of Support if required)
• Marriage certificate or proof of a stable marital relationship (if applicable)
• Home study report
• Fingerprinting results
• FBI Identification Record

2. Submit your form and documents. You can submit your form and accompanying documents either by mail or in person at your local USCIS office. If you choose to mail it, make sure to include the required filing fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of your receipt notice and other important documents.

3. Receive confirmation from USCIS. Once your application has been received and the necessary fees have been paid, you will receive a receipt notice from USCIS confirming that they have received your Form I-800A and all other necessary documents. The receipt notice will serve as proof that your application has been filed and that you can proceed with the next step in the adoption process.

What are the Filing Tips for Form I-800A?

1. Carefully read the instructions on Form I-800A before you begin.

2. Gather all the necessary documentation, such as birth certificates, passports, and marriage certificates.

3. Duly complete Form I-800A, being sure to answer all questions accurately and completely.

4. Attach all the supporting documents needed to complete your application to the form.

5. Include two passport-sized photos of each petitioner and beneficiary.

6. Sign and date all the forms.

7. Make sure you send your application to the correct USCIS Service Center with the required processing fee.

8. Make copies of your completed forms and supporting documents before sending them to USCIS.

9. Keep track of your application by using a copy of the receipt notice and case number that you will receive upon submitting your form and documents.

10. Contact USCIS if you have not received a decision on your application after 180 days or more from the date of submission.

Are There Special Instructions for Form I-800A?

Yes, there are special instructions for Form I-800A. It is important to read the Form I-800A instructions before submitting the form to ensure that all information is provided accurately and completely. Additionally, there are specific eligibility requirements that must be met in order to be approved for I-800A. This includes the foreign residence requirement, which states that the adoptive parents must have been residents of a foreign country for at least one year prior to filing the form. Furthermore, the proper supporting documentation must be included with the application.

What is the Form I-800A Fee?

The Form I-800A fee is a filing fee to be paid when filing a Form I-800A, which is an application for the classification of a parent of a foreign citizen to adopt a U.S. citizen child. The fee is $775, plus one $85 biometric fee per applicant. The biometric fee may be waived for certain applicants.

Can I Apply for Form I-800A Fee Waiver or Reduction?

No, you cannot apply for a Form I-800A fee waiver or reduction. This form can only be filed by an accredited adoption service provider.

What is the Form I-800A Processing Time?

The processing time for Form I-800A can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the backlog of cases the USCIS is currently dealing with. It is generally recommended to allow at least 5-6 months for processing.

Form I-800A Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Form I-800A?
A: Form I-800A is a form used by people who want to adopt a child who is a foreign national. The form is used to apply for approval from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to initiate an international adoption of a foreign-born child. This approval is known as the Advance Processing Consent (APC).

Q: What information do I need to complete Form I-800A?
A: You will need to provide information about yourself, your spouse (if applicable), and the child you are attempting to adopt. This includes information such as your full name, date of birth, Social Security number, and contact information. Depending on the facts of your adoption, you may also need to provide additional forms such as medical reports, police records, and home studies.

Q: What supporting documents do I need to submit with Form I-800A?
A: Depending on the facts of your adoption, you may be required to submit additional supporting documents when you file Form I-800A. This could include documents such as home studies, medical reports, police records, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other identifying documents.

Q: How long does it take to process Form I-800A?
A: The processing time for Form I-800A can vary depending on the facts of your case and the policies of USCIS. Generally speaking, processing times can range from several weeks to several months.